Little Three Championships

Oct 15th at Williams

Full Results Link (women results 1st, scroll down to Men's)

Team Score - Amherst 3rd with 62 points

Amherst Runners

Andrew Erskine 27:01
KC Fussell 27:02
Patrick Grimes 27:08
Dillon Buckley 27:17
Greg Turissini 27:36
Ben Scheetz 27:42
AdronĀ  Pitmon 27:57
Alec Jacobson 27:58
Romey Sklar 28:06
Alvaro Morales 28:07
Eli Howe 28:12
Lucas Lebovitz 28:21
Charlie Reighard 28:28
Geoff Ainslie 28:31
Gus Greenstein 28:36
Nick Codola 30:31
Alex Durkee 30:50
Kevin Heintz 32:12



Race Recap

Runner of the Meet - Alec Jacobson

The team headed back up to the Purple Valley for the 2nd time this season, this time for the annual running of the Little Three Championships and also the last meet in which the entire team would toe the line as the races hereafter are limited in squad sizes. The tendency in the race is that the pace usually lingers a bit and starts to get cranked up in the last couple of miles and Andrew Erskine sought to take advantage of a slow pace early by trying to make a gutsy break and moved quickly into the lead and had opened up a pretty sizeable gap through the middle of the race but the combination of front running and the wind took its toll and he got caught shortly after 3 miles by the chase pack. KC Fussell and Patrick Grimes were both in the middle of the pack, while Dillon Buckley was having a great race a little behind in the second pack with Greg Turissini following behind. Throughout the rest of the race, the guys did a great job responding to hollers to move up and find your teammates, and as a result, we got several great races from people that were aided by the response. Alec Jacobson kept very strong and consistent and was moving up throughout the whole race and picking guys up as he came through, and often times forcing them to move with him and he nearly cracked the Top 7 - losing out in a kick to fellow VTer Adron Pitmon. Ben Scheetz finished 6th for the team as he continues to build confidence with XC and his ability to have an impact for the team. Romey Sklar, Alva Morales and Eli Howe finished within a handful of seconds from each other, while 2 spots back came Charlie Reighard with one of his better XC races and teammate Lucas Lebovitz - both breaking 28:30. One second off the 28:30 mark but with an outstanding race was senior Geoff Ainslie. Nick Codola and Alex Durkee would both get under 31 minutes on the day, and surely an 800 will feel much easier come track season after dealing with 5 miles of hills, mud and XC love. After the dust had settled, the team feel a couple of points shy of Wesleyan to finish 3rd but with a lot of great things coming from the race, the guys will be looking for a big rebound when we host the NESCAC Championships in 2 weeks.