NCAA National Championships


Nov 19th at UW Osh-Kosh


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183rd Andrew Erskine 25:49

Place and Mile Splits for each Mile

1M 56th 4:49 // 2M 50th 5:05 9:54 // 3M 101st 5:13 15:06 // 4M 155th 5:28 20:34 // 5M 5:17 25:49.76

Race Recap

As a result of, and a reward for, his outstanding race at the Regional Championships, Andrew Erskine got the opportunity to run against the best runners in the country at the National Championships held at the Lake Breeze Golf course in Osh-Kosh, Wisconsin. The course was entirely on a golf course, and the layout consisted of 3 large loops around the slightly rolling course but for all intensive purposes - it was very flat and fast. Having had the race of his life the weekend before, and with his team doing the same, running 7 days later and for himself - it did not yield the same results but did provide a great experience, and one which will be built on next fall. After a restart due to a fall by several runners, Andrew got out well and put himself into good position as he was about 50th through the mile in 4:49 - leader going through in 4:34 - and maintaining that position through the 2 mile in 9:54. By 3 miles, hit in 15:06, he was in 100th and was not as relaxed looking as he had been the week before at the same point in the race, and a 4th mile in 5:28 had dropped him down to 155th, and then would end up finishing in 183rd in a time of 25:49 to put a finish on the year. Experience gained at the meet will certainly be invaluable, as well as will be the ability to stay focused on the NCAA meet as a focal point as opposed to hitting the peak perfectly the week before, andhopefully he will be joined by the rest of the team next fall when the meet is in Terra Haute, Indiana. Only time will tell, but now we look forward to a great track season to build on our fall success!