2016 NEIAAA New England's

At Southern Ct, May 13-14th

Team score - 19th with 12 points


Full Results

Event Name Mark Place
Steeplechase Jeff  Seelaus 9:21.36 3rd
10,000 Justin Barry 32:36.48 9th
4x800 Sogaard 1:55.8 7:39.06 3rd
Espinoza 1:55.2
Lucey 1:54.5
Butko 1:53.3



Meet Recap:

Performers of the Meet: Justin Barry and Jeff Seelaus

As the school year officially came to a close last Friday, we headed to New Haven for two days of competitive racing at the Open New England Championship. Our weekend of racing would start on Friday evening under a slight drizzle, but warm and relatively ideal for distance racing. A decision to move the meet well ahead of the listed time schedule due to pending rain, led to some frantic and shortened warm-up time for the 5k, as the race was slated to begin at 5:00 BUT instead was now being called shortly after we arrived and had exited the van. Without a solid warm-up, and the field not wanting to do a lot of work, Dan Crowley tried to infuse a little life after a slow opening mile but with a fast time now in arrears, we made the decision to step off the track and save the legs for another shot at a fast time on wednesday with hopes of running fast enough for NCAA. Despite being our lone competitor in the 10,000m, Justin Barry toed the line with confidence and was poised to end his sophomore year on a high note. Getting out aggressively from the gun, Justin would come through the first half in 15:57 and well on his way to a new personal best. While things would get a little bumpy around seven kilometers, Barry never backed down and continued to hang tough in pursuit of a PR. Closing hard over the last half mile, Justin would cross the line in six second PR of 32:36.4 and take 9th overall. As that marks the end of Justin’s sophomore year, he will now take some well-deserved time off and then gear up for a big fall!

Back at the track on Saturday afternoon and under clear skies, Jeff Seelaus and our 4x8 quartet were ready to make the most of an ideal day. In the steeplechase, Jeff would certainly set the tone with a very strong PR performance. Despite being in the back of the pack during the early laps, Jeff moved up extremely well over the second half to go on and take 3rd with a nine second personal best of 9:21.3. Motivated by Seelaus’s big effort, our 4x8 quartet of Kristian Sogaard, Vernon Espinoza, Steven Lucey, and Chris Butko were ready to chase after a win. Doing their part in the early stages, Kristian and Vernon would both split 1:55 to keep us well situated in the lead pack. Getting the baton as the penultimate leg, Steven Lucey challenged the field well and would split 1:54 to give the squad a slight lead on the final leg. Assuming his role as the anchor leg, Chris Butko took the baton and began the quest for victory. Butko would hold onto the lead until the bell lap when two foes from Northeastern and Bowdoin pulled up alongside. Giving it his best to challenge the two competitors down the homestretch, Butko would come up just shy of victory with his 1:53 split and the squad finished a very respectable 3rd place with a time of 7:39.06.

As we wrap up our strong showing at Opens and begin a new week, we now shift gears for the ECAC Championship this Wednesday and Thursday. It will once again be a small squad competing, as we will have Steven Lucey and Chris Butko in the 800, Jeff Seelaus in the Steeplechase, as well as Mo Hussein, Cosmo Brossy and Dan Crowley in the 5000. It should be a great two days of racing and we hopefully will be heading back to Amherst on Thursday with numerous big performances!