Where We Train

Home to some of the best trails in New England, Amherst and its surrounding towns offer a great variety of surfaces and routes on which to train. The following photos represent only a fraction of the many great training locations we have available to us at Amherst College.

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Amethyst Brook is a popular option on our easy and long run days. Just a short run from campus, this conservation area offers endless miles of trails, with both hilly and flat route options. The 47-mile Robert Frost Trail and 114-mile Metacomet & Monadnock Trail both wind through Amethyst Brook.
Groff Park can be accessed from campus via the roads or the Emily Dickinson Trail. This is one of the places we head when we want to do shorter, faster workouts.
Located on the campus of Amherst College, the Field Loop is the most challenging part of our cross country course. The mile-plus loop features challenging footing and some tough climbs.
The brand new UMass cross country course, just a warmup and cooldown away from campus, is another challenging workout location and is a popular spot for doing longer repeats.
On campus, Tuttle Hill offers a great view and a nice spot to get in some hill work.
In addition to some very long trails, Amherst is full of shorter trails, which allows us to hop from trail to trail during the course of a run. One of the places that we pass through on our training runs is the Wildwood Cemetary, pictured above.
The Norwottuck Rail Trail is a 10-mile long bike path which runs through campus and stretches from Belchertown to Northampton.