November 3, 2012 at Williams

Conditions ideal for racing

Full Results


Team Results

Amherst 1st with 44 points - 1st ECAC Title after a couple of runner-up finishes in early 2000's

Amherst Results -

(Top 15 earn ALL-ECAC Honors )


Dillon Buckley 26:31
Gus Greenstein 26:43
Romey Sklar 26:52
Dan Crowley 27:09
Alvaro Morales 27:13
Charlie Reighard 27:27
Eli Howe 27:40



Meet Recap:

Runner of the Meet - Dan Crowley

The men ventured to the snow covered mountains of Williamstown for the ECAC Championships looking to get after it a bit in the their racing and try to bring home their first ECAC title. From the firing of the starting gun, it was apparent that the mentality of the group was all about making things happen and racing hard, as we had a group of 4 guys - Dillon, Charlie, Alva and Gus - in the front group of 7-8 guys, while Romey and Dan were working together a little behind but in the Top 15 and Eli was in great position in about 25th. At about the midway point, the front group consisted of the initial 4 along with a Williams and Tufts runner and at that point Charlie made a move to try and break things up rather than staying within the group and perhaps was a little too early for it, as he would fade as the group caught back up to him. Heading into the woods for the final time, Dillon and Gus - both who had done the majority of the front running and pace pushing - continued to lead the race as it was now down to 4 (the Tufts and Williams guys running on theirs heels but not touching the lead). Alva had dropped back in the pack, while at the same time Romey was moving up quickly as he entered the woods in about 8-9th place amongst a group of Bates runners and Dan was having a great race in about 15th place. As the runners came out of the woods and started back towards the finish, Dillon and Gus were still 1-2 but Gus would drop to 4th in the last 1/2 mile while Dillon's front running would end with about 400m to go as he would get out kicked and finish 3rd - tying the best individual finish for an Amherst runner - while Gus would come in next in 4th. Romey, who had been charging hard in the last mile, moved all the way up to 5th with a great race and then Dan Crowley had a big last straightaway to out kick a Tufts runner, grabbing not only 15th BUT also the final All-ECAC spot and then right on his heels, came Alva in 17th. Charlie would finish 22nd and Eli rounded out the day in 30th, and with all 7 in the Top 30 including 4 earning All-ECAC honors, the team was able to take the title by 10 points and with the racing being of the manner that the team needs for there to be any chance for extending the season to include a trip to Indiana, the hope is that everyone take the lead from this weekend and brings the same attitude to Westfield and our Regional Championships!