DIII New England's

At Springfield, February 21st

Team Score - 7th with 40 Points

Full Results

DIII New England's Pictures by Mark Box, Clarus Studios


Event Name
5000 Craig Nelson
Mile Romey Sklar
600 Chris Butko
1000 Kevin Connors
800 Brent Harrison
3000 Mohamed Hussein
600 Nick Codola
Mile Jeff Seelaus
LJ Mark Cort
600 Jamie Sandel
LJ Khalil  Flemming
1000 Lucas Lebovitz
800 Steven  Lucey
TJ Khalil Flemming
400 David  Ingraham
3000 KC  Fussell
60H Jamie Sandel
DMR 3:13.4 Fajnyzlber
53.5 Showalter
1:58.2 Butko
4:14.2 Turissini
4x4 52.8 Sandel
52.8 Norton
51.6 Codola
51.4 Ingraham 



Meet Recap:

Performers of the Meet - Craig Nelson

The guys kicked off the championship season in rousing fashion, as they did an awesome job at the DIII New England's held at Springfield. Talking about the meet the night before, the focus was to be competing hard, being as tough as possible and not worrying about times or marks, only about competing and laying it on the line and they did a great job of adhering to this throughout the day as they came up with many huge performances. The days lone victory came from the Distance Medley Relay quartet of Jesse Fajnzylber, Nate Showalter, Chris Butko and Greg Turissini as Jesse did a great job of keeping us right in the thick of things with his 3:13 1200 leg, and Nate ran 53 for his 400 (running a leg on a winning relay when back in December the talk was about simply getting back into track mindset with an eye on outdoors as returned to the sport after football season!), then Chris ran a strong leg to close things back up and give Greg the stick just behind the leaders and he wasted no time making it a decisive victory as he cruised through the first 1200m in 3:06 before conserving energy some energy and coming home in 4:14 to win with a 10:19. Craig Nelson had the performance of the day - and this is certainly not to take away from anyone else as the guys came up big over and over - in the 5k. After an off race last weekend, did he ever rebound! The race got out pretty well and he hung back just on the fringe of scoring and hit the first mile in 4:45 running in 8-9th, and then over the next mile, would move up to 5-6th and came through in 9:33 and then as the front groups started to break up in the last mile, he continued to move up to 5th then 4th, and using a big last lap, finished in 3rd running a 14:54 - the fastest 5k ever run by a freshman at Amherst. The race immediately before Craig saw another first year have an awesome race as well, and likewise posting the fastest 3000 time by a freshman, as Mohamed Hussein kept himself right up in the thick of things throughout the race, hitting the first mile in 4:35 and finishing up in 6th place overall running an 8:30.28. Romey Sklar and Jeff Seelaus each competed in the Mile, and from the sound of the gun, they put themselves in contention for scoring and with a strong last lap finish that has been a little lacking so far this season, Romey was able to move up a couple of places, finishing 3rd in 4:17 while Jeff came through in 9th in a 4:22. Scoring big from the unseeded sections was the word of the day in the middle distance events, and the guys did a great job of running tough from the front and winning sections to put the pressure on the seeded heats. Butko was in the 2nd of 3 sections of the 600, and he showcased his 800 strength in the final lap to move from 4th to running away with the win in a big PR of 1:23.53 and grabbing a 4th place overall. In the final section of the 600, Nick Codola would finish 5th in his heat and grabbed 9th overall while in the first section, Jamie Sandel would run 1:27. The next event was the 800, and Brent Harrison immediately went to the front of the unseeded section and ran completely unchallenged as he sped through the 400 in 55.9 and 600 in 1:24.8 before coming home in a 1:55.75 - winning by a huge margin, and then ultimately finishing 5th overall after the seeded section got finished. In the same section, Steve Lucey plagued by an ailing hamstring gamely battled but wasn't able to have the race he had hoped for. The next event saw a very similar tactic, as Kevin Connors and Lucas Lebovitz lined up in the unseeded 1000 and from the gun, KConn took the lead and never relinquished nor was ever challenged as he sped to a PR of 2:32.28 and would ultimately grab 5th overall, while Lucas struggled from a week long battle with illness that took it out of his legs for the last 2 laps. Mark Cort returned in the long jump after a couple of weeks trying to recover from Turf toe, and while the results were not quite as high as personal expectations, the 3 jumps he got off were all strong ones and he looks to be on the mend and hoping for a big performance in 2 weeks as his 6.35 would get him 11th, just missing the finals while Khalil would finish 18th in the long jump, and 19th in the triple jump. In the first section of the 400, David Ingraham won his heat convincingly and finished in the Top 20 overall and then later in the meet, would acnhor the 4x400 relay which finished 4th in their section, and would grab 7th overall with their 3:29 as Jamie, Duncan Norton, Nick competed solidly to accomplish the goal of scoring and finished where they were seeded coming into the meet. A bit of bad luck struck on the final event of the day, as in the 4x800, in the very first leg, as the guys came through the first 200 we had the baton knocked out of our hand and amongst the mass of bodies the baton could not be found and thus put a bizarre ending - had been looking to try to win the 2 longer relays, and while could'ves and should'ves mean nothing at all, we were confident that the guys could have run away with a win BUT didn't,. and despite the mishap, super proud of how the guys battled and stepped up and looking ahead to this weekend's meet at the All New England Championships.