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Erin Murphy '05
Senior quad-captain Erin Murphy picked up both a singles and doubles win on Saturday.

Jeffs Sweep Wesleyan in Season Opener

September 18, 2004

AMHERST, MA - The Amherst College women’s tennis team, which finished the 2003-04 season ranked second in the nation, opened its season with a 9-0 victory over visiting Little Three rival Wesleyan University on Saturday. Returning NCAA Tournament qualifiers Rachel Holt ’05 (New York, NY) and Kristen Raverta ’06 (W. Springfield, MA) each posted 8-0 singles victories, while Holt paired with first-year Alicia Menezes (Staten Island, NY) for an 8-6 doubles win and Raverta teamed with sophomore Katie Hudson (Los Altos, CA) for an 8-0 doubles victory.

Menezes and Hudson were equally impressive in their singles matches, winning 8-1 and 6-0, 6-1, respectively. Also earning wins for the Jeffs were senior quad-captain Erin Murphy (Yonkers, NY) and first-year Laura Stein (Rockport, ME) who each won their respective singles matches 8-1, and combined efforts for an 8-2 doubles win.

Amherst returns to action Tuesday at 4 p.m. against local Division I opponent UMass-Amherst.

September 28, 2004 * Amherst 9 - Wesleyan 0
1. Kristen Raverta (Amh.) def. Tiffany Lo (8-0)
2. Rachel Holt (Amh.) def. Ashley Brick (8-0)
3. Alicia Menezes (Amh.) def. Tori Santono (8-1)
4. Katie Hudson (Amh.) def. Rita Tsuchiya (6-0, 6-1)
5. Laura Stein (Amh.) def. Susannah Ragab (8-1)
6. Erin Murphy (Amh.) def. Sarah Connell (6-3, 6-1)
1. Menezes/Holt (Amh.) def. Lo/Brick (8-6)
2. Raverta/Hudson (Amh.) def. Santono/Ragab (8-0)
3. Murphy/Stein (Amh.) def. Henderson/Katz (8-2)