Little Three XC Family Gathering

October 15th at Williams - 12:30 Women and 1:15 Men Start Times

With the annual running of the Little XC Championships being the last meet of meet of the season in which everyone would be competing (barring unforeseen circumstances of course), it is a great opportunity to try and get as many family members in attendance. While we are going to be hosting NESCAC's right here at home on October 29th - it is a race that is limited to only 12 runners, so while the majority would be running, it would not be everyone and thus, Little Three's would probably be the best opportunity to gather. Now we could also go back to back meets, and certainly that is something that can be discussed but for the meantime, we can focus on Little Three's. Like we have done in the past years, we are hoping to get as many of you as possible to make the trip this weekend, and head up to Williams to cheer on your kids and meet the rest of the teams, their coaches and other families. Immediately following the conclusion of the meet - the women will get underway at 12:30 while the men will start at 1:15- we are hoping to have a "tailgate gathering" for everyone. What is consumed will depend entirely on what you all care to bring and there is really no limit on those possibilities - it will be up to you all. There are approximately 45 men and women on the respective teams, and they are sure to be tired, hungry and thirsty after a day of tough competition. Tailgate fare - burgers, dogs, chicken, sandwiches, sausages, chili, salads, your son / daughters favorite food, perhaps your favorite food, something unique, something common, drinks, chips, paper ware and utensils (not to eat but be eaten with or upon, just to clarify) - basically your call on what you would like to bring, as I am sure that it will get devoured and certainly will be greatly appreciated.

This is a chance to see the team compete for Little Three supremacy, a chance to see your son / daughter race, a chance to meet the other parents and their respective runners, a chance to meet / see again the coaches and the most important part, to get everyone together and have a great time and show your support of the teams and their programs. As we get closer to the 15th of October, I will update this site with what people are bringing so that you will know who is bringing what - while some things may be the same, there is certainly a chance that one person's secret chicken is different then someone else's, so feel free to double up. Perhaps seeing what others are bringing will help to put an idea into your head. We have had a good time in the past with the gatherings during Track and XC and we are looking forward to building upon that success this year. More information and details will follow - either from myself or John Adamson the women's coach or possibly even other parents - and as they do, they will get included right here so that you can check back as the day gets closer! Also, for those who want to be wearing some XC gear, please check out the Amherst XC Clothing link so that you can be dressed in some Amherst attire.

As we will not be at home and the XC course is not on Williams' campus, things like tables or grills would be needed for those who have them, and are able to transport them. On behalf of myself & John, and both the men and women on the teams, we are looking forward to seeing you all here on the 15th and are hoping for a huge turnout! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either me Ned mail & 413 542 8117 or John email or 413 335 3022

*** Travel note - I believe that Rt 2 / Mohawk Trail is close near Savoy and you will need to plan accordingly, and travel Route 9 to 7

Directions to Williams

Ned, Amy & Lukas, and John

Those coming and, if mentioned, what they are bringing. Keep checking back as October 15th gets closer and things get finalized. I will try and update this regularly as I hear back from people and what they are bringing.

Replies as of 10/12

Steve & Tammy Pitmon (Adron) - We'll bring a canopy, grill, table, and burgers and buns with fixings.

Jim & Renee Turissini (Greg) - A card table, enough plates and napkins to cover the team, and I’ll also bring a couple of carrot cakes for dessert

Robert & Bernie Scheetz (Ben) - salad with greens, nuts and cranberries, and Lemon Bars

Mike & Anna Lebovitz (Lucas) - drinks and cups

Ron & Deb Fussell ( KC) - bring potato salad and ?

Joel Sklar and Adrienne Shishko (Romey)- large bowl of Mediterranean Lentil salad (lentils, tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, feta, dressing ), Desserts of some kind TBD, Drinks and cups

Liz Cheng and Gerry Codola (Nick) - card table, table cloth, bowls, etc. for Japanese curry chicken with rice 

Scott Almeida (Lauren) Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad

Tim McKenna (Shannon) Coming with Something to Eat

Tony & Donna Alizzi (Becca) Paper Goods, Drinks, Desserts

John Simeone (Ali) Gas Grill, 2 Tables, Table Cloths, Food Items -Veggie Skewers, Humus, Goat Cheese and Pita Bread

Michele & Burt Kaliski (Jessie) Fruit Salad & Gluten Free Vegitarian Dish

Jim Kirkham (Brooke) 30-40 Pieces of Fried Chicken

Janet Cremins (Keri) Marinated Chicken

Jon & Melinda Moulton (Kristen) Steak Tips and Dessert

Hana Odeh (Jamila) Snacks / Appetizer

Claire Scligiano (Ellen) Chicken Thighs or Sausages / Dogs & Buns

Paul & Cheryl Zaccagnino Pasta with Peanut Sauce & Raspberry Chocolate Rugelach