2003 Senior Class Exercises


Benjy Caplan '03
Class Day Speaker

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Sarah M. Miller '03
Class Day Speaker

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Dr. Asma Jahangir
Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan,
Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

"During the period that I was trying to study at law school, the stings of Islamization had entered our university, and when I went for my admission, the principal sort of hinted that he did not want any married women around." Audio excerpt 1 (MP3, 528k)

"By profession I am a lawyer, and I realized very early in my work . . . that you cannot take everything into court . . . I know that legal remedy is only one, single tool." Audio excerpt 2 (MP3 513k)

" . . . It is time for us to pause for a minute, and to think . . . whether we are indeed following principles today, or are we all indeed following our own governments and our own institutions." Audio excerpt 3 (MP3 487k)

"The bottom line is that if we are going to support a system, it has to be a system of democracy." Audio excerpt 4 (MP3 406k)

"I take this opportunity to salute those people who stood by peace, who stood by democracy, and who stood by principles . . . " Audio excerpt 5 (MP3 460k)

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Photos: Frank Ward