NCAA National Championships

At St. Lawrence University, May 21st

Team Score - 61st with 2 points

Full Results

10k Hussein Mohamed 31:03.77 7th



Meet Recap:

Mohamed Hussein headed off through the Adirondack Mountains with Coach Ned & Luke, looking to put a great finish on an incredible first year of competing for the Purple & Black as he took to the line in the 10k at the NCAA Championships held at St. Lawrence. Opting to stay in Lake Placid and enjoy a little Olympic History (1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic site) prior to taking on the field, the atmosphere of the Olympic village certainly provided an extra charge for Mo. On Thursday night just after 7:00, the temps were fine for racing but the windy conditions had not died down at all - sprint and jumping wind measures were in excess of 4.0 readings - and as soon as the race got under way, it was clear that no one wanted to lead, and the race would be a very tactical affair. Having done some work to prepare for this kind of scenario, Mo was prepared and he stuck to the game plan as he put himself into the Top 8-10 runners, and was buried amongst the other runners getting a lot less wind. Through the first 2 Miles - coming through in 5:20 and 10:32 - the entire field was bunched together, and despite the pace picking up in the 3rd mile - coming through in 15:26 with a 4:55 mile - it did little to break things up as one strong move with a 68 second lap almost strung things out but the pace slowed again allowing for some of the break-up to catch back up. At the 4 mile mark, coming through in 20:17 and a 4:50 mile, things began to shake up and Mo was right in the thick of things with a group now of about 10 runners, and as the pace continued to pick up with a 4:45 mile, coming through the 8k in 25:02, he was in a great spot, battling with the 4-5-6 runners, with another pack of 3 runners just behind them and these 9 had cleared well ahead of the rest of the field so the battle for All-American (Top 8 finishers) would be a tough one. Coming into the bell lap, hitting the 6 mile in 29:56, Mo was sitting in 6th, holding a very slim lead over the next 3 runners and while one would go by in the last lap, mo would fight with everything he had to hold onto the 7th place, earning one of the coveted All-American spots as he finished in 31:01.77. What an incredible first year he had - adding to his AA honors from cross country, as well as many other honors and accolades - and could not make Amherst track & Field any prouder. This was an incredible season for Mo and all of the men in the program, and with the book closing on this chapter, we enjoy some down time as we star to think about next year. Enjoy the summer and we will be right back here in the fall!