Little Three's

At Williams, October 18th

Conditions - little rain early and temps around 60

Full Results

Team Score:

2nd with 45 points

Mohamed Hussein 26:01
Dan Crowley 26:22
Raymond Meijer 26:36
BenĀ  Fiedler 26:45
KC Fussell 26:48
Craig Nelson 26:50
Greg Turissini 26:52
Kevin Connors 26:59
Steven Lucey 27:33
Zack Grand 27:54
Scott Nelson 27:55
Lucas Lebovitz 28:28
Cole Hawkins 28:33
Sam Wohlforth 28:37
PeterĀ  Horton 28:39
Jesse Fajnzylber 28:48
Brent Harrison 28:54
Chris Butko 29:14
Justin Barry 29:26

Pictures from the Turissini's



Meet Recap:

Runners of the Meet - Raymond Meijer & Cole Hawkins

Hoping to build upon their strong showing from last week’s race at Opens, the team headed out Williams for the famous Little Three Championship. Coming into the weekend, Williams was ranked US #4 and certainly were the favorites with their long standing L3 win streak. Though we hoped with a little strategy and simply just competing man versus man, we could come out on top. As Little 3’s is just Williams, Amherst, and Wesleyan, the field is quite small and the race tends to go out conservatively. We wanted to shake things up from the gun on Saturday and immediately we had Greg Turissini, Raymond Meijer, and KC Fussell throw down an honest race pace. As those three did the work up front, Mohammed Hussein and Dan Crowley sat back in the chase pack waiting for a Williams move. At the halfway mark, our front three came back to the large chase pack and the race was on. Unfortunately, we would falter and not be able to cover the decisive moves made by the Williams lead pack and would end up finishing second with 45 points. First year, Mohammed Hussein, would battle with Williams #3 runner over the final 800m, but would get nipped at the line to take 4th in 26:01. Next across the line for us would be Dan Crowley who ran 26:22 for 8th place. Not too far behind Crowley was Raymond Meijer in 26:36 for 10th place. Once again, Raymond stepped up the plate when things were rocky and proved himself as one of the most consistent racers this fall. Taking the remaining scoring five spots was Ben Fiedler who ran 26:45 for 11th and KC Fussell in 12th with a time of 26:48. This weekend marked another great performance by Ben and he seems to be rounding into form at exactly the right time. Also following up a strong performance from last week was Craig Nelson who crossed the line in 26:50 for 14th overall. Greg Turissini and Kevin Connors were our next finishers in 26:52 and 26:59. A bit behind those two was, Steven Lucey, who struggled to stay engaged and would finish 22nd running 27:33. Behind Lucey, there was a solid first year duo of Zach Grand running 27:54 and Scott Nelson in 27:55. Next across the line were Lucas Lebovitz, Cole Hawkins, Sam Wohlforth, and Peter Horton who all worked nicely together throughout the race and would all finish in the mid 28s. Not too far behind that large pack was Jesse Fajnzylber running 28:48 and Brent Harrison finishing in 28:54.  Wrapping up the day, were Chris Butko and Justin Barry in the mid to low 29:00s. It definitely hurts losing once again to Williams and especially since our frontrunners did not perform to the levels they are capable of on race day. Though, we still had some strong performances and guys battled very well with Williams 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th runners. Despite the disappointing team scores, we still walked away from Saturday with faster performances overall from Purple Valley and also another solid look at the regionals course. As we head into an off weekend, there is plenty of work to be done from now until NESCACs.