ECAC Championships

At Williams, November 7th

Conditions - Grey, chilly and windy, but good footing

Full Results

Team Score - 1st with 53 points

Individual Results

2nd Steven Lucey 26:24
5th Jack Wesley 26:55
8th Justin Barry 27:01
16th Scott Nelson 27:15
22nd Cosmo Brossy 27:28
52nd Kristian Sogaard 28:00
75th Kevin Dooley 28:31


Meet Recap:

Runners of the Meet - Steven Lucey & Justin Barry

On a perfect, cool, gray day at Williams College, the Amherst men approached the 2015 ECAC Championship dead set on claiming the program's second ECAC XC Championship title. The ECAC Championship is typically an excellent opportunity for the team's second seven runners to compete and showcase a program's depth, which we certainly had in our lineup featuring Justin Barry, Steven Lucey, Scott Nelson, Jack Wesley, Cosmo Brossy, Kevin Dooley, and Kristian Sogaard. Wasting little time, we immediately saw a majority of the Amherst runners situate themselves well in the front pack by the first half-mile. As the race began to settle and approached the first passage of the back hills, Justin Barry and Scott Nelson were sitting comfortably in the top ten of the race. Only a second or two behind this duo were Brossy, Wesley, and Sogaard working well together and keeping close tabs on their teammates up ahead. After coming off the hill and approaching the halfway point of the race, Justin positioned himself nicely in the small lead group of five runners. Behind Barry, Scott Nelson and Jack Wesley made contact to begin working together and not lose ground on Justin. Steven Lucey and Cosmo were a few seconds behind that duo and running as our #4 & #5 runners, while still being in the top 15 of the race. Shortly after passing the 5k mark and making a very strong push across the athletic fields, Steven Lucey joined Justin Barry and the leaders at the front of the race. Moving up strongly throughout the entire race and continuing to eat up ground, Jack Wesley was well within the top 10 and eyeing the race leaders. Only a few seconds off Wesley, Scott and Cosmo were running strong and still in the hunt for top 10 finishes. After a strong move by a Williams runner, Lucey and Barry found themselves about ~5 seconds behind the leader as the race entered the back hills one last time. Though digging deep up the hills and coming off hard onto the final flats, Lucey was now in 2nd and closing in hard on the race leader. Making the final left turn into the homestretch, Steven unleashed his mid-distance speed and tried to take down the Williams frontrunner. Though in the end, he would come up just 0.4 seconds short to take 2nd place overall in 26:24. Despite the runner-up finish, it was still an excellent race by the Amherst junior and 38 seconds faster than his performance at Purple Valley Invite earlier in the year. Also having himself an excellent day, Jack Wesley ate up quite a few runners in the final kilometer and crossed the line in 5th place with a strong time of 26:55. After battling extremely well for the entire race, Justin Barry hung on and come home to finish in 8th place and a time of 27:01. To take the final scoring spots for the team, Scott Nelson ran 27:15 to finish in 16th place and Cosmo Brossy finished up in 27:28 for 22nd place. First year’s, Kristian Sogaard and Kevin Dooley were the final finishers for Amherst, running 28:00 and 28:31 for 52nd and 75th, respectively. As we had three strong runners in the top 10 and all of our scoring five within the top 25, we would confidently win our 2nd ECAC team title with 53 points and showcase the depth of the program. This was certainly an excellent way for these guys to end their seasons and will definitely provide a lot of motivation for the rest of the team still competing at Regionals/NCAAs these next 2 weeks.