2016 NCAA

At Wartburg College Iowa, May 26th


Full Results

Event Name Mark Place
10,000 Mohamed Hussein DNF  



Meet Recap:

Mohamed Hussein would be the lone representative at the NCAA National Championships held at Wartburg College in Waverly Iowa as we had a couple of guys just missing the cut. Not the easiest place to get to, and with it being Memorial Day Weekend, travel was even trickier, and it saw us flying to Dubuque Iowa and calling that home leading up to the race on Thursday night. Got a great shakeout run in a nice park on Wednesday and then took a short drive to the Field of Dreams baseball field that was used for the movie. Under threat of potentially severe weather on Thursday, the 10k - which was already scheduled to early in the day - was moved even earlier, up to 3:55. At the time of the race, the temperatures on the track were in excess of 90- degrees and under full and direct sun. Hydration throughout the day, and during the race would be the key to survival, and there were water stations on each side of the track and eventually a hose on the turn to try and cool off the runners. A relatively slow opening mile of 5:18 showed the caution the runners were taking, but things would quickly pick up as the lead pack - of which Mo was in - came through the 2miles at 10:00 and then the 5k was split in 15:26 which resulted in a splitting of the field. At this time, Mo was racing in 4th place, but feeling as though the taking of water was slowing him down he unwisely skipped the remaining water spots and while he looked strong for a few laps, the heat was taking its toll as he started to falter and was all over the track. Coming through the 8k in 24:48, you could see dehydration takings its toll and with just under 2 laps remaining, he stumbled off the track unable to finish. A valuable lesson learned about racing in the heat, and while the taking in of fluids is certainly important, there should be some consideration of scheduling the longest event on the track at about the hottest point in the day. Despite the DNF, Mo ran a gutsy and determined race and will certainly use the experience to his advantage over the next two years.