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NE District Championships

November 10, 2012 at Westfield

Conditions ideal for racing

Full Results


Team Results

Amherst 11th 318 points


Amherst Results

Andrew Erskine 25:32
Greg Turissini 26:03
KC Fussell 26:24
Gus Greenstein 26:40
Romey Sklar 26:48
Dillon Buckley 27:01
Patrick Grimes 27:20




Meet Recap:

With Five teams ranked in the Top 14 in the country already in the region, the chances for cracking the needed 5 were going to be tough odds but the mentality and focus seemed to be where it needed to be in order to have a chance. Using the race from the week before as a bit of a catalyst, and knowing that positioning would be key the guys put themselves in good position for the start of the race. While the pace dawdled in comparison to the relative strength of the field - opening mile in about 5:05 - there was a huge pack of people at the front, and Amherst was well represented up where they needed to be. As the race took the the turn from the field into the much narrower trails of the woods portion, things went from great to bad quickly as Fuss got pinched in a narrow spot of the trails and found himself airborne courtesy of a hockey like check into the woods. Trying to scramble back onto his feet and into the fray proved difficult due to space and it seemed to not only impact his race due to losing a great deal of position but the others who were right there and saw it let it get to their heads. The pace slowly started to pick up in the 2nd mile and the combination of Fuss going down, things bottle necking up in the trails and things picking up at the front, the guys took a step back in their position and lost contact with one another. As they headed into the outer trail for the long loop in the woods, Andrew was in 18th at the back of the front pack but our next guy was back in about 50th with guys spread about 10-15 places apart after him and any hope of cracking the needed Top Five was clearly not going to happen, and the fire in the eyes showed that realization. Andrew was the lone member on the All-Region team but his 29th place finish left him short of an individual qualifying spot. Greg would finish 2nd for the team in 54th, with Fuss valiantly fighting back for a 68th place and 26:24 finish and then Gus Greenstein and Romey Sklar came in 81st and 86th to finish off the scoring as the men finished outside of the Top 10 in 11th place. While a frustrating way to finish the season off, and certainly a head scratcher the hard work that the men put in during the season, and in preparation for it, will be valuable during the track season and the overall result will provide extra incentive for a great upcoming season of redemption.