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NCAA DIII National Championships - Mar 11-12th

Mohamed Hussein was the lone representative of the team to compete at the NCAA Indoor Championships, and qualified for the trip to Grinnell College in Iowa in both the 5k and 3k. The 5k would be the first event he would run, with the race being on Friday with the 3k to be 23 hours later. At the start, Mo was in Lane 1 in the 15 person field and from the gun he put himself into good position. There was the usual jostling as guys tried to get the position they hoped for in the early laps, with some doing a better job then others - based on the spike wounds on Mo's legs after the race he probably could have done a little better! While a lot of the championship races, take a long time to get going, with a lot of guys trying to run off of each other, the pace was surprisingly honest as he would hit the first mile in 4:39 right up in the thick of things - never being farther out then 6th and always within grasping distance of the lead. Coming through the 3k in 841 and the 2Mile in 9:16, Mo was in a group of 4-5 runners up at the front, and looking very comfortable. The paces per lap were pretty much 34 mid each turn - Williams runner did most of the leading and was clicking off like clockwork. This was both a great thing, and also a curse in the late stages as at about 4k, going through in 11:34 - with 5 laps to go things started to break up in the front pack as eventual winner opened a gap leaving Mo and 3 others battling for the next spots but the 34.5's had become locked in the legs, and he was not quite able to shift out of it. but held on strongly to grab a 7th place finish in 14:30.43 in an outstanding race that earned him both another All-American finish but also experience points for races down the line. On Saturday, 23 hours later he was back on the line in the 3k. Of the 15 person field, 9 guys had raced the night before in the 5k, so would be an interesting to see how the legs fared with the short turn around. Unlike the 5k from the night before, the pace was rather pedestrian with a lot of runners stumbling over themselves as they came through the first 1000m in 3:00 and the mile in 4:42. At 2k, Mo came through in 548 and was still in position to give a run for another AA finish, as he was in the fray of the Top 8 guys but there was a shift in pace and the group put in a surge that opened a little day light, and Mo did not answer the group's move and was honed in on the Williams runner in front of him, and off of the slow pace and now the big shifting of speed by the 8 guys in the main pack, a Top 8 finish was going to be very difficult and despite running a 2:44 last 1000m and looking very strong to finish in 8:33, he was not able to make it back into that front pack and finished in 10th place. Despite not finishing in the Top 8, as he had the night before in the 5k, it was a great race and one that provided a wealth of experience and things to build upon as we now look ahead to the outdoor season. With the NCAA Outdoor Championship back here in Iowa - this time at Wartburg - we will hope to be able to make the trip back, and add some guys to the journey.

Tufts Last Chance - March 4th

Performer of the Weekend - Jeff Seelaus

With the choice of going to Staten island to compete at ECAC's on Friday and Saturday or opting for a one day on Friday Last Chance meet on the flat track of Tufts, we decided to head back into Boston to take our last chance there. The meet was small in size but loaded with talent, and in the events we would be competing in, we were certainly not left with a lack of quality competition with the goals being pretty simple - running as fast as possible. The DMR was the first event, and while a bit worried about the size of the field - 14 teams on the line - Jeff put those concerns at ease, as he got off the line quickly and established himself in great position right from the start. Come though in 60 then 2:01, he was not out of the Top 5 and within a step or two of the leader, and after hitting the 1000 in 2:32.5 he closed strongly to hand off in great position about 3rd-4th, and made a smooth hand-off to Brent for the 400. The first lap, Brent lost a little ground to the true 400 runners, but then in the 2nd lap should his experience and 800 strength as he made the ground back up, and used a great homestretch kick to get the baton to Kristian just off the leaders and with a smooth running lane. On the 800 leg, Kristian worked himself into the lead pack of 4-5 guys and after an opening 400 of 56 the pace slowed a little, strides got choppy and things started to bunch up and he lost a little ground but dug deep in the last 100 to find some unimpeded running room on the outside, and handed off to Kevin amongst a tight group of 4 runners. Kevin immediately put himself onto the tail of the front group - 4 runners - and while the first lap was good and honest (about 31 seconds) it slowed down right after with a couple of 33-34 second laps that then allowed the second group of runners to ease back into the thick of things. After hitting the 800 in 2:08, and realizing the drop in pace, the group sped back up with a 61 second next 400, and coming through in 3:09 it seemed like we got ourselves back ion track and he was running real strong. At the bell, we had fallen off the leader - Suny Geneseo - but were looking well poised in 2nd but the drastic drop in pace from the 800 to the final lap started to take its toll, and as they say, the wheels came a tumbling off in the last 100m and actually fell about 10m from the line. After getting back up, frustration got the best of him and there may have been a baton thrown down in dismay which resulted in a DQ rather than about a 10:08 finish time. The next race n tap would be the mile, and another quality field was assembled with hopes for an NCAA berth, and Steven Lucey looked poised to take a run for it but after being on pace through the 800, things took a different turn and was not able to finish it off as was hoped for. Next on tap was the 800, and Chris Butko, running in the 2nd section took the race out in the first lap, then slid off the lead as they hit 1:26 for the 600 and came charging off the turn to take the heat win in a 1:56.02 - another great race for the sophomore who missed the entire month of January and first week of February with illness. Jesse would take control of the final section of the 800 and run another sub-1:58 clocking to win his section. The final event for us, and another race with NCAA implications, was the 3000 - where Mohamed Hussein and Dan Crowley would both be trying to post fast times in a super loaded field. Mo quickly established himself right near the front while Dan was a few guys behind him, and after hitting the opening mile in 4:27 and 4:30, things would separate a little bit more as Mo was clearly ready for the challenge while Dan's hamstring injury from the past couple of weeks may have shook his confidence a little bit, and while he was digging deep, the well was not quite as deep as he needed. Just after the 2k mark and running in 2nd place, the pace started to lag for 2 laps and as they approached 3 laps to go - and the lead pack of 4 that had opened up a pretty good gap was being stalked by the chase pack - Mo made a big move to go to the front, and started to wind the pace down again. In the last 100, a runner from Trinity went by and opened up just enough day light to grab the win but coming home in 2nd, Mo ran to a new PR time of 8:19.85 that would prove to be more than enough to advance to NCAA's while Dan would finish in 11th in a time of 8:36. When the dust had settled after the weekend, Mo would earn a bid to NCAA's being held at Grinnell College in Iowa, where he will run the 5k (14th seed) on Friday and the 3k (8th seed) on Saturday to close out the 2016 Indoor season.

NEICAAA New Englands - Feb 26-27th

Performers of the Weekend - Mohamed Hussein & Chris Butko

As the indoor season begins to wind down, every weekend becomes a little more important than the previous one. This past Friday and Saturday a small crew of guys headed to Boston to go up against some stiff regional competition and chase after fast times at the Open New England Championship. Kicking off our Friday afternoon would be Tucker Meijer and Justin Barry in the unseeded section of the 5,000m. Despite the uncertainty earlier in the week of getting into the race due to not hitting the auto qualifying, Tucker and Justin would get out confidently and sit at the front half of the field in the early stages. The duo would come through the first mile in 4:47 and hit right around 9:45 for two miles. As the race progressed into the later stages, Tucker hung tough at the front half of the race to eventually come home in a nice new PR of 15:27.08. Justin did his best to hang on in the last mile and finished in 15:51.7. Once the 5ks wrapped up, we turned our attention to Chris Butko in the 800m. Though he had been battling a few illnesses this winter, Butko has made a strong comeback in the past few weeks and was poised for a big race. Getting underway in what would be one of the faster heats of the day, Butko opened things up in 28.9 and hit the quarter in 57.4. At the bell, Butko came through at 1:25.7 and unleashed a key move with 150m to go. Running a near perfectly even split race, Chris crossed the line in 1:53.7 to finish 14th overall. More impressively, Butko’s performance on Friday was also 3 + second improvement on his previous personal best of 1:56.9. Jacob Silverman would partake in the 1,000 at the conclusion of 800 and run 2:37.9 for 26th place overall.

Next up on the track for Amherst was Mohamed Hussein in the seeded section of the 5,000m. It was a bit slow going at the start, though Mo was confident as he took control of the race shortly after the mile and never looked back. Keeping things honest all alone out front, Mo took a well-earned win in a time of 14:33.9. Inspired by Mo’s performance, the DMR quartet of: Jeff Seelaus, Brent Harrison, Kristian Sogaard, and Kevin Connors, took to the track to end the day on a high note. Jeff got things off smoothly with a respectable 3:04.5 lead off leg and handed off to Brent in the top three. Brent ran an excellent 400m leg to split 49.5 and gave the baton to Kristian in second place. Kristian would fulfill his duties well and split 1:52.8 to give Kevin the baton in first place by a few meters. Getting down to business right away, Kevin would only be joined by the anchor leg from Stonehill. Doing all of the heavy lifting at the front, Kevin found himself in a tight battle at the bell. He would do his best to counter the strong move from the Stonehill anchor, but would eventually have to settle for a respectable 8th place overall with a split of 4:10.6 and final time of 9:57.54. The solid time moves them up on the NCAA list but will most likely need to find a few seconds of improvement when they run again on Friday at Tufts.

After a well-deserved night of rest, we returned to the track on Saturday morning for some action in the Mile and 4x800 relay. Picking up right where he had left of the previous day, Kevin Connors competed very well in the unseeded section of the mile to put up a new personal best of 4:13.97 and take 12th overall. Later in the morning, Steven Lucey would run 4:17.20 to finish 19th overall. Wrapping up a strong weekend of action, our 4x800 squad of: Jesse Fajnzylber, Vernon Espinoza, Kristian Sogaard, and Brent Harrison toed the line in the competitive seeded section. Giving us an excellent first leg, Jesse split 1:56.3 to hand off the baton to Vernon in the top five. Holding steady over the second leg, Vernon would do a fine job and split 1:55.4. Doing his best to catch up to competing squads, Kristian split a 1:55.0 and handed off to Brent still in the top five. In a crowded anchor leg battle, Brent handled himself well to split a strong 1:55.0 to give us a final time of 7:41.89 and 8th place overall. After a tough outing at the D3 Championship, the guys bounced back extremely well this past weekend at Open New Englands and have set themselves up nicely for the homestretch. Looking to go fast and punch a few tickets to NCAAs, the guys will be back in action this Friday night at Tufts for a competitive Last Chance meet!

DIII New Englands - Feb 20th

Performers of the Weekend - 4x800 Squad

This past Saturday morning, we loaded up on the bus and headed to Boston for the 2016 DIII New England Championship at MIT. While we had a smaller squad compared to those teams competing for the team title, we weren’t deterred from going after in our respective events and trying scrape up as many points as possible. Though as the end of the day approached, it was obvious things didn’t necessarily shake out as planned, but it’s all part of the sport and we can only learn from tough days. Despite the hard day at the track, we still had strong some performances to pull us through rough patches and we would wrap up the day on an exciting high note.

Kicking the day off in the mile, Kevin Connors settled into the front end of a very slow, strategic race that would open up in 75 for the first quarter. As the field approached halfway right around 2:23, Kevin was still well situated in the front pack and waiting for the decisive move. It would finally come with about three laps to go and Kevin was in prime position to respond. In the final quarter, Kevin would challenge for the lead, but ultimately took a solid 3rd overall running a tactical 4:26.65. Our next highlight would come from Jesse Fajnzylber in the 800m. After running an excellent race last weekend and posting a new PR of 1:57.6, Jesse had plenty of confidence approaching Saturday’s meet. Getting out hard from an unseeded section, Fajnzylber held a solid lead throughout a majority of his heat and was rewarded with a solid time of 1:58.9 to finish 10th overall in the field. Prior to 800m, Kristian Sogaard would compete well in the 600m and run a PR of 1:23.3 to finish 9th overall. Aziz Khan ran in the first section of the 200, grabbing 2nd in his section with a time of 23.6 and putting a finish on a solid first season of track. For the distance events, Mo Hussein would be our top performer in the 3,000m. In a relatively competitive field, Mo got well and comfortably sat behind the early pace setters from MIT and Williams. Though he would fall slightly off the race leaders in the final kilometer, Mo still hung tough to take 5th overall running a respectable 8:33.9. In earlier seeded section, Peter Horton and Jack Wesley wrapped up their indoor season with performances of 8:59.2 and 9:00.3.

After some tough races, our 4x8 quartet would step onto the track and look to the end day with a bang. Getting the ball rolling would be sophomore, Chris Butko with a solid 1:57.2 opening leg. The second leg would be Vernon Espinoza, who battled well at the front and split a 1:58.4 to hand off in second. Going hard from the exchange, Kristian Sogaard was our third leg and would assume control of the race with his split of 1:56.1. Getting the baton as the anchor leg, Brent Harrison gave up no ground on the field and split 1:56.1 to bring the team home first in a new meet record time of 7:48.06 – which has stood since 1984 and run by a team from Brandeis. As another weekend has ended, a few guys will kick up their feet and rest up for a few days before beginning their push for the outdoor season. A good number of guys on the squad will still be putting in the work these week and getting ready to crush it on Friday / Saturday at the Open New England Championship at BU.

Valentine Classic - Feb 13th

Performers of the Meet – Kristian Sogaard, Jesse Fajznylber and Aziz Khan

On a cold Saturday morning, the men of Amherst loaded onto the bus and headed to the famous BU Valentine Invitational at one the fastest indoor tracks in the country. For a few guys, it would potentially be the final competition of the season and one more shot at throwing down strong performances. For others, it was another great opportunity to go up against great competition and get primed and ready for the championship meets. Our morning began on the infield, where Maxim Doiron started things off in the 60H with his 9.36 performance. Once the hurdles were removed, Doiron was followed by our trio in the 60m dash. Senior captain Thomas Matthew led the way for the squad with his 7.28 performance, while Josh Young clocked in at 7.64 and Hasani Figueroa crossed the line in 7.76. Later on in the morning, Matthew took on the shot put and got out to a mark of 12.51m. Sam Amaka also participated in the shot put and threw 11.42m.

Following our competitors in the dash, we got back to the oval for the half-mile. The 800m presented our top performance of the day when first-year Kristian Sogaard competed well from the gun, winning his heat in an impressive 1:53.64. After Sogaard, we had a strong contingency of runners all clock in at 1:57 (S. Lucey – 1:57.2, B.Harrison – 1:57.3, K. Connors – 1:57.5). Part of that crew hitting 1:57 was Vernon Espinoza at 1:57.62, Jesse Fajnzylber right behind in 1:57.63, and Ermias Kebede just over 1:57 at 1:58.08. For all three of these guys, their Saturday performance was a personal and collegiate best. At the conclusion of the 800m, David Ingraham shot off in the 400m to win his heat in a respectable season best of 51.26. Going back up in distance, Jacob Silverman was the squad’s top finisher in the 1,000m with a strong front running performance and final time of 2:33.3. After a long hiatus due to illness, Chris Butko returned to the track and clocked in a fine 2:34.5, while Jack Malague rounded it out with a 2:39.5. In our final events of the day, recent soccer convert Aziz Khan won his 200m heat in a strong 22.83, while Harrison Haigood was right behind him in 23.09. A few minutes later, Stadtler Thompson would also win his heat in a time of 23.13. Cornell Brook II was our final competitor with his performance of 25.65. Closing out our day at the track were a handful of guys donning the purple and black in the mile. Continuing his trend of PR performances, Jeff Seelaus was the team’s top finisher after battling well in his heat and stopping the clock in a new PR of 4:16.16. The next Amherst finisher was Cosmo Brossy, who also dipped under 4:20 and put up a new mile PR of 4:19.75. After Seelaus and Brossy, the mile crew was wrapped up by Jack Wesley (4:27.27), Tucker Meijer (4:27.55), Peter Horton (4:29.26), Justin Barry (4:33.06), and Kevin Dooley (4:39.36).

For a few guys, the winter season has come to an end and it’s time to rest up and prepare for big performances in the spring. The remaining guys will return to the cage once again this week and put in the work in preparation for the upcoming DIII New England Championship on Saturday at MIT!

Tufts Cupid Challenge Feb 6th

Performers of the Meet - Steven Lucey, Justin Barry and Khalil Flemming

Despite a rocky start to last Saturday morning for the men of Amherst Track & Field, due to the late arrival of the bus, we would end our day at the Tufts Cupid Invitational with many strong performances and personal bests. This certainly bodes well, as we begin to enter the final stretch of the regular season and then turn our attention to championship meets. Though we arrived at the meet with less than ideal time to warm up for a 5k, our crew in the unseeded 5k remained composed and ready to tackle the task at hand. From the gun, Peter Horton, Tucker Meijer, Justin Barry, and Jack Wesley, took control of the race and traded off the lead during the early stages of the race. It wouldn’t be until the two mile mark when this quartet began to string out, as they came through just under 10:00 and Tucker Meijer took off from the front. After being out front for a few laps, Justin Barry would overtake Meijer with just 400m to and his quest for D3 qualifier. Barry would kick hard in the final two laps to not only win the unseeded section but notch a new personal best of 15:30.5. Tucker would hold on well after his strong move at two miles to take 2nd in 15:34.9, while Horton would close nicely to finish not too far behind in a PR time of 15:38.9. Competing well in his first ever track 5k, Jack Wesley stopped the clock in 15:49.6 and behind him would be Cole Hawkins in 16:10.1 and Aaron Zambrano in 16:13. While we had a strong contingency competing well in the 5k, Thomas Matthew was doing his part in the throws circle. Getting stronger and more proficient in the weight throw every week out, Matthew got the implement out to a new PR mark of 13.24m and finished 9th overall. First year, Sam Amaka also joined Matthew in the weight throw and put up a mark of 10.64. This duo would both compete in the shot put as well and Matthew led the way with a near PR throw of 13.02m, while Amaka set a big personal best of 12.94m. Thomas would close out his busy day with 7.29 in 60m and 5th place finish overall. Also shooting out the blocks in the 60m would be Josh Young at 7.46, Aziz Khan at 7.47, Stadtler Thompson at 7.53, and Hasani Figueroa round things out at 7.56. Taking on the 60H, Maxim Doiron made the most of his day by throwing up a PR of 9.26 and finishing 8th in the finals. After the fine showing in the sprints, we shifted our attention back to the track for the seeded section of the 5,000m. Specifically set up for a fast pace, the trio of Mo Hussein, Dan Crowley, and Jeff Seelaus, were well prepared and would just have to tuck in and hang on during the early stages. Similar to the unseeded section, the race took off right around 3k and Mohamed was well positioned at the front, while Jeff was working his race up to Crowley in the middle of the field. Trying his best to counter the effort set by the leader from Tufts, Mohamed would eventually have to settle for a second place finish with a very strong time of 14:36.6. After being a bit off the back in the early laps, Seelaus came home strong to run a strong new PR of 15:02.3, while Crowley finished in 15:14.1. At this time in the infield, Harrison Haigood and Jay Drain were representing the team well in high jump. Sophomore, Haigood got up to a height of 1.78m to 4th overall, while Drain cleared 1.68m to finish 5th.

Inspired by their teammates in the 5,000, our milers also took to the track in search of fast times. Turning in perhaps one of his best track races of his career, Steven Lucey stuck himself up with the leaders early on and never looked back. In the end, Lucey would rally hard in the final 200m and take second overall with a big personal best time of 4:17.07. Running well from the second heat, Jesse Fajnzylber ran 4:31.4 and behind him would be Jack Malague at 4:35.8 and Jacob Silverman at 4:36.0. Once the mile concluded, we would see David Ingraham as our lone competitor in the 400 and run a season best time of 52.13. Shortly after 400m, Kristian Sogaard would also be our lone competitor in the 600m and run quite well to take 2nd in 1:23.5. Getting into the later stages of the meet, our group of competitors would be a trio in the 800m. Doubling back from the mile, Jesse Fajnzylber was our first across the line 2:01.4, while Kevin Dooley finished in 2:04.2 and Jack Malague in 2:08.1. Despite missing the fast section of the 1000m, due to a slight misjudgment of the meet schedule. Kevin Connors soloed a 2:30.55 in the slow section and finished 2nd overall. In the first section, Brent Harrison competed well to 2:35.7 and Ermias Kebede was right behind him in 2:36.6. After the 1000, we would see David Ingraham led our sprints group once again and took 8th in the 200 running 23.59. Stadtler Thompson was right behind him running 23.76 and wrapping it up would be Aziz Khan in 24.23 and Josh Young at 24.71.Though he didn’t have any company from fellow men in black and purple, Cosmo Brossy got off the line confidently and turned in an excellent performance. Similar to the 5,000m and Mile, the 3,000 was a stacked and competitive race that got out fast from the gun. Not deterred by the fast early tempo, Brossy stuck himself in a pack just off the leaders and hung on. In the end, Cosmo exceeded expectations and put up an excellent time of 8:34.9 to finish 7th overall. Closing out our day at Tufts would be our 4x4 and 4x8 relays, as well as Khalil Flemming in the triple jump. After two early fouls and a mediocre mark to advance to finals, Flemming would finally find his flow in his last three jumps. In the end, Khalil wrapped up his day with a season best mark of 13.15m to finish fifth overall. Our 4x4 would churn out a respectful time of 3:35.07, while the 4x8 squad battled up front with MIT to dip under 8:00 and take 2nd in a solid 7:53.5.

It certainly was a rocky start to our morning on Saturday, but in the end we had one of the best days at the track this season. This certainly gets us fired up for the week of work ahead and the last regular season meet of the year at this Saturday’s BU Valentine Invitational. We will be at the track all day, so definitely swing by if in the area and cheer the guys on!


Terrier Classic & Springfield Invite - Jan 30

Performers of the Weekend - Dan Crowley, Jeff Seelaus and Peter Horton

It was a busy weekend for the men of Amherst Track and Field, as we had a small contingency of guys head east for the Boston University Terrier Invite while everyone else suited up for the Springfield Massasoit Invitational. At the fast banked-track of Boston University, our first two competitors of the day would be Kevin Connors and first year, Kristian Sogaard, in the mile. Competing in the 4th heat of the day, Kevin would get out on the conservative side and settle in the back end of the field. Over the course of the race, Kevin worked himself up to the middle of the pack and finished just off a personal best in the mile with a time of 4:14.1. Sogaard would be next up on the track and he would get his first taste of crowded, competitive collegiate mile. The first year would get jostled here and there, but held his own and finished with a respectable 4:20.04. Later in the evening, Mo Hussein and Dan Crowley got their chance to show their stuff in the 3,000. Nestled in the middle of the pack for a majority of the race, the duo would eventually move up to the leaders after the mile. At two laps to go, Crowley positioned himself right in the lead pack and by the bell lap position he was in a prime spot. Closing very hard over the final 200, Dan was able to take 2nd in the heat and pick up a new career best of 8:22.8. Mo would finish not to far behind and also in a personal best time of 8:27.1. Fueled by the great performances of his teammates, Jeff Seelaus had his own crack at the 3,000 and also walked away with a huge personal best of 8:30.6

Starting off our day on the oval at Springfield would be a handful of guys in the 60m dash. Turning in his best performance of the season, Josh Young lead the way with his 7.42 and 5th place finish. First year, Stadtler Thompson finished right behind Young in 6th place with a personal best of 7.45. Hasani Figueroa would run 7.58 for 12th place and making his debut in the dash, Sam Amaka ran 8.11 for 19th.  After his strong performance in the 60, Josh Young would run 24.77 to take 12th in the 200. In the 60H, Maxim Doiron turned in a performance of 9.52 to finish 14th place overall. While our sprinters were keeping busy on the track, we had a strong group of guys taking on the throws circle and jumps runway. In the weight throw, Thomas Matthew would have a big personal best and get the weight out to a mark of 12.77m for 8th place overall. Keeping with the trend, Sam Amaka also got the weight out to new personal best of 11.14m. Matthew would return later in the day for the shot put and get it out to 12.79m to take 6th place.

Getting back to the track, we would have the quartet of David Ingraham, Stadtler Thompson, Aziz Khan, and Harrison Haigood take on the 4x200 relay. These guys would get the baton around the track smoothly and put up a new school record time of 1:33.47. Khan would return later in the afternoon to also run a strong open 200m time of 23.71 for 3rd overall. After a fine showing in the 4x200, we would have Cosmo Brossy, Tucker Meijer, and Brent Harrison toe the line for the mile. Going out in a relatively relaxed and comfortable pace, the trio would work together for a majority of the race. Though at the bell lap, Brossy would begin to kick and try to counter a move by competitors from Springfield and Trinity. In the end, Cosmo would finish a respectable third with a time of 4:26.5, Brent took 4th in 4:30.3 and Tucker was 5th with a 4:32.6. After a fine showing in the mile, we would have another group of guys ready to tackle to the 800. Taking it out hard from the gun would be first year, Jake Silverman. Leading the race until the final 100m, Jake would hold on to finish 2nd overall with a nice 1:59.3 performance. Jesse Fajnzylber just missed going sub 2:00 and finished 4th in 2:00.52, while Ermias Kebede was right behind him in 2:01.40 for 4th place. Moving onto the 1000, we would see a fine battle up front by Steven Lucey. Gapping the field early on with a Trinity competitor, Lucey would do his best to keep it close over the later stages of the race. Though he would lose slight ground on the Bantam in the last 400m, Lucey would steadily reel him back in and catch him right at the line to win in 2:32.67. Behind Lucey would be Vernon Espinoza at 2:39.85, Jack Malague finishing in 2:40.68, and Kevin Dooley at 2:42.41.

Closing out the day at Springfield would be a solid group of guys chasing after PRs and qualifiers in the 3,000. Allowing a pacesetter do the early work, Peter Horton, Justin Barry, and Jack Wesley sat comfortably right off the front in the opening laps. Shortly after the mile and the pacesetter out, the race would be on and Justin took the lead to keep things honest. At the bell lap, we would see Peter shoot to the front and kick for home. In a lean at the line, Horton would grab the W in a big PR of 8:52.9, while the 2nd place finisher from Trinity ran 8:52.92. Jack Wesley also had a strong bell lap kick to also PR and take 3rd in 8:53.91. After strong work up front, Justin Barry also came home in a PR and a time of 8:55.92. Behind this trio, we would have Aaron Zambrano run 9:15.9 for 5th and Cole Hawkins take 9th in 9:26.8.The final events of the meet would be our relay squads in the 4x400 and 4x800. For the 4x4, the guys would clock in at 3:49.0 to take 6th. In the 4x8, we would have “A” and “B” squads that were made up of guys doubling back and looking to work on their speed. It was fairly close for a majority of the race, but in the end Squad A would pull away to win overall in 8:11.3, while Squad B took 2nd in 8:15.6.

As we enter the final stretch of the regular season, this past weekend proved that the guys are rounding into form at the right time. Next weekend will be at Tufts University for another great day of competition and big marks.


Beynon Invitational Jan 23

Performers of the Meet – Cosmo Brossy, Cole Hawkins & Harrison Haigood

Despite the call for snow early last week, we were luckily spared this past weekend and were able to make the short trip down RT.9 in search of fast times and PRs at the Smith Beynon Invitational. The day would begin with senior captain, Thomas Matthew returning to the throws circle once again for the weight throw. Still learning the ins and outs of the event, Matthew has been progressing each week and on Saturday he got it out to a mark of 11.45 and took 11th overall. Thomas would come back strong later in the shot put and launch it to a new PR of 13.03m for a 7th place finish. Joining Matthew in the shot put would be Sam Amaka, who threw 11.78m and took 13th overall. Keeping busy on the outside of the oval, Khalil Flemming was taking on both the long jump and triple jump. In the long, Khalil would get out to a distance 5.37m for 13th place and 12.80m in the triple for 4th place overall. On the top of the throws and horizontal jump action, we had a trio of guys getting busy in the high jump. Leading the charge was Harrison Haigood, who got over a new PR height of 1.83 and finished 2nd. Jay Drain got up to a mark of 1.68m for 9th place and Cornell Brooks made his collegiate debut in the event.

Our first running event of the day would be our DMR, which consisted primarily of true distance guys. Starting the relay off strong, Mo Hussein split a 3:09 on the 1200 leg and handed off to Jeff Ewing on the 400m leg. Ewing got the baton around smoothly and split a 54.4 to hand off to Jeff Seelaus comfortably in first place. Seelaus would split a fine 1:59.1 and get it off to Dan Crowley, who brought it home to victory with a 4:20.5 anchor leg and overall time of 10:23.8. Next on the track was a strong group of Amherst men in the 5,000. From the gun, Cosmo Brossy and Justin Barry got out well and worked in perfect harmony for a majority of the race. Over the course of twenty-five laps, the two traded off duties at the front of the race every half mile. Sticking together until the final 400m, Brossy broke free from the field and won in a strong time of 15:25.8. Barry hung on tough and came home in 2nd place with a big PR of 15:34.2. Meanwhile, Cole Hawkins was having himself a career race not too far back and finished under 16:00 for the first time with his 15:52.1 4th place finish.  Aaron Zambrano closed out the race with his 16:14.2 performance. Shifting down to the sprints, Maxim Doiron would be next on the track in the 60H. Running a strong 9.39 in the prelims, Doiron snuck into the finals and would eventually run 9.41 to take 7th overall. In the 60 dash, David Ingraham was the top Amherst finisher with his 7.46 and 15th place finish. Making the crossover after a very successful soccer season, Aziz Khan made his collegiate track debut and ran 7.47 for 16th place overall. Behind Khan would be Young running 7.51 and Hasani Figueroa clocking in at 7.73. Khan and Figueroa would return later in the day with Stadtler Thompson and Harrison Haigood for the 4x200, where they would run 1:34.9 to take 3rd place.

In the 600m, Ermias Kebede would be the top Amherst finisher with his time of 1:28.2. Jeff Ewing would come back strong after his 400m DMR leg and run 1:30.8, while Maxim Doiron handled the “distance event” well and ran 1:33.8 for 10th place. The 800 and the 1000 would be the next events on the track and we would have a slew of Amherst guys toeing the line. In the half mile, Brent Harrison was up front for Amherst and the team’s top finisher with his 2:00.7 for 4th place. Behind Harrison would be Vernon Espinoza at 2:02.7, Jack Malague at 2:03.3, Jesse Fajnzylber at 2:04.5, and Kevin Dooley at 2:05.1. We would see the 1000 get off to a fine start due to the aggressive pace setting of first year, Jacob Silverman. Jake would lead for the first 600m, at which time a Middlebury competitor and fellow first year, Kristian Sogaard, took over the race. Sogaard battled well in the final quarter, but would have to settle for a respectable 2nd place finish and a time of 2:32.2. Silverman hung onto 3rd place and crossed the line in a time of 2:36.8. Drawing near to the end of the day, Aziz Khan, Stadtler Thompson, and Josh Young, would all return from the 60/4x200 and take on the 200 to close out their meet. Thompson would be the top finisher for Amherst, as he put up a fine time of 23.88. Khan showed more signs of speed and put up a 24.16 for 7th, while Josh Young ran 25.02 to take 15th. The open event on the track for Amherst would be the 3000. We would have Kevin Connors, Tucker Meijer, Jack Wesley, and Peter Horton, all toeing the line in search of fast times. Similar to his mile performance last weekend, Connors tucked in behind the leaders and remained patient. Though with a kilometer to go, Kevin would take off and never look back. Picking up his second straight victory, Connors won easily in a very solid time of 8:37.3. Battling very well over the final half mile, Tucker grabbed third place with 8:55.5 performance. After working well throughout the entire race, Horton and Wesley were next across the line in 9:05.9 and 9:07.5. Our day would conclude with our 4x4 (Brent Harrison, Vernon Espinoza, Jacob Silverman, Kristian Sogaard) taking 2nd with a time of 3:33.9 and our 4x8 (Kevin Dooley, Jack Malague, Peter Horton, Kevin Connors) picking up a victory with their 8:16.5. Saturday’s Smith Invitational was another solid step in the right direction for many. As interterm comes to a close and the spring semester begins, we look forward to another week of putting in work both on the track and in the classroom. Next weekend, we will have a majority of guys competing at the Springfield Invitational and a small crew heading to BU for the Terrier Classic. If you’re in either areas, we would love to have you at the track cheering on the guys!


Little Three's - Jan 16

Performers of the Meet - Performers of the Meet – Thomas Matthew and Kevin Connors

This past Saturday, the Amherst men headed down to Wesleyan for the 2nd Annual Little 3 Indoor Championship. After putting in quality training over the holiday break and then two solid weeks of training together as a team during intersession, the guys were very eager to get onto the track and get the indoor season rolling. Starting the day off at noon, were Thomas Matthew and Sam Amaka in the weight throw. Both would be making their collegiate debut in the event and for Amaka, it would be his first ever collegiate track and field meet. Despite being completely new to the event, the duo did just fine getting their feet wet. Matthew would lead the way with his first toss of 11.75m, which got him 7th overall and Amaka got out to 8.47m for 9th place.  Returning later in the afternoon for the shot put, Matthew would get the shot out to 12.80m for 5th and Amaka was right behind in 6th with a throw of 12.25m. After two debuting in two new events, Thomas also took on the long jump (5.50m 5th) and the triple jump (11.84m 3r) for the first time ever in his career. Joining Matthew on the jumps runway for both events was senior, Khalil Flemming. In the long jump, Khalil got out to a nice early season mark of 6.16m for 3rd and a distance of 12.77m in the triple jump for 2nd place overall. Both Flemming and Matthew would wrap up their days with Stadtler Thompson and Hasani Figueroa in the 60m dash. Once again the leading the charge for Amherst, Thomas Matthew placed 2nd in the 60m with a near PR performance of 7.19. First year, Stadtler Thompson clocked in 7.45 for 5th and right behind him in 6th was Flemming with a time of 7.49. Figueroa was just a tick behind Flemming and took 7th place running 7.55.

Getting things rolling for the mid-distance and distance runners early on in the day was a large crew in the mile. Getting out well from the gun and tucking behind the leader, Kevin Connors would remain patient until the bell lap. Once he hit 200m to go, Connors took off confidently and easily won in a nice early season time of 4:19.5. Behind Connors, Jack Wesley and Jacob Silverman came across the line 4:32.0 and 4:35.1 for 7th and 9th overall. Running very well from the unseeded section, Peter Horton had a strong final 200m to take 6th overall with a time of 4:31.8. The remaining Amherst competitors in the mile would be a trio of first years. Tucker Meijer clocking in at 4:36.5, Jack Malague with a time of 4:39.9, and Kevin Dooley finishing in 4:42.4. Malague and Dooley would both return later in the day for a little extra work in the 1,000, while Silverman got his wheels turning with a 1:28.7 performance in the 600.  First year, Vernon Espinoza was the top finisher for Amherst 600 with his 1:26.11 effort for 2nd place. Wrapping things up in the 600 for the squad and inching closer to sub 1:30 was Jeff Ewing who finished in a time of 1:30.11 for 5th.  The highlights from the 1,000 was Brent Harrison in 3rd place with a time of 2:36.9, Ermias Kebede running 2:39.7 for 6th and Jesse Fajnzylber finishing right behind in 7th with a time of 2:40.5. Shifting a few laps down, David Ingraham nabbed a nice runner-up finish with his 52.24 in the 400 and later on would win the 200 with a time of 23.46. Ingraham would have company in both events from Harrison Haigood, who put up a time of 55.7 for 5th in the 400m and 24.85 to take 5th in the 200m. Also competing in the 200m would be Stadtler Thompson (23.98 3rd), Jeff Ewing (25.53 6th), and Maxim Doiron (26.58 7th). Doiron also ran 9.49 in the 60H for 4th, earlier in the day. Prior to the 400, we saw Haigood take 2nd overall in the high jump with a nice leap of 1.77m (5’9.75”). Relative new comer, Jay Drain would be right behind Haigood with his mark of 1.72m (5’7.75”) for 3rd place.

Nearing the end of the meet, the trio of Kristian Sogaard, Kevin Connors, and Steven Lucey, took to the track for the 800. Getting out to the lead from the gun, Kristian Sogaard would be pull the field through a relatively tame 60 sec opening quarter. Though he would fall back a bit, Sogaard charged in the final 150m and walked away with a time of 1:58.4 and his first collegiate victory. Kevin Connor’s returned nicely from his mile performance and clocked in at 1:58.5 for 2nd, while Steven Lucey ran 1:59.9 for 4th.  Taking to the track for the final open race of the day was Dan Crowley, Mohamed Hussein, Jeff Seelaus, Cole Hawkins, Justin Barry, and Aaron Zambrano, in the 3000. Things would go out relatively relaxed for a majority of this crew, as they hit the first mile just under 4:50. Though things would heat up with 400m to go and we would see Seelaus and Crowley try to counter a hard move from a Williams runner in the final 250m. Despite coming up a little short of victory, Crowley took 2nd with a time of 8:45.5 and Seelaus was right behind in 8:46.1 for 3rd. Mo Hussein was next across the line in a time of 8:48.50 for 4th, while Justin Barry dipped under 9:00 for this time with his 8:59.4 5th place performance. Also achieving a new 3k PR was senior, Cole Hawkins running 9:08.7 for 6th.  Aaron Zambrano closed things out for Amherst with his 9:27.5 for 9th place. Wrapping up the day would be our quartets in the 4x8 and 4x4. After a strong opening leg in the 4x8 from Steven Lucey, the squad would easily win in a time of 8:16.5. In the 4x4, we would have an even mix of mid-distance and sprinters, which got us a time of 3:34.5. Saturday’s Little 3 Championship served as a great first step in a long season. We definitely saw many guys get their indoor campaigns off to a fine start, but we’re still looking forward to all the work to be done in the coming weeks. Our next opportunity for showcasing our hard work will come next Saturday at the Smith Invite in Northampton, so definitely feel free swing by and cheer the guys on!

Smith Invite - Dec 5th

Performers of the Meet - Chris Butko and Stadtler Thompson

Though the cross country season just ended two weeks ago, we made the short trek down to Northampton on Saturday to kick off the 2015-2016 indoor season at the Smith Winter Classic. Seeing as many of the distance guys are still easing into the mileage after some well-deserved recovery, we had a large number of sprinters and field event athletes making their season and collegiate debuts. Starting off the day for the men of Amherst would be a solid trio of long jumpers and high jumpers. Leading the way in the long jump was senior Khalil Flemming, whose best mark of the day came in his first jump of 5.90m. Flemming would return once again to the runway later in the day for the triple jump and put up a mark 12.26m. After a year hiatus from the long jump, Dennis Kennelly made his return to the event and put up a mark of 5.21m. Lacing up the spikes for the first time ever, Jay Drain made his collegiate debut and leaped to a distance of 4.99m. Jay also took on the high jump for the first time ever and finished the day with a mark of 1.63m (5’4.25”). Nate Showalter and Harrison Haigood, who were also making their collegiate debuts in the event, joined Drain in the high jump. Showalter matched Drain and also jumped 1.63m, while Haigood got up to 1.58m (5’2.25”).

After some good action in the field events, we turned our attention to the track for some sprints action in the 60H and 60 dash. Settling into the blocks for the first time of his collegiate career, Maxim Doiron got off the line well and clocked in at 9.30. The first year hurdler would return later in the day and put up at time of 26.40 in the 200. In the following 60H heat, Showalter began his season of hurdling with a performance of 9.66. In the dash, we would see another first year leading the way, as Stadtler Thompson clocked in at 7.43. The first year sprinter would also come back later in the day and run 23.96 in the 200. Also competing in the 60 was Josh Young running 7.51 and Mohamed Ramy coming across the line in 7.93. Ramy doubled back later in the day and run 26.40 in the 200. Once he was done with the high jump, Harrison Haigood took the track for the 200 & 400 double where he would put up times of 24.49 and 54.16. Toeing the line in the 600, Jeff Ewing started off his sophomore season with a solid performance of 1:30.9, which was just off his PR of 1:30.3. Closing out the afternoon, we had a handful of distance guys looking to claim bragging rights in an 800m showdown. Getting out well from the gun, Chris Butko appeared to be superior force among the Amherst contingency. At the halfway point, he would move up nicely to 2nd and begin to reel in the leader from Williams. In the final 200m, Butko went past the foe from Williams and claimed victory in a near PR time of 1:56.98. After Butko, Jesse Fajnzylber was next across the line 2:02.1 with Ermias Kebede right behind in 2:04.0. The next Amherst finishers would be Jack Malague, Justin Barry, Peter Horton, and Kevin Dooley all running between 2:06 and 2:07 respectively.

Seeing as it was only the first weekend of December, this meet served as an excellent rust buster and provided a lot of good feedback for the things we will need to work on in the coming weeks. While we will continue putting in solid training this week and next, we will also begin to wrap up the semester and prepare to hit the books for the final stretch. The next time we take to the track will be after the New Year on January 16th at the Little 3 Championship at Wesleyan.