NESCAC Championships

At Wesleyan, October 31st

Full Results

Team Scores - 2nd with 61 points

Individual Results

 1 Mohamed Hussein 24:43 

3 Dan Crowley 25:01

12. Raymond Meijer 25:31

16. Craig Nelson 25:36

30. Kevin Connors 26:09

33. Jeff Seelaus 26:16

35. Tucker Meijer 26:20

54. Cosmo Brossy 26:38

56. Jack Wesley 26:39

76. Scott Nelson 27:01

82. Steven Lucey 27:13

115. Kristian Sogaard 28:13


Meet Recap:

Runner of the Meet - Dan Crowley and Raymond Meijer

The 2015 NESCAC Championship proved itself to be an ideal day for racing, as it was sunny and temperatures hovered in the mid-50’s when we stepped off the bus at Wesleyan University on Saturday morning. Coming into the meet, we had set our sights on obtaining the first NESCAC title in program history. Though we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task and we would have our hands full mainly with the likes of US#2 Williams, as well other foes in the NESCAC conference. 

Going off right at one o’clock, the Men's Race got out quite fast and quickly converged into a congested pack as the runners made their way across the opening field. The race was a bit less packed up once the leaders hit the first mile well under 5:00. Perfectly situated in that elite front pack were Mo and Dan, while Raymond and Craig were a few seconds back working their way up the field. Jeff Seelaus, Kevin Connors, and Tucker Meijer were not too far off either, and were working well to try and bridge the gap. As we got passed the halfway point slightly, the lead pack dwindled down to the two top runners from Williams, the two top runners from Tufts, and our duo of Mo and Dan. Making their way into the lower woods loop for the final time, Mo and Dan found themselves in a very similar position to that during the final kilometers of the Little 3 Championship. Going up against Bijan Mazaheri of Williams, Mo remained confident and patient as the race neared the final steep uphill onto the final homestretch. Despite falling off of the two leaders and another runner from Williams, Dan relied on his veteran experience and grit to begin his push for the finish. Behind our two leaders, Raymond and Craig were running tough and trying to pass as many competitors as possible in the final kilometer. Being a deceptively tough finish, the Wesleyan course features a short, steep final climb that leads into a long ~500m finishing stretch across an open field. At this part of the race we saw many decisive moves made by our Amherst runners. Mohammed broke Mazaheri of Williams on the final hill, pushing home to claim the NESCAC title in a new course record time of 24:43. (The previous course record was 25:09 set by Neal Holtschulte of Williams ’05.). He is the first Amherst runner to win a NESCAC Title since Rob Mitchell's win in 1998, and joins he and Tom Evans (winner in 1988) as the 3 Amherst winners of NESCAC's. Battling extremely well in the final stretches of the race, Dan crossed the line in 3rdplace and put up an impressive time of 25:01. Relying on his great strength, Raymond charged up the final hill with Craig close in tow and the two began their fight for the final All-NESCAC spots (the top 14). Digging deep in the final seconds of the race, Ray hung on to his 12th-place position to cross the line 25:31, earning his first All-NESCAC team honors. Though he fell slightly off Raymond in the homestretch, Craig still had a very strong day and was able to run 25:36 to take 16th place. Rounding out the scoring five were be Kevin Connors, who finished in a time of 26:09 and 30th place overall. A few seconds behind Kevin were Jeff Seelaus and Tucker Meijer to close out the top seven runners. Seelaus finished in a time of 26:16 for 33rd place, while Tucker was the top NESCAC freshman with his 35th-place finish and 26:20 performance. Keying off each other for a majority of the race, Cosmo Brossy and Jack Wesley crossed the line in 26:38 and 26:39 for 54th and 56th place overall, respectively. The final Amherst finishers were Scott Nelson taking 76th in 27:01, Steven Lucey finishing in 27:13 for 82nd, and Kristian Sogaard running 28:13 for 115th.

Eventually the team scores were tallied and we found ourselves taking 2nd place overall with 61 points. This strong finish ties the best finish in program history (2nd in 2007) and replicated last year’s NESCAC race with three Amherst runners earning All-NESCAC honors. While we are quite pleased with some very strong performances by numerous guys on Saturday, as a team, we still feel that there is plenty of work to be done in the coming weeks. As there was a decent gap from our 4th to 5th - 7th runners on Saturday, it is something that certainly needs to be tightened up in order for us to be the team we have set our sights on becoming this season. The varsity seven will have plenty of time to rest up and get in solid training these next two weeks, as they will be back in action on November 14th at the NCAA DIII Regional Meet at Conn. College. Next weekend, our 8-14 runners will get an excellent opportunity to showcase the depth and strength of the program, as they’ll get toe the line in the ECAC Championship at Williams.