NCAA Championships

At Hanover College, Indiana on Nov 23rd, 2013

Conditions - footing was slippery, mudy in some spots but generally very good and temps were in the 40's with some wind.

Full Results

175th Dan Crowley 26:25


Meet Recap:

While the season ended for the rest of the team last weekend, Dan Crowley earned the chance to run one more time - at the NCAA Championships as an individual based on his finish from last weekend's regional finish. The National Meet was held at Hanover College in Indiana - in 2003, the men qualified for the Championships for the first time ever, and we were there again in 2008 - and Dan kept that streak alive by qualifying for his first ever NCAA race. While there had been some stormy weather the weekend before, and some rain on Thursday and Friday making for some slippery and muddy conditions, especially on one straight away that would be run through twice and a couple of tighter turns they crew at Hanover did a phenomenal job getting the course in great shape for Saturday morning (it is amazing what quick-dry can do in huge amounts!). While an incredible opportunity for Dan, it would also pose a unique challenge - the first time racing without the team with him, and he commitment to the team efforts have helped propel him through adversity in late stages of races and would be the biggest challenge - not to mention a long season of racing that saw such huge improvements. The race got off in a huge pack sprinting for the first turn, and the only thing bigger then the mass exodus form the starting line were the gigantic crowds that would engulf the space between the running alleys to cheer the runners on. Focusing on remaining patient with the start of the race, and being immersed in a large pack, Dan put himself in good spot as the race got out fast and the pace would stay hot throughout. He came though the mile around 100th or so and well under 5:00 and then would hit the 3k in similar position at 9:26 and then headed out on the outer loop that was the one diversion of the course's multiple loops within close proximity. As he came out of that loop at about the 5k mark, he was still running around 110-120th - hard to get a real accurate count - but started to struggle with some cramping, and lost a bit of ground in the final stages of the race as he would ultimately finish in 175th, with a time of 26:25. The time was his first race above 26 minutes on the season but when you look at where he finished up last year, the improvements that he made throughout this season and with this being his first "off-race" - it is a very impressive season, and will certainly be one that will be built on as we proceed in the future. Hopefully next fall, Dan will be joined by the rest of the team at the National Championships but before then, we will head to the warmer confines of the Indoor Track season.