Voice Part: Mezzo (but, truly, more like a Makeshift-Soprano/Alto-at Heart
Class: 2014
Place of Origin: Hong Kong
Major: Political Science
Hidden Talent: Looking scandalous in 3" heels engaging in scandalous activity otherwise known as Argentine Tango-ing.

Madeline is a product of random and perhaps not altogether unrelated factors:

(1) Hong Kong

(2) Twelve years of all-female education (otherwise known as deprivation)

(3) Six years of nameless existence (until she finally took matters into her own hands and christened herself Madeline after the French cartoon girl).

It is unclear which, if any, of these factors hold ultimate responsibility for Madeline's dual personality that seems to be closely linked to time of day: Diurnally, Madeline engages in apparently harmless endeavors such as attending classes, meals, and Madrigals rehearsals. Nocturnally, however, she is nowhere to be found in the usual places because she is too busy partying it up with her fellow Madrigals members, or otherwise tangoing it up with men above the age of 30. She can't decide which of the two options is more scandalous/dangerous. You decide.

Madeline Chan