2013 Springfield Invite #1

January 26, 2013


Full Results

Amherst Results

Event    First       Last                        Place     Mark
800          Matt      Melton                 1              1:56.09
Mile       Patrick Grimes                   1              4:20.20
5K           Alvaro   Morales               1              15:18.11
Mile       Charlie  Reighard              2              4:20.22
5K           KC           Fussell                  2              15:19.15
800         Romey  Sklar                      3              2:00.74
Mile       Greg      Turissini                3              4:20.46
1000       Matt      Woop                    3              2:38.36
800         Nick       Codola                  4              2:01.96
5K           Dan        Crowley               5              15:46.29
400         Judd      Liebman               7              52.96
Mile       Andrew                Erskine                 7              4:26.83
60           Persie   Gijima                   9              7.41
Mile       Eli            Howe                    10           4:31.90
5K           Dillon     Buckley                                10           16:03.04
800         Patrick  Grimes                 11           2:07.58
1000       Charlie  Reighard              11           2:43.81
200         Ralph Washington           12           24.04
Mile       Matt      Woop                    12           4:33.27
Mile       Lucas     Lebovitz               14           4:34.82
200         Javier    Paulino                 15           24.08
1000       Scott      Gemmell             16           2:45.74
W            Josiah    Terrell                   16           13.14
200         Persie   Gijima                   22           24.35
60           Ralph Washington           23           7.55
60           Javier    Paulino                 30           7.61
Shot       Josiah    Terrell                   31           9.44
400         Steve    Hetterich             32           57.19

4 x 200 3rd            1:37.26
Dennis                  25.25
Ralph                     23.63
Persie                   24.64
Javier                    23.53

Meet Recap:

Performer of the Meet - Alvaro Morales

The return to classes on Thursday officially ended the 2013 Intersession period, and with the end will now come the transition from strength into speed and rest. At the first of 2 consecutive weekends at Springfield College, so guys performed great while some looked like they were still feeling the fatigue from the great training over the past block of work, and with return to single sessions and a little rest, everyone should be right where they need to be next time out. While the meet was a scoring meet, it did not factor into deciding where to enter people and the approach to the meet didn't change but despite that, the guys managed to grab a runner-up spot, finishing just behind St. Lawrence. The men racked up big points in the middle and long distance events, grabbing wins in the 800, mile and 5k. In the 5k, the final running event of the day for the team, Alva Morales and KC Fussell kept the pace from lagging in the final laps as it was an Amherst runner at the front of the entire race, and with a strong move with just over a 400 to go, Alva grabbed a win in a 10 second PR while Fuss came in just a couple of steps after - both running under 15:20, while back in 5th place, first Dan Crowley made his 5k debut a solid won in 15:46. Pat Grimes led a 1-2-3 blanket finish sweep in the mile as he, Charlie Reighard and Greg Turissini were separated by .2 seconds in a thrilling race while Andrew Erskine and Eli Howe would also crack the Top 10 of the race in 7th and 10th. Matt Melton chocked up another victory on the season, as he ran to a win in the 800 with a 1:56.09 while in 3rd and 4th came Romey Sklar and Nick Codola. Matt Woop used a strong finish in the last lap to move up to 3rd in the 1000 while coming in behind him, Scott Gemmell-Davis made his season debut running 2:45. Josiah Terrell-Perica threw nearly a meter PR in the weight throw, as he launched the weight out over 43 feet. Percie Gijima got the 2013 portion of the season started by leading the sprinters across the line in the 60 with his 7.41 and then in the 200, Ralph Washington would just miss breaking 24 to lead the crew, with Javy a scant .04 behind him. Judd Liebman dropped down to the 400, and grabbed a 7th place finish in 52 seconds while Dennis Kennelly ran 54.99 in his heat. The sprinters joined with Dennis to finish 3rd in the 4x200 relay.