NCAA Championships

Nov 21st at UW Oshkosh, WI

Conditions – cold, low 30’s but decent footing

Team Score – 10th with 303 points

Full Results

24         Dan Crowley                 24:48.40

27        Mohamed Hussein         24:50.40

70         Raymond Meijer            25:21.50

129       Jeff Seelaus                 25:40.00

156       Craig Nelson                 25:48.10

168       Kevin Connors              25:53.40

176       Tucker Meijer                 25:55.70



Meet Recap:

Runners of the Meet - Dan Crowley and Raymond Meijer

The men headed out to Wisconsin for the NCAA Championships, being hosted by UW-Oshkosh and run at the lake Breeze Golf Club (the 3rd time the event has been had there). The course is essentially flat as a pancake, and encompasses 2+ loops of the front 9, and runs like a track. We were spared the snow that dumped up to a foot of snow only an hour or so below us, and only had to deal with temps in the low 30's at race time. While the footing was a little soft from rain early in the week, it was pretty ideal for running. Starting in box 40, towards the outside of start sections, the guys got off the line extremely well - avoiding a small pileup to the inside of them about 500m in. As they came through the first 1k, Mohamed was right on the shoulder of eventual winner Ian Lamere while in the pack behind him around 35th was Dan and then the rest of the guys were running in about 60-70th place, and had established a nice pack. As the race wound around the golf course, Mo dropped back to the chase pack as the Platteville runner would prove to much for anyone on this day as he would eventually win by over 40 seconds in an impressive solo effort, and as they came through the 5k mark, he was in 7th and right in the thick of the action. Dan had moved up through his pack and was now in the mid 20's and settling in for a battle to be an All-American. Raymond maintained his early starting position, as he came through in the mid 60's, but Jeff, Craig and Kevin had dropped back to about 90-100th or so, and Tucker was still running strong around 120th. At this point, based on the mid-race scoring, we were still holding on to 4th place but would slip over the next 2k, as Mo started to struggle a bit and fell off the main pack of guys and was starting to come back towards Dan, who was still hanging tough in the mid 20's. Like Dan, Raymond was a rock in his placing as he was right around the same spot at every check point but at this point, the gaps to our next 2 scoring runners was slowly opening up. As the runners came charging down the final stretch, Dan would lead the way for the team as he finished in 24th - earning his first ever All-American honors - while Mo would come in 2 seconds later in 29th, also earning his 2nd All-American honors in XC. Ray would hammer home in 25:21 to finish 70 overall (at the 5 check points and the finish, he was between 64-72 so a very consistent race). Jeff grabbed the 4th man scoring with his 129th place finish in 25:40, while Craig would close out the scoring shortly after in 156th, running 25:48, and was followed closely by Kevin and Tucker who would both dip under 26 minutes. When the final scores were tallied, we finished 10th as a team and while it was not quite the way we had hoped to finish the season, it certainly was one the of the best years in program history and proud of the guys who gave everything they had out there. Yes, we hoped for a podium finish, and in looking through results afterwards, it was easy to find a lot of places that we could have done just that but that is what is so great about sport - there are not do-overs, and while we were not able to close things out as we hoped, perhaps we will get the chance to do so next year.