2002 Senior Class Exercises


D'Cruz speaking.

Rajiv A. D'Cruz '02
Class Day Speaker

"...everyone at this school
defies classification."

Audio excerpt (MP3, 340k)
Kelley speaking.

Jamuna Kelley '02
Class Day Speaker

Of baitballs, bubbles, bakers
and candlestick-makers

Audio excerpt (MP3, 465k)
Levin speaking.

Kate Levin '02
Class Day Speaker

Crisis, common understanding
and a two-tiered world

Audio excerpt (MP3, 463k)

Peter Jennings.
Peter Jennings
Anchorman and Senior Editor
ABC World News Tonight
Class Day Speaker
"...I don't think many people do hate America." Audio excerpt (MP3, 394k)

"...it is on the road in America where, I am convinced, you will find how exceptional it is at the beginning of the 21st century to be an American." Audio excerpt (MP3, 331k)

"You won't go anywhere else in your life where the constitution has taken on the quality of a sacred document." Audio excerpt (MP3, 481k)

"...race is the American dilemma...." Audio excerpt (MP3, 271k)

"...immigration keeps the original formulation of the national identity alive." Audio excerpt (MP3, 481k)

"...the difference between patriotism and nationalism." Audio excerpt (MP3, 247k)

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Photos: Frank Ward