Little Three XC Family Gathering

October 13th here at HOME!

** Note on Parking and Tailgate Set-up - there are a few events (understatement) going on this weekend (two soccer games, field hockey, volleyball and football) so parking will be extremely tight. You are going to want to park whereever you are able to. The gates to get down to the course / athletic fields will be locked until the conclusion of the men's race and at that point they will be opened up and free up space down below. We will set up either on the fields at the base of the hill to the right of the finish line - right if you are about to finish - or on top of the stairs in front of the gym / pool overlooking the athletic fields. Things can be brought down prior to the races or you can bring them down once racing has finished and begin setting up. People with bigger items - grills / tents - we can get you some extra muscle to move the stuff or be able to bring it down unlocking the gates, just see Cassie or I that day - of anyone who looks somewhat official that is near the finish line - our other coaches: Elaina, Mike, Bob, Ben or even Amy & Lukas.

With the annual running of the Little XC Championships being the last meet of meet of the season in which everyone would be competing (barring unforeseen circumstances of course), it is a great opportunity to try and get as many family members in attendance. While we are going to be hosting this year, it is great chance to not only see the team run but also be able to visit with them and take in a whole weekend of Amherst! While the official Family Weekend is 2 weeks after that, the team's will be traveling to Bowdoin on friday night for the NESCAC Championships the following day and thus not provide a lot of visiting time for those people who will be competing so this would be a rgeat time for you think about coming instead. Like we have done in the past years, we are hoping to get as many of you as possible to make the trip to Amherst this weekend to cheer on your kids and meet the rest of the team and the other families. Immediately following the conclusion of the meet - the women will start at 12:00 while the men will start at 12:45- we are hoping to have a "tailgate gathering" for everyone. What is consumed will depend entirely on what you all care to bring and there is really no limit on those possibilities - it will be up to you all. The runners are sure to be tired, hungry and thirsty after a day of tough competition and will surely consume nearly anything. Tailgate fare - burgers, dogs, chicken, sandwiches, sausages, chili, salads, your son or daughter's favorite food, perhaps your favorite food, something unique, something common, drinks, chips, paper ware and utensils (not to eat but be eaten with or upon, just to clarify) - basically your call on what you would like to bring, as I am sure that it will get devoured and certainly will be greatly appreciated.

This is a chance to see the team's compete for Little Three supremacy, a chance to see them compete, a chance to meet the other parents and their respective runners, a chance to meet / see again the coaches and the most important part, to get everyone together and have a great time and show your support of the program. As we get closer to the 13th of October, I will update this site with what people are bringing so that you will know who is bringing what - while some things may be the same, there is certainly a chance that one person's secret chicken is different then someone else's, so feel free to double up. Perhaps seeing what others are bringing will help to put an idea into your head. We have had a good time in the past with the gatherings during Track and XC and we are looking forward to building upon that success this year. More information and details will follow and as they do, they will get included right here so that you can check back as the day gets closer! Also, for those who want to be wearing some XC gear, please check out the Amherst XC Clothing link so that you can be dressed in some Amherst attire.

On behalf of myself and Cassie & the teams, we are looking forward to seeing you all here on the 13th and are hoping for a huge turnout! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me Ned mail or phone 413 542 8117 / cell 413 348 6579 or Cassie Funke-Harris or phone 413 542 5547 / cell 507 301 1042


Ned & Cassie

Those coming and, if mentioned, what they are bringing. Keep checking back as October 13th gets closer and things get finalized. I will try and update this regularly as I hear back from people and what they are bringing.

Replies as of 10/12 @ 11:00

Steve and Tammi Pitmon (Adron) - Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and black bean burgers, hot off the grill. We'll also have a table and canopy.

Jerry and Anne Buckley (Dillon) -

Tom and Ellen Kalt (Steve) - table, cole slaw

Kevin and Mary Crowley (Dan) - grill and baked potatoes

Tom Davis (Scott) - hot dogs and burgers, baked goods from Whole Foods

Jeanne Gemmel (Scott) -

Jim and Renee Turissini (Greg) - Carrot Cakes, plastic ware

Beth and Todd Sinclair (Lexi) - Drinks and Paper Plates & Bowls

Jim Kirkham and Shelly Marette (Brooke) - Fried Chicken

Jon and Jill Liebman (Judd) - fruit and dessert

Skip and Jane Seelaus (Jeff) - brownies and 7-Layer bars

Ian and Randi Hawkins (Cole) - Chili Lime Tuna Steaks

Laura Gardner and Mitch Briskin (Lizzy) – two kinds of salads

Doug and Mary Walker (Lisa) – cheese and veggie platters

Heather and Chad Ewing (Lindsay) – chocolate chip cookies and a variety of chips

Linda and David Rose (Caroline) – veggie tray and dessert

Donna and Tony Alizzi (Rebecca) – drinks and desserts

Glenn & Erin Durkee (Alex) - pasta salad

Scott and Tam Almeida (Lauren) - Cookies and Pasta Salad

Ron Fussel and Deb Shephard (KC) - Spinach and Feta Turnovers

Sabrina Ellenoff (Nick) - Cookies and Brownies

Jeff Erskine and Pam Marcus (Andrew) - Sausages and rolls

John Foster & Cathy Stout (Sarah) - will bring chips and dip & a dessert

David Howe and Maryann Drouin (Eli) - potato salad and cookies

Liz Cheng and Gerry Codola (Nick) - plates, napkins and Indian Chicken Curry

John and Patricia Black (Betsy) - table, water, cider, plastic ware and cups

Anna Paludi (Lucas) - Pizza