T&F Parents & Family Gathering

April 30th at Amherst in conjunction with the NESCAC Championships

We are hoping to get as many parents, family, friends and alumni to attend our home meet of the season April 30th as we will be hosting the NESCAC Championships. It is the first time we have hosted the Championship meet since 1996 and we are very excited to put a great meet on, and would love for you all to attend. While there is certainly a lot of work to do to make the meet run smoothly, and make everything go as hoped, we are also hoping to get together as many of you as possible to not only come out and cheer the boys on but also have a great tailgate after the meet and celebrate an incredible day of competing. We are hoping to gather as many of you to continue the time honored tradition of gathering after a track meet for some post-competition chow, lively conversation and opportunities to get see the athletes in action. There are approximately 40 guys and they are sure to be hungry and thirsty after a day of tough competition. What would potentially be needed - first and foremost, a raucous and rowdy crowd for the meet! After that, a lot of purple Amherst clothing and then grills, tables, and lot's of tailgate fare - burgers, dogs, chicken, sandwiches, salads, your kid's favorite food, perhaps your favorite food, something unique, something common, drinks, chips, paper ware and utensils - basically your call on what you would like to bring, as I am sure that it will get devoured and certainly will be greatly appreciated by everyone. This is a chance to see the team compete on our home track, and for the parents of seniors - a final home meet opportunity :) Hopefully you will be able to make the trip to Amherst and get the chance to meet the other parents, the student-athletes that make up our awesome team, a chance to meet / see again the coaches and the most important part, to get everyone together and have a great time and show your support of the team and the program. I will update this site with what people are bringing so that you will know who is bringing what or what might be needed. Perhaps seeing what others are bringing will help to put an idea into your head. We had a good time last year and we have had a lot of fun with the past gatherings during Track and XC and we are looking forward to building upon that success this year.

We will have the Alumni Room in the Fieldhouse reserved for the gathering following the meet and targeting around 5:30 probably for getting things under way - the field house itself is going to be closed during the day to all but coaches and officials, as we will be having a Hospitality room set up in there for Breakfast and Lunch that day, but will be finished up with that a little after 4:30 and can begin to set up in there at that time.

On behalf of the team, we are really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the 30th. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either me Ned mail or 413 542 8117 office or 413 348 6579 cell.

Ned, Luke, Quran, Bob and the whole team

Those coming and, if mentioned, what they are bringing - we will try and update this daily as we hear back from people and what they are bringing.

The meet starts at 9:00 and finishes up around 5:15


Replies as of 4/27:

Kevin and Mary Crowley - bringing a grill and we will do cheeseburgers

Patty Harrison - 3 Foot Hero

Gretchen Wesley - pumpkin bread and some type of dessert

Rich & Beth Thompson - will bring a sleeve of 225 heavy duty paper plates, a 360 piece box of plastic cutlery, two cases of water bottles, and several bags of chips.

Roger Brossy - TBD

Roger and Jacqueline Doiron - Potato Salad

John and Penne Silverman - Cheese & Fruit Platter (Gourmet cheeses, fresh fruits, imported olives, crackers& baguette slices)

Morten and Chung Sogaard - cold slaw and a large veggie/dip platter

Dan & Sheila Butko - Pasta

Karen Lucey - Pasta and Chicken Salad

Jane Seelaus - large sheet cake, fruit salad, and a cooler of sodas

Donna Podorefsky - salad and fruit