Tufts Cupid Invite

At Tufts, February 7th

Team Score - 5th with 70 Points

Full Results

600 Brent Harrison 1:24.54 2
1000 Kevin Connors 2:33.68 2
Mile Craig Nelson 4:22.01 2
5000 Mohamed Hussein 15:12.91 3
800 Romey Sklar 1:57.94 4
400 David  Ingraham 51.83 4
5000 KC  Fussell 15:18.56 5
400 Jamie Sandel 51.86 5
800 Jesse Fajnzylber 2:00.24 6
5000 Ben  Fiedler 15:30.46 6
Mile Jeff Seelaus 4:24.77 6
400 Nick Codola 52.15 8
800 Lucas Lebovitz 2:00.55 8
5000 Scott Nelson 15:37.76 9
200 David  Ingraham 23.48 10
5000 Justin Barry 15:41.16 11
400 Duncan  Norton 53.05 13
Mile Jack  Wesley 4:36.96 13
Mile Chris Butko 4:30.74 14
3000 Dan Crowley 9:01.51 14
200 Duncan  Norton 23.63 14
60H Jamie Sandel 9.23 15
5000 Aaron Zambrano 16:10.32 15
60M Josh Young 7.37 15
LJ Khalil  Flemming 5.85 17
Mile Raymond Meijer 4:37.59 19
400 Nate Showalter 53.89 19
600 Jeff Ewing 1:30.39 20
60H Nate Showalter 9.50 22
5000 Cole  Hawkins 16:43.73 24
1000 Steven Lucey 2:48.34 24
3000 Zack  Grand 9:16.75 26
LJ Steve Hetterich 5.50 29
200 Josh Young 24.42 29
3000 Sam Wohlforth 9:26.84 30
3000 Peter Horton 9:30.76 31
DMR 3:06.4 Sklar 10:06.16 1
51.3 Codola
1:55.5 Harrison
4:12.7 Turissini




Meet Recap:

Performers of the Meet -The DMR, Duncan Norton, Jeff Ewing & Zack Grand

The trip back to the Boston area - specifically Tufts - for the Cupid Challenge, proved to be a great meet that the guys took full advantage of. While the meet was large, with over 20 teams in attendance, i came with some great competition, and at the end of the day the guys tallied a 5th place finish and quite a few great performances. The Distance Medley Relay posted the first victory of the day, and ultimately would also jump up to #2 on the NCAA list, as Romey would carry the stick fir the first 1200m with a 3:06.5 carry, handing off to Nick for the 400 leg a little behind WPI. Brent took the 800 leg, and patiently bided his time until the last lap and then started to head to the front and opened up some day light (with his 1:55 leg) for Greg, who would run a completely solo 4:12.7 anchor leg to close out in 10:06.16. The 5k was such a big field, that it got split into 2 races with Aaron Zambrano and Cole Hawkins competing in the unseeded section and finishing up in 16:10 for Zambi while Cole ran 16:43. The seeded section saw a trio of freshmen making their 5k debuts - Mohamed Hussein, Scotty Nelson, and Justin Barry- while season veterans KC Fussell and Ben Fiedler would taking their first crack at it this season. Mo, Fuss and Ben would be right near the front pack through the 1/2 way point, while Justin and Scotty were working great together a little further back but doing an outstanding job of trying to stick right on 5:00 pace. After going through in 2Miles in 9:46, things would start to spread out in the front and Mo and Fuss did a great job of maintaining contact, and would finish in 15:12 for Mo and 15:18 for Fuss. Ben would finish up in 15:30.46 and Scotty and Justin in 15:37 and 15:41 respectively. Jamie Sandel and Nate Showalter competed in the 60 Hurdle trials, running 9.23 and 9.50 while Josh Young followed them in the 60m trials, running a 7.37 good for 15th overall. In the Mile, we had some guys dropping down in distance and others going up. Jeff Seelaus and Scotty Nelson were right in the lead group, with Jeff pushing the pace in the later stages of the race, and then Craig using a big kick to finish 2nd in a nice PR of 4:22.01 while Jeff came home in 6th with a 4:24. Chris Butko ran 4:31 and Ray Meijer ran 4:37 while Jack Wesley ran a 4:36 in the 2nd section. The 400 saw some great races by the sprint crew as David and Nick went 1-3 in the first section of the 400 (ultimately finishing 4th and 8th) in 51.83 and 52.15 while in the next heat, Jamie had a great race to also get under 52 seconds, grabbing 5th. Duncan Norton continues to round into shape, as he blasted through the opening lap and owned his section by a huge margin racing to a 53.05, and Nate got his first taste of the quarter, running 53.89. Brent had run a strong 800 leg to start the day, so dropped down to the 600 to toss a little speed into the legs, and responded while by blowing out his section, running to a 1:24.54 and grabbing a 2nd place finish overall while Jeff Ewing stretched out to the 600 and had his best race of the season - winning his section and looking great as he just missed breaking 1:30. The 800m event would provide some more excitement, as Romey - already a little tired from his 1200 earlier - tried to battle hard with weary legs, and would fight a great one to get 4th overall in 1:57.91. The next heat would be exciting as Jesse Fajnzylber and Lucas Lebovitz each raced aw3esome, keeping at the front and then pushing the pace in the last 2 laps, and while just barely missing breaking 2:00 (2:00.24 and 2:00.55) each race a great race to get 6th and 8th overall. Kevin Connors grabbed a runner-up spot in the 1000 as he took the lead with a coupe of laps to go, and ran a 2:33.68 to dispose of everyone but the Trinity runner who would go by in the last straight. In the unseeded section of the 3000, Zack Grand went right to the front and was in a breakaway group of 3 runners and after an opening mile of 4:52 and he continued to fight hard, coming through with a big race as he finished 3rd in the heat with a 9:16 while Sam Wohlforth and Pete Horton were at 9:26 and 9:30. The 200 some some fast 1 lap action as David came back from his great 400 to try his legs in the 200 for the first time this season, and ran a great time of 23.48 to grab 10th while Duncan blasted a lap in 23.63 to finish 14th, and Joyo raced to a 24.42. Khalil Flemming and Steve Hetterich had some troubles with the board - more getting on it as opposed to being over - and with a minimum mark of 6:00 needed for any measurements after the 1st attempt, they finished with a 5.85 and 5.50 mark.