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Disclaimer: A lot of the pictures have been taken by a variety of people who may have sent them randomly ..I always try my best to make sure that the person taking the pictures receives credit. If I missed you, then please let me know as I would like to give credit where it is due!

Pictures and text may not line up, they do when originally set up but different computers/screens may change the intended appearance so my apologies.

Our Cross Country Course

2010 Season

Nationals (Yochum)

Regionals (Simeone)

NESCAC's (Simeone)

Little Three's (Yochum)

Little Three's (Dao)

Little Three's (Simeone)

New England's (Simeone)

Purple Valley Classic (Simeone)

Purple Valley Classic (Hager)

2009 Season

National Championships (John Simeone)

National Championships (Eliane Yochum)

ECAC's (Jon Moulton)

NESCAC's (Jon Moulton)

Little Three's (Jon Moulton)

Little Three's (Eliane Yochum)

UMass Amherst Invite

2008 Season

All photos of the 2008 season can be found here
2008 Amherst College Reunion Run

2007 Season

Nationals - Men's Photos & Women's Photos
Districts - Men's Photos & Women's Photos
NESCACs - Men's Photos & Women's Photos, Eliane Yochum's Photos
Little IIIs - Men's Photos & Women's Photos
Open New Englands - Men's Photos & Women's Photos
Purple Valley Classic -
Men's Photos & Women's Photos

2006 Season

Little Three's - Erik Andrews Photos & Charlie Quigg Photos

Open New England's

Amherst Invite - Erik Andrews Photos & Charlie Quigg Photos

2005 Season


Districts - Men

Districts - Women

NESCAC - Women


Open NE's - Women

Open NE's - Men

Women's Tufts Invite

Men's Tufts Invite

2004 Season
Men's 2004 Amherst Invite

Women's 2004 Amherst Invite

2003 Season
2003 NCAA National Championships at Hanover College

2003 District Qualifier

2003 NESCACs

2003 Little Three's Women

2003 Little Three Men

2003 Amherst Men's Invite

2003 Amherst Women's Invite

2002 XC Pictures