2012 Smith College Invite

December 1st, 2012


Full Results

No team Scoring


Amherst Results

Event First Last Place Mark
TJ Mark Cort 1 12.53 4x800 Relays
3000 Andrew Erskine 1 9:01.84 1st-Soph 8:18.68
600 Matt Melton 1 1:22.41 Durkee 2:03.6
1000 Romey Sklar 1 2:38.78 Fussell 2:07.1
3000 Dillon Buckley 2 9:14.95 Codola 2:04.
Mile Dan Crowley 2 4:33.63 Sklar 2:03.2
600 Alex Durkee 3 1:26.43
800 Brent Harrison 3 2:02.50 2nd - JRS 8:22.05
1000 Charlie Reighard 3 2:40.36 Morales 2:06.3
600 Nick Codola 4 1:26.44 Greenstein 2:09.5
TJ Steve Hetterich 4 11.69 Melton 2:00.4
3000 Lucas Lebovitz 4 9:28.51 Reighard 2:05.6
1000 Alvaro Morales 4 2:43.50
800 Jeff Seelaus 4 2:02.66 3rd-SRS 8:22.54
1000 Nick Ellenoff 5 2:45.55 Grimes 2:00.7
Mile KC Fussell 5 4:38.48 Buckley 2:07.3
600 Judd Liebman 5 1:27.77 Erskine 2:06.8
Mile Gus Greenstein 6 4:40.91 Howe 2:07.5
WT Josiah Terrell-Perica 6 11.44
Mile Eli Howe 7 4:42.51 5th - FYS 8:46.24
SP Josiah Terrell-Perica 7 11.01 Crowley 2:05.3
5000 Patrick Grimes 7 15:38.96 Ellenoff 2:11.9
LJ Mark Cort 9 5.84 Seelaus 2:07.6
200 Javier Paulino 9 24.19 Hawkins 2:19.7
600 Wrenford Thaffe 10 1:31.91
LJ Khalil Fleming 11 5.69
60 Javier Paulino 11 7.40
200 Ralph Washington 12 24.47
Mile Cole Hawkins 13 4:53.15
600 Dennis Kennelly 13 1:34.39
60 Ralph Washington 14 7.43
LJ Steve Hetterich 15 5.32
60 Khalil Fleming 16 7.45
200 Persie Gijima 16 24.95
60 Persie Gijima 17 7.46
60 Josiah Terrell-Perica 24 7.87
4x400 3rd 3:35.41
Liebman 53
Harrison 54.2
Cort 54
Hetterich 54.2
6th 3:47.92
Thaffe 56.2
Kennelly 53.8
Gijima 58.7
Cummings 59.1


Meet Recap:

Performer of the Meet - Javier Paulino

The men got the 2012013 season started off on Saturday next door at Smith College, in a six-team, non-scoring invitational. For the sprinters, jumpers and thrower, it was an opportunity to see where they were at after a great fall of training while those who had done XC, the meet provided an opportunity to go out and have some fun. The XC guys had all taken a 2 week break following the end of the season, and with some on their 1st or 2nd week back of running, they chose the event that they wanted to compete in and then had some fun with it. The most hyped event was the meet's final event - the 4x800 Relay. In a battle of classes, the relays pitted the 4 classes head to head for bragging rights and a race with a few lead changes would ultimately be won by the SOPHOMORES as Alex Durkee, KC Fussell, Nick Codola and Romey Sklar took the coveted title (and all the accolades and honors that go with the victory) in an 8:18, distancing themselves from the juniors and seniors in the last 250m. Matt Melton grabbed another of the days victories in the 600, where he used his patented strong finishing kick to run away from the field in an excellent time of 1:22.41 - over a second faster then he was at this meet a year ago. Mark Cort grabbed the only victory in the field events, as he jumped over 41 feet in the triple jump to grab the win with Steve hetterich finish in 4th. Romey - before anchoring his class to a victory in the 4x800 - grabbed the win in the 1000 with a time of 2:38 while in the 3k, it as Andrew Erskine grabbing the final individual win of the day with his 9:01 as he led a 1-2-4 finish, ahead of teammates Dillon Buckley and Lucas Lebovitz. First year Dan Crowley grabbed 2nd in the mile in a 4:33 to take the King of Ludlow-Monson title over KC Fussell 4:38. Alex Durkee and Kick Codola went 3-4 in the 600, separated by a .01 margin, while Judd Liebman grabbed a section win in the earlier heat running to a 1:27 time with Captain Wrenford Thaffee running 1:31 in his first foray to the longer distance. First year classmates Brent Harrison and Jeff Seelaus went 3-4 in the 800, as both ran in the mid 2:02's, while in the event after, the 1000, juniors Charlie Reighard and Alva Morales went 3-4 behind Romey's win, with first year Nick Ellenoff getting the chance to don the black and purple for the first time and finishing 5th. The lone thrower until Denzel returns from his study abroad, Josiah Terrell-Perica hit the circle in both the shot and the weight throw, grabbing a 7th and 6th place respectively in his first indoor meet. Javier Paulino proved to be the fastest of the sprint crew as he led the team in both the 60m and the 200m, with some significant time improvements from the same meet last year as he placed 11th and 9th, and first year Ralph Washington would finish just behind Javy in the 200 to place 12th with Percie Gijima coming in at 16th. In the days first running event, Patrick Grimes competed in the 5k, and went up against all of the Williams guys who ran at Nationals 2 weeks ago and were obviously looking to hit an early season mark for the 5k before taking a little break. He hung on admirably up at the front, going through the 2m in 9:47 but the 2 week break reared its head in the last 4 laps but a very solid 15:38 for 7th was a good sign of the base from the fall. The 4x400 relay consisting of Judd, Brent, Mark and Steve grabbed a 3rd place before the 4x800's would wrap up the day. The team will continue to train over the coming weeks but will not return to competition until we head to Tufts on January 12th.