NEICAAA New England's

Franklin Park October 11th

Conditions - rainy and mid 50's, with muddy footing

Full Results

Team Score:

Varsity 12th with 345 points (3rd DIII) and JV 5th with 164 points (3rd DIII)

Greg Turissini 25:05
Dan Crowley 25:20
Mohamed Hussein 25:26
KC Fussell 25:47
Raymond Meijer 25:47
Romey Sklar 26:03
Kevin Connors 26:10
Steven Lucey 26:01
Craig Nelson 26:07
Ben  Fiedler 26:20
Justin Barry 26:42
Scott  Nelson 26:45
Zack  Grand 27:02
Brent Harrison 27:07
Aedan Roberts 27:14
Sam Wohlforth 27:33
Lucas Lebovitz 27:39
Chris  Butko 27:40
Jesse Fajnzylber 27:41
Peter  Horton 27:47
Cole Hawkins 28:14




Meet Recap:

Performer of the Meet - Greg Turissini, Ben Fiedler & Aedan Roberts

As the Amherst men arrived at Franklin Park on Saturday, it seemed they were in store for a cold and rainy day of racing. That day’s starting line up would feature regional rivals Middlebury, MIT, Colby, Tufts, and numerous other competitive DI and D2 programs. Open New Englands also served as the first meet of the season were the squads were separated between Varsity and JV. As both of these races went off during the second half of the meet, course conditions were not ideal once the boys toed the line. Kicking things off first, were the seven guys in the varsity race. As each race had close to 300 competitors, it was crucial the boys got hard and established their position early. Leading the team from start to finish, Greg Turissini got out well and gradually picked off competitors throughout the entirety of the race. Greg would eventually cross the line in 25:05 to finish 26th overall. Dan Crowley would be the next across the finish in 25:20, good enough for 49th place. Not too far behind Crowley was freshman, Mohamed Hussein. Mo struggled a bit with the course conditions, but hung on to run a respectable 25:26 for 65th place. Next across the line was KC Fussell in 101st place and a time of 25:47. Charging right on Fuss’s heels was Raymond Meijer who also clocked in at 25:47 and 104th place. Rounding out the varsity seven were Romey Sklar and Kevin Connors. Both did an excellent job of working off and relying on one another throughout the race. Eventually Romey would pull away to finish in 26:03 for 128th and Kevin was not too far behind in 26:10 for 149th. Once the mud had settled and the scores were tallied the boys would end up a respectable 12th (3rd DIII Team) with 345 points. Unfortunately, MIT and Middlebury trumped us, but we did manage to beat the Tufts and Colby squads. Though we competed well on not such an ideal day, there is still plenty of work to be done in the weeks to come. In a large meet such as Opens, every second/place counts and in order for us to be competitive down the road, we’re certainly going to have to work on closing up those gaps.

After witnessing the strong performances of their teammates, the JV squad was ready to take on the famous Franklin Park course. From the gun, Craig Nelson and Steven Lucey took off and established themselves in the top twenty of the field. Shortly after two miles Lucey would lose contact with Craig and spend the next three miles trying to make it up. Eventually the two would meet again on top of Bear Cage Hill and would work together until the final straightaway. Relying on his mid-d speed, Lucey kicked for home and finished in 26:02 for 11th place. A few seconds behind would be Craig in 26:07. Turning in a very respectable performance was Ben Fiedler who ran 26:20 and finished 30th overall – running a blazing final mile that saw him pick up nearly 30 places. Justin Barry and Scott Nelson were another duo that did an excellent job of relying one another throughout the race. Justin would come across the line in 26:42 and right behind him was Scott in 26:45. Despite his lack of sleep over the past few days, Zack Grand turned in a fine performance by running 27:02. Behind Grand were two mid-distance studs that performed quite well despite the conditions and race length. One of those studs was Brent Harrison who had a massive kick and hit the line 27:07. Right behind him was Aedan Roberts who was making his 8k debut and finished in a very respectable 27:14. Once again, Sam Wohlforth has stolen the show and turned in a massive 27:33 performance. Just three weeks ago, Wolforth dipped under 29:00 for the first time and this past Saturday he totally eclipsed the 28:00 barrier. Next across the line were Lucas Lebovitz, Chris Butko, Jesse Fajnzylber, and Peter Horton who finished in 27:39, 27:40, 27:41, and 27:47. Wrapping things up was Cole Hawkins who clocked in at 28:14, which is about ten seconds faster than he ran last year though he does not appear in the official results due to his inability to hold onto his race number long enough to get it pinned to his singlet!