NEICAAA New England Championships

At Franklin Park in Boston on Oct 13th, 2013

Conditions - footing good, windy, grey and little chilly

Full Results

Team Score - Varsity 21st with 556 points // Junior Varsity 13th with 332 points

Varsity Race

60 KC Fussell 25:43
68 Dan Crowley 25:45
121 Charlie Reighard 26:19
148 Alvaro Morales 26:36
159 Jeff Seelaus 26:40
169 Raymond Meijer 26:47
190 Gus Greenstein 26:59

Junior Varsity Race

78 Romey Sklar 27:13
82 Kevin Connors 27:15
86 Ben  Fiedler 27:20
91 Steven Lucey 27:24
95 Lucas Lebovitz 27:25
106 Jesse Fajnzylber 27:35
145 Brent Harrison 28:05
165 Cole Hawkins 28:25
192 Alex Durkee 29:11




Meet Recap:

Runner of the Meet - Cole Hawkins

After a one year hiatus due to construction on the course, the men returned to historic Franklin Park in Boston to take on teams from all over New England at the NEICAAA New England Championships. The meet provides a great mid-year test against a high caliber field as well as a gauge of where things are at for this point of the season. The Varsity race is limited to 7 runners while everyone else has the opportunity to compete on the same course in the JV race - with both field being large (in excess of 300 runners). The Varsity race was the final race of the day and shortly after the start of the race, the guys had relegated themselves a bit to far in the back of the pack - choosing to go out a little conservatively in a field of this size can be a risky gamble while most of the teams that we were looking forward to locking horns with were much farther up in the field. Dan and Fuss came through the mile right around 5 minutes while the rest of the team (Charlie, Alva, Ray, Jeff and Gus) had packed together, coming through around 5:12 for the mile and well towards the back of the field. The groupings would not change through the 2 (10:15 and 10:40) or 3 Miles (15:42 and 16:10) and as they returned from the wilderness for the 2nd time en route to the 4 mile mark, Fuss and Dan would still be together just under 21 minutes for that split but still back around 30th of DIII runners while Charlie split from the group, coming through in 21:24 with the others about 10 seconds behind him. For the first time this season, it was Fuss coming through as the team's top runner in 25:43 in 60th with Dan just behind in 25:45 - 13th and 17th amongst DIII runners. Charlie continued to move well in the last mile, running 26:19 while Alva would come through next in 26:36 and then Jeff closing out the scoring in 26:40 with his 159th placing, and then Ray and Gus finishing in 26:47 and 26:59. As a team, we finished 21st, and 6th amongst the DIII teams but a much bigger gap between the teams than hoped for and certainly something we will be trying to close up over the next couple of weeks.

The men in the JV race actually started the day for us, and despite the end times being fairly close and the time gap from the 1-6 runners being very tight, most did their work on their own after the first mile as opposed to working with each other as they have done so far this season. The first mile was hit in 5:05 for Ben Fielder, while the rest were paired up behind him as Romey and Kevin came through in 5:13, Lucas and Jesse about 5 seconds behind them, Brent and Steve came through in 5:25 while Cole and Durk hit the split in 5:30. After this point, things began to separate as only Jesse and Lucas along with Cole and Durk managed to continue to work together through the 2mile mark. At 3 miles, Kevin led the charge in 16:27 and behind him came Ben, then Romey and Lucas and Jesse continued to work with each other coming through in 16:42 while Steve was moving up through the field to get closer to the that group. Coming out of the wilderness loop and onto the field for the 4mile mark, Kevin continue to run strong at 22:02 with Romey and Ben, Lucas and Jesses all within a few seconds of one another. In the final stages of the race, it was Romey who would prove to have the biggest finish as he moved up fastest of all, as he finished in 27:13, with Kevin coming in right behind him in 27:15. Ben would come through 4 places later in 27:20 and then Steve and Lucas came through shortly after in 27:24 and 27:25 to close out the scoring. Jesse would finish in 27:35 while Brent would run his fastest XC time so far in 28:05 while Cole Hawkins was putting the finishing touches on a great race (and a nice rebound from his last time out) as he hammered home in 28:35. Alex Durkee nearly broke 29 minutes for the first time to have a solid showing.