2016 NCAA National Championships

At Grinnell College, IA on March 11th and 12th

Full Results

Team Score - 60th with 2 points




Meet Recap:

Mohamed was the lone representative of the team to compete at the NCAA Indoor Championships, and qualified for the trip to Grinnell College in Iowa in both the 5k and 3k. The 5k would be the first event he would run, with the race being on Friday with the 3k to be 23 hours later. At the start, Mo was in Lane 1 in the 15 person field and from the gun he put himself into good position. There was the usual jostling as guys tried to get the position they hoped for in the early laps, with some doing a better job then others - based on the spike wounds on Mo's legs after the race he probably could have done a little better! While a lot of the championship races, take a long time to get going, with a lot of guys trying to run off of each other, the pace was surprisingly honest as he would hit the first mile in 4:39 right up in the thick of things - never being farther out then 6th and always within grasping distance of the lead. Coming through the 3k in 841 and the 2Mile in 9:16, Mo was in a group of 4-5 runners up at the front, and looking very comfortable. The paces per lap were pretty much 34 mid each turn - Williams runner did most of the leading and was clicking off like clockwork. This was both a great thing, and also a curse in the late stages as at about 4k, going through in 11:34 - with 5 laps to go things started to break up in the front pack as eventual winner opened a gap leaving Mo and 3 others battling for the next spots but the 34.5's had become locked in the legs, and he was not quite able to shift out of it. but held on strongly to grab a 7th place finish in 14:30.43 in an outstanding race that earned him both another All-American finish but also experience points for races down the line. On Saturday, 23 hours later he was back on the line in the 3k. Of the 15 person field, 9 guys had raced the night before in the 5k, so would be an interesting to see how the legs fared with the short turn around. Unlike the 5k from the night before, the pace was rather pedestrian with a lot of runners stumbling over themselves as they came through the first 1000m in 3:00 and the mile in 4:42. At 2k, Mo came through in 548 and was still in position to give a run for another AA finish, as he was in the fray of the Top 8 guys but there was a shift in pace and the group put in a surge that opened a little day light, and Mo did not answer the group's move and was honed in on the Williams runner in front of him, and off of the slow pace and now the big shifting of speed by the 8 guys in the main pack, a Top 8 finish was going to be very difficult and despite running a 2:44 last 1000m and looking very strong to finish in 8:33, he was not able to make it back into that front pack and finished in 10th place. Despite not finishing in the Top 8, as he had the night before in the 5k, it was a great race and one that provided a wealth of experience and things to build upon as we now look ahead to the outdoor season. With the NCAA Outdoor Championship back here in Iowa - this time at Wartburg - we will hope to be able to make the trip back, and add some guys to the journey.