NESCAC Championships

At Tufts April 27, 2013


Team Score - 6th with 36 points


Full Results


Amherst Results

400 Matt Melton 49.12 3
1500 Patrick Grimes 3:54.96 3
10000 Andrew Erskine 31:13.31 3
Dis Josiah Terrell-Perica 43.17 4
Jav Josiah Terrell-Perica 53.08 4
10000 KC Fussell 31:56.37 6
800 Brent Harrison 1:55.05 9
Ham Denzel Duncan 46.94 9
SP Denzel Duncan 13.43 9
TJ Mark Cort 12.71 9
Steeple Greg Turissini 9:42.28 10
Steeple Dillon Buckley 9:46.77 11
1500 Romey Sklar 4:04.49 12
100 Ralph Washington 11.59 14
400 Nick Codola 51.08 14
1500 Jeff Seelaus 4:06.96 14
LJ Mark Cort 6.19 14
TJ Khalil Fleming 12.54 14
200 Javier Paulino 23.04 15
LJ Steve Hetterich 6.15 15
100 Javier Paulino 11.62 16
5000 Dan Crowley 15:42.61 17
Ham Josiah Terrell-Perica 40.04 17
LJ Khalil Fleming 5.99 17
200 Ralph Washington 23.24 19
1500 Eli Howe 4:12.64 20
800 Matt Woop 1:59.26 22
1500 Lucas Lebovitz 4:15.58 23
5000 Charlie Reighard 15:59.15 23
800 Alex Durkee 1:59.74 24
4x400 52.5 Codola 3:29.06 8
52.1 Harrison
53.7 Durkee
50.5 Melton
DMR 3:11.9 Turissini 10:28.27 5
53.2 Cort
1:59.5 Sklar
4:23.6 Grimes



Performer of the Meet: Josiah Terrell-Perica & Brent Harrison

The guys headed to Tufts for the NESCAC Championships - this kick starts a series of weekends of Championship Meets in which qualifying standards are needed in order to advance to them. For the first time this season, the weather was not a factor, as beautiful conditions were had throughout the day and the guys did a great job of taking advantage of both competition and conditions. A repeat in the Performer of the meet for the team, as Brent and Josiah had the biggest performances on the day. Brent grabbed a 9th place finish in the 800 - missing out on a scoring spot by .01 with his big PR run of 1:55.05, using a great closing 100m to get his marks through ECAC. Josiah had a pair of 4th place finishes, each with PR tosses, in the javelin and the discus. His 174 foot javelin throw - despite favoring a sore elbow - would garner his first points of the day, and he launched the discus 141 feet to grab another 4th place finish. A trio of 3rd place finishes by Matt Melton in the 400, Patrick Grimes in the 1500 and Andrew Erskine would be the high placings for the team. Andrew did the lions share of the work in the 10k through the 4 Mile - hitting around 5:00 minute miles and improved upon last years finish, in a 31:13 while KC Fussell had put himself into the Top 4 for the majority of the race but fell off the pack and looked on his way out but used a great rally in the last 23 laps, blasting a 65 quarter to hold onto his 6th place. Grimey worked his way towards the front of the pack after a slower first 800, and a 3rd quarter dropping to 60 set the stage for an exciting finish and he came off the turn well to grab a 3rd place finish, while Romey would grab 12th in the same heat. Jeff Seelaus finished 2nd in the unseeded section, with a strong last 400 to finish in 4:06 and both Eli Howe and Lucas Lebovitz came through in their best times on the season. Javy Paulino just missed extending his season in the 200 as he raced to a 23.04 - a PR by almost half a second - to finish 15th with Ralph Washington coming in a few ticks behind in 19th. Mark Cort and Steve Hetterich each got over 20 feet in the long jump, placing 14th and 15th, and then a near 42 foot jump put Mark in the finals of the triple Jump where he would place 9th, with Khalil Fleming jumping over 41 feet to grab 14th. Denzel Duncan made finals in the Hammer, finishing 9th with a 154 foot throw, then made the finals -0 again placing 9th - in the shot put with a 44 foot throw but unfortunately on his 2nd throw in he finals, he got his toe caught under the loose toe board and would wrench his hamstring really bad and be unable to get his last throw off, or compete in the discus. Matt Woop and Alex Durkee each raced under the 2:00 mark in the 800. Greg Turissini and Dillon Buckley finished 10th and 11th in the steeplechase. The Distance Medley Relay of Greg, Mark, Romey and Grimes finished 5th overall in 10:28 while the 4x400 relay of Nick, Brent, Durk and Melton would also grab a scoring point as they finished 8th, and getting the final points to secure a 6th place team finish.