May 31st Pictures of the New Track & Field Complex

The long / triple jump and pole vault runways being rolled out

Pits on each end, and a multiple direction runway for the pole vault

A view of the primary long / triple jump pit and runway in the background, with the additional long jump only pit in the foreground - sharing a runway with pole vault (this end would be the primary wind at the back side so the pole vault would be coming on the other side of the pole vault pit allowing for both to go at same time)

A look at the newly paved first turn with the press box side bleachers in the background, and the soon to be turfed infield

The finish area and first turn of the track, and you can see the slight hill that will rise from the track

A look down the homestretch with a good view of the Field House being worked on - again, the depth is a bit distorted due to editing

Can't really have pictures of a big construction project and not have the obligatory Sani-can shot right?!