2002 Commencement


Tom Gerety.
President Tom Gerety
The following clips comprise President Gerety's entire speech:

"My father and I had lots of arguments when I was in college...." Audio clip 1 (MP3, 431k)

"Patriotism suggests many things, but none more clearly, I think, than love of country." Audio clip 2 (MP3, 434k)

"By comparison, my father's generation...saw few ambiguities in patriotism...." Audio clip 3 (MP3, 467k)

"There may be a few, even among you, who can live without national attachments, as there are a few who can live without families." Audio clip 4 (MP3, 359k)

"...I hope that yours will always be a generous patriotism...." Audio clip 5 (MP3, 298k)

"This is the most powerful nation on earth.... It is, in my view, a generous nation...." Audio clip 6 (MP3, 326k)

Jacob Foster Schulz '02.
Jacob Foster Schulz '02
The following clips comprise Jacob Schulz' entire speech:

"...My name is Jake, and I'm colorblind." Audio clip 1 (MP3, 218k)

"I remember sitting in my college advisor's office five years ago, explaining to her why I wanted to come to Amherst." Audio clip 2 (MP3, 248k)

"Having made it to Amherst, I accomplished many things, all of them spectacular." Audio clip 3 (MP3, 325k)

"...Raising Whiskers was a learning process, and when I learned that a few months of human time was equal to four years of kitten time, I knew what I had to do. The time had come for Whiskers to graduate...." Audio clip 4 (MP3, 192k)

"But my story is really no different than any of yours. Sure, it's better...." Audio clip 5 (MP3, 416k)

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Photos: Frank Ward