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All New England's

May 9 &10th at Westfield State

Team Score - 18th with 17 points

Full results


4x800 Connors 1:54.7 7:33.28 1
Lucey 1:54.1
Sklar 1:52.2
Harrison 1:52.0
400 Matt Melton 47.71 3
Steeple Jeff Seelaus 9:34.18 8
LJ Mark Cort 6.34 12
Steeple Greg Turissini 9:47.37 16
TJ Khalil Flemming 13.23 17
5000 KC Fussell 15:21.63 25



Meet Recap:

Performer of the Meet: Matt Melton and the 4x800 Relay

They say that it is good to start at the beginning, but in this weekend's case, it is great to start at the end - the end being our final event of the New England championships being held at Westfield State College. That event was the 4x800 where a par of first years would run the first 2 legs - Kevin Connors, Steve Lucey - and then Romey Sklar and Brent Harrison would bring it home. The goal was to try and break the school record set last year which was a 7:42.80, and based on the times they had run this year, we were right in the wheel house to get under that mark. A late switch of order saw KConn open thing off for us rather than Romey, and he got out hard as came through the first 400 in 55.6 and had control of the race, and then kept his head down and legs moving in the final stretch to hand off in a line with 2 other teams giving the stick to Lucey after splitting 1:54.7. Lucey opened up in 56.4 and we had fallen off the leader but a little bit but he was fighting off another runner to maintain 2nd place, and around the 200 mark he found that patented 5th gear of his and was able to fight all the way back to hand off right around the same time as the leader from Bentley - doing so in a 1:54.1 split. Romey did not intend to let the pace doddle and shot into the lead to get some breathing room between he and he rest of the pack, and went through the first lap in 54.8 the 600 in about 1:23.0 and then gave Brent a sizable gap on the strength of his 1:52.2 carry - completely skipping anything under 154 (his previous best 800). Running from the front, with no one to chase is a tough thing as those behind can focus on you and Brent wanted to make sure that if people were going to come they would have to really work to do so as his opening 400 was a 53.4 and while he visibly felt that in the last 100 it was enough to carry him through the line in a 1:52.0 split and giving the team a 7:33.28 clocking - destroying the old record. As the guys celebrated and high fived on the infield as the "seeded" section went, they had even further reason to celebrate as the winner of the seeded race was slower than what we had just done - so in addition to 4 awesome legs, and a school record, they also grabbed the New England Championship as well! Matt Melton did not want to be left out of the fast racing as on Friday he won his section of the 400 in 49.02 advancing to the Saturday final, and then on Saturday in warm and perfect conditions, the beast was awoken. He got out real well in the first half of the race, but then moved strongly in the second part of the race and grabbed not only a 3rd place finish in the strong field, but also blasted is way under 48 seconds and a new PR of 47.71 that will be fast enough for NCAA's. Jeff Seelaus set the tone for a great Saturday in the day's first event - the steeplechase - as he had himself in the lead-pack for the entirety of the race, and then a great final water pit gave him some extra momentum and inspiration to dig down for a big fishing last 100 that carried him to a win in the unseeded section with a big PR of 9:34.18 that would ultimately end up placing 8th overall after the seeded race was run alter - in which Greg Turissini would run 9:4, placing 16th. Khalil Flemming competed in the triple Jump, and despite some injury hindered training over the past couple of weeks, he would still hop, skip and jump his way out over 43 feet. On &riday - with conditions being rainy and a bit dreary, Mark Cort just missed making the finals in the long jump with his 6.34 effort- as 3 guys in the seeded section went by him on their last attempts. The damp condition seemed to affect all of the jumpers as most were well behind their seed marks coming in. KC Fussell competed in the 5k, and while the conditions were probably ideal for his event (in comparison to some of the other ones going on that day), he struggled after the 2 mile, finishing in 15:21.