NESCAC Championships

Oct 29th at Amherst

Course conditions - trails muddy and slippery adn field loop - VERY muddy and wet in most parts!

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Team Score - Amherst 8th with 218 points

Amherst Runners

KC Fussell 27:07
Andrew Erskine 27:15
Greg Turissini 27:16
Patrick Grimes 27:18
Dillon Buckley 27:32
Ben Scheetz 27:50
Eli Howe 28:02
Charlie Reighard 28:33
Gus Greenstein 28:35
Alec Jacobson 28:35
Alvaro Morales 28:42
Geoff Ainslie 28:42


Race Recap

Runner of the Meet - Eli Howe

Amherst played host to this year's NESCAC Championship after last serving as the home course in 2000. While fortunate that the snow that inflicted so much damage to the area held off, mother nature would certainly have a role in the day as the inundation of rain throughout the fall made the conditions of the field loop extremely wet and muddy despite a great deal of work on the course to get it into the best shape as possible. The trails were okay - in some places great while in others, a slippery and muddy but it was the field loop that the runners went through twice that was the big story with some spots having mud and water well above the shoes for long stretches at a time, and there were numerous runners coming through the finish line without a shoe. Knowing the course and aware of the conditions, we took a gamble and chose to run a less aggressive race then normal, and opted to hang back a little bit with the expectation that the legs would be a little fresher for the last two miles, and at that point start to attack both the course and the those runners in front but in hind sight, the coaching gamble did not work out as well as hoped. Perhaps the gamble, perhaps the necessity of being focused more on the meet direction instead of being able to coach as well as I should have or more likely the combination of both factors played a role in a less then ideal finish. While the packing effort was impressive, the fact that it did not begin until after too many runners had come through the line negated some of those benefits. It was KC Fussell who proved the best finisher on the day, as he moved from about 55th just after the 3 mile mark and would finish in 39th to lead the team in a 27:07. Separated by 3 seconds and 3 places came our next three guys as Andrew Erskine, Greg Turissini and Patrick Grimes finished 47th, 49th and 50th respectively while Dillon Buckley closed out the scoring 5 with his 55th place finish - having a 25 second gap separating the 1-5 runners. Ben Scheetz, in not the most favorable conditions for a guy who prefers the 800, was well under 28 minutes on the day as our 6th runner, and Eli Howe had the best day for an Amherst runner as he cracked the Top 7 for the first time this year with a great race that saw him come just shy of breaking 28 minutes on the day. The next 5 guys - NESCAC's race 12 - finished with in 9 seconds of each other and 8 places, and worked the majority of the race together - as Charlie Reighard had his "A" game going with his 28:33 time while Gus Greenstein and Alec Jacobson each ran 28:35 and Alva Morales and Geoff Ainslie each ran 28:42. As the team talked after the race, the infamous October Blizzard started to take shape and who would know that a few hours later, that Mother Nature would provide a very nasty trick for Halloween in the form of over a foot of snow, and downed trees, wires and loss of electricity.