Why they chose Amherst College

Some of the team members write their biggest reasons for choosing Amherst

Dillon Buckley'13 - Great academic school, with a great running program, the Pioneer Valley is a great place to live and run.

Gus Greenstein'14 - Outstanding academic reputation, beautiful campus, awesome people, great athletic and the grass is also amazings.But really I think it was because of all the tennis courts.

Nick Codola'15 - Adirondack Chairs on the Frosh Quad

Cole Hawkins'16 - It's a great liberal arts college in a beautiful setting with a world-renown dining hall.  The open curriculum is pretty awesome too.

Selasie Krampa'13 - Mainly because of the small size

Percie Gijima'14 - It chose me

KC Fussell'15 - Everything clicked really well together on my recruiting trip, I knew right away I wanted to come here

Andrew Erskine'13 - It's a small, beautiful school with an open curriculum

Adron Pitmon'13 - I wanted a smaller school with great academics and a great running program.

Alvaro Morales'14 - Couldn't think of a better place to spend 4 years

Javier Paulino'14 - During high school, I became more and more interested in the themes of psychology. Amherst has an outstanding Psychology program and also provides opportunities for undergraduate research in these areas, which was really appealing to me. It was also very important to me to be in a small college environment. Amherst allowed me to get to know my professors and classmates better. The campus is beautiful and the school has a very strong academic program. Furthermore, the college’s unique curriculum would allow me to focus on subjects which are most interest to me. Another appealing feature about Amherst is the Five College Consortium, which provides even more options for students. These factors made Amherst the top choice for me.

Greg Turissini'15 - Great academic reputation, the open curriculum, the great view from the top of Memorial Hill, the color purple.

Romey Sklar'15 - Academics and access to professors. And a great team that I can contribute to.

Jeff Seelaus'16 - Beautiful Campus, Academics, Everything clicked, ACXC!

Charlie Reighard'14 - Combination of academics, size, and adequate waffle makers

A compliation of Amherst Alumni and their reasons why they came ...

Ben Scheetz'12 - It's a small (but not too small) school with a focus on teaching.  The open curriculum was also a big draw.  As it turns out, the coach is pretty good too.

Eric Holaday '10 " Ned is amazing. And Austin, his dog. I really like purple schools, and also studying really hard. Just kidding. Amherst is awesome though. People here are very accepting, cool, and really like my style. I also love the liberal arts dancing scene at parties. I’m great at doing dances like swing, tango, and booty booty grinding. Amherst is seriously the best place for me. Freshman year was the most fun year of my life. Sophomore year is currently giving it significant competition though. I would give my first-born child to go to Amherst College. One day you will all forget about what you got on the SATs, what your high school track PRs were, and what you wrote your admissions essays about. You will not forget the years of your life you spent with Eric Holaday, and a few other key individuals on this wonderful team. I love all of them. This team is seriously the most fun and meaningful thing that has ever happened in my life. COME TO AMHERST. IT IS THE BEST."

Keith Pendergrass '10 " I chose Amherst because of its academic reputation, because there was no core curriculum (I didn't want to spend that much money to be sitting in classes I didn't enjoy), and because the atmosphere on campus as a result of the students made me feel welcome."

Will Yochum '11 " Academic reputation, a good pre-frosh visit and smaller classes."

Daniel Murner '10 " The combination of good running and academics"

Ben Mears '11 " Amherst is a great school where I can pursue and excel in my educational and running endeavors."

Sean Legister '11 "Lord Jeff Nation"

Harrison Lakehomer '09 "It's far from Oregon and I wanted to be in a different part of the country. More importantly though, I was drawn to Amherst's academic reputation, small classes, and great location."

Alec Jacobson '12 "Good location, good running, good academics."

Jack Seaver '11 "A gut feeling more than anything else, it felt right for me. The people here seemed really normal, and definitely a change of pace from where I went to High School. Plus my mom's an alum, so that influenced me too."

Stephen Stewart '09 "I decided to come to Amherst because it is a school that fit my interests. Being small, it would not be a change from my high school atmosphere, which I thrived in. I would be afforded the same opportunities here as I was at my high school as well (competing on sports teams, tour guiding, close relationship with teachers, etc.), so that pretty much sealed the deal for me. The open curriculum and never having to take math again was a nice option as well."

Nate Freese '07 "I decided to come to Amherst because of my experiences during that (overnight) visit ‹ the amazing people I met, the
beautiful campus environment, and the sense that I could see myself living here for the next four years of my life"

John Babbott '07 "I came to Amherst because of the excellent academic, social and athletic environment and how these components all complement each other to create a feeling that I didn't get when visiting other campuses"

Robert Boley '07 "I chose Amherst because of its academic reputation, and because I knew that the small size would make it a tighter community where I could actually get to know professors.  Plus it was the most beautiful campus I saw on college visits."

Mike Page '05 "Ned is cool, and Williams is not. Other than the reasons of academics, financial aid, and location
which everybody knows and everybody puts down as their reason, I think that my reason was fairly accurate. All the applicants know that Amherst is a great school etc. but how many of them know how well we get along with our coaches? "

Rob Mitchell'99  "I think the real reason is the other schools seemed like running factories, where no one mattered; it was the program that mattered. Amherst seemed much more individual; there was a chance to create a tradition. In academics and in running, there is a lot of personal freedom here, which I like."

Janak Chandrasoma '04 "Amherst is the perfect school for the student athlete.  Academics always come first, and there isn’t a huge amount of pressure to be the best.  The track team is down to earth and fun.  The atmosphere is relaxed; a runner need not worry about fitting in or keeping up.  It is the perfect school for a serious student who loves to run."

Carson Taylor '03 "I chose Amherst because it's a premier small college with a beautiful campus in the midst an interesting environment.  I didn't like the idea of being out in the middle of nowhere but I really didn't know if I was ready to handle the craziness of a full-fledged city. Amherst strikes a happy medium between the two different atmospheres.

Andrew Schneider '04 "I chose to come to Amherst basically because of its great reputation.  I couldn't have gone wrong by coming here, since no other school I was considering could compare academically.  I also found the team has a great sense of unity I just didn't find anywhere else.  In addition, the campus is set in a beautiful location.  Given these factors, I don't see how I could be happier at any other school."

John Stanton-Geddes '04 "The professors are amazing teachers and personable, students are diverse and friendly, and Ned and the other coaches know what's up. I came here because I would be part of the team from the start; every person on the team counts and it shows in the way we support each other. And because Amherst spelled backwards is Tsrehma.  Which isn't a word, but sounds like something exotic."

Matt Logalbo'00  "I'd say the thing that separated Amherst from the other small liberal arts colleges for me was the location. It's in a beautiful rural town, but there are 4 other colleges and 30,000 students within half an hour offering many of the advantages of an urban college. It's the perfect combination. But now that I'm here, the thing that has made me certain that I made the right choice has been the incredible closeness of the team, and of course, the coaching!"

Ben Kozyak’02  “Amherst was the only school of this size that I applied to. The idea of a such a small school worried me a little, coming from a city like Miami, but Amherst is a very active campus, and not claustrophobic at all. Everything seemed more personal, friendly and supportive.  Also, after talking to Ned and coming up for a visit, the XC team had me sold. The liberal arts curriculum, and lack of distribution requirements allow students to really pursue all facets of their interests, and to get a rewarding and well-rounded education as a base for future study and for life in general.”

Erick Hung’99 “The main reason I came to Amherst was because I could be involved in a number of activities (other than just scholastic ones) and make more than a marginal difference in the school.”

Brian Larivee'01 “I came here because the place really excited me.  I felt at home here and I liked that the curriculum was completely open (no core requirements) and that I would be free to define my own education.  I wanted to be able to compete somewhere and I thought having a sub-4 minute mile coach would be fun.”

Mike Morris’00  “I really liked how well the team got along - it just seemed that they were more than teammates, they were also great friends too.  Also the miles of trails didn't hurt.”

Jake Cooper'02   "In no specific order 1) academic reputation; 2) less isolated than other colleges - the five college area makes a really big difference, the school is small when you want it to be small but also big when you want it to be big; 3) relatively close(but not too close) to my house; 4) small classes; 5) the town of Amherst is cool."

Dan Chandler’99  “I didn't want a program that was going to rule my life, but I didn't want to give up the possibility of running either. Academically, the quality is there without the stress.  Everyone is nice, and competition is almost non-existent. Socially, the small-school mentality is nice.  I know most people on campus by now, and I like running into people I know.  Chances are
I'll be able to find whoever I'm looking for quickly.”