<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> 2013 XC Little Three's

Little Three Championships

At Wesleyan on Oct 19th, 2013

Conditions - great for racing

Full Results

Team Score - 2nd with 37 points (Williams 25 & Wesleyan 67)


2 KC Fussell 25:57
3 Dan Crowley 25:59
7 Greg Turissini 26:18
11 Raymond Meijer 26:33
14 Charlie Reighard 26:44
17 Alvaro Morales 26:54
23 Ben  Fiedler 27:23
24 Kevin Connors 27:26
26 Romey Sklar 27:30
28 Gus Greenstein 27:41
29 Lucas Lebovitz 27:46
33 Jesse Fajnzylber 28:06
36 Jeff Seelaus 28:12
39 Sam Wohlforth 28:54
40 Brent Harrison 29:26
41 Alex Durkee 29:34
42 Cole Hawkins 29:41
47 Steven Lucey 30:33

Team Pictures


Meet Recap:

Runner of the Meet - Raymond Meijer

Looking for a bit of a rebound from last week's race at NE's, the team headed down to Wesleyan and the annual running of the Little Three Championships intent on putting forth a quality effort that falls into line with what we have been focusing on this fall. Facing the #4 team in the country in Williams - along with their L3 winning streak that was longer in years than anyone on the team - we knew that a victory might be hard to come by, but the guys wanted to make the best go of it as possible. With a much smaller race than normal, the race often times will play out fairly conservatively for the first 2-3 miles and than start to pick up but the strategy coming in was to go right to the front, establish a hard pace and keep on it and grind things out ensuring that it would be a 5 mile race rather than simply a hard last 2 mile race and maybe be able to open up enough of a gap with that effort to be able to sneak out a win. The first mile, a strong pack of Black and Purple came through in just over 5 minutes, with the Amherst contingent numbering 9 guys - including Greg Turissini who was returning to race action for the first time since dealing with an injury - mixed in with a couple of Williams and Wesleyan runners. As they came up the hill from the lower trail section of the course, the pack had whittled some but still was a strong force with Dan Crowley, KC Fussell and Alva Morales running at the front along with 2 Williams runners then a tiny gap back to Greg, Charlie Reighard and Raymond Meijer than Jess Seelaus. About 30 seconds behind, Romey Sklar, Kevin Connors and Ben Fiedler were running strong together, with Lucas Lebovitz, Jesse Fajnzylber and Steven Lucey a couple of seconds behind them. Heading back into the woods / trail portion of the lower course after the perimeter loop of the field, little had changed in the race except for Williams top runner had taken over the lead, and their scoring runners had started to move up to close the gaps that we had opened. With less than a mile, the top 4 guys in the race had broken away from others with Williams at 1 and 3 and KC and Dan racing at 2 & 4, while behind them the gap had opened up and Greg continued to battle with 2 guys from Williams and Wesleyan runner while Alva was starting to feel the effect of the opening 4miles, and then Raymond and Charlie were still looking strong. Coming back on to the field for the final ~ 500m straightaway finish, KC was in 2nd and seemed to be making up a little ground in eventual race winner while Dan would put in a long drawn-out kick to move ahead of the #2 runner from Williams to grab 3rd overall - both he and Fuss finishing under 26 minutes for the challenging course. Greg finished great, getting 7th overall in his first race back, just behind Williams 3 & 4 runners, while next up for the team would be Raymond who grabbed 11th overall in a very solid 26:33 and Charlie battled bravely in the final field portion to finish 14th overall to close out the scoring at 37 points. Alva came in 17th - that last mile probably feeling quite a bit longer than the actual distance but the effort put forth through the majority of the race will help make a great ace come to fruition soon. Ben, Kevin and Romey would come come through at or just under 27:30 to finish 23, 24, and 26th. Gus had a bit of an off day, as he has consistently been in the top 7 but was 10th for the team, just in front of Lucas - both running in the Top 30. Jesses just missed getting under 28 minutes, and Jeff Seelaus - another guy who has consistently been in the Top 7 for the team struggled with a foot issue suffered in the lower trails loop the first time through and was well off where he would normally have been. Sam Wohlforth had a great race - well rested for the race certainly - running under 29 minutes, and doing most of this on his own for the large majority of the race as he broke from his "normal" group very early in the race. Brent Harrison, Alex Durkee and Cole Hawkins would all come though in succession, separated by a few seconds each as all were well under 30 minutes. While the victory fell short, and the streak continues for Williams, the objective for the race was accomplished and the effort put forth will play huge dividends as we head into the championship season and look to even bigger results at NESCAC's in 2 weeks down at Conn College on what is typically a very fast course (though Mother nature can impart her will at anytime to change that complexion!).