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Current and prior funding abstracts:

NSF Award Abstract - #1115765, Collaborative Research: Disease at the Margins of Species Ranges: Anther-Smut on Alpine Species (DEB-EID) (Spring 2011-2016)
NSF Award Abstract - #0747222, CAREER: Impact of Host Radiation on Genome Evolution in Parasites: Microbotryum Hybrids on the Caryophyllaceae (DEB) (Spring 2008-2013)
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, Evolutionary ecology of global disease distributions (2008-2009)
NSF Award Abstract - #0640681, OPUS: Anther-smut as a Disease Model - Traversing Disciplines (DEB) (Fall 2006-2008)
NSF Award Abstract - #0446671, Evolution of Molecular Parasites: The Importance of Genomic Context (DEB) (Spring 2005-2007)
NSF Award Abstract - #0346832, Karyotype Dynamics and Automixis in Microbotryum. (DEB) (Spring 2004-2007)
NSF Award Abstract - #0129995
, Sex Chromosome Evolution with Haploid Sex Determination (MCB & DEB) (Fall 2002-2004)


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Anther Smut Cartoon

(Note: cartoon is not biologically accurate...)


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