Little III Championship

April 17, 2010


Full Results




Amherst Results - Men followed by Women

1 Amponsah Ofori 11.31
2 Tsatsimpe Thebe 11.34
3 Legister Sean 11.48
4 Matthew Thomas 11.6
5 Johnson Robert 11.62
10 Dolmatch Michael 11.96
110m H
2 Russell Spencer 15.69
2 Amponsah Ofori 23.17
6 Matthew Thomas 23.84
9 Legister Sean 24.27
10 Thompson Larry 24.47
11 Dolmatch Michael 24.78
5 Reed Andrew 51.19
6 Moore Tommy 51.46
7 Thompson Larry 52.61
8 Erickson Chris 52.78
9 Perkins Taylor 52.82
11 Pendergrass Keith 53.16
12 Gary Andre 53.35
400m H
2 Drost Ryan 57.10
3 Russell Spencer 58.24
1 Yochum Will 1:53.78
2 Corsello Steve 1:54.03
4 Pitmon Adron 1:54.87
5 Swanson Jimmy 1:56.14
8 Scheetz Ben 1:58.66
13 Howe Eli 2:03.93
18 Skurman Pete 2:11.83
1 Murner Dan 4:01.01
3 Eubank Carlyle 4:03.49
7 Grimes Pat 4:09.47
9 Erskine Andrew 4:16.12
10 Klein Ben 4:18.46
13 Seaver Jack 4:35.19
3000m Steeple
3 Hanley Kevin 10:19.51
1 McGrail John 15:21.86
8 Buckley Dillon 15:44.60
15 Holaday Eric 16:16.56
1 Reed 50.9
Pitmon 51.0
Drost 52.1
Moore 51.8
2 Erickson 54.8
Swanson 53.0
Perkins 53.7
Gary 51.9
High Jump
3 Tsatsimpe Thebe 1.76m
6 Drost Ryan 1.66m
Long Jump
1 Tsatsimpe Thebe 6.63m
7 Lewis Landrus 5.55m
Triple Jump
2 Tsatsimpe Thebe 13.51m
5 Johnson Robert 12.51m
7 Lewis Landrus 11.19m
6 Eaton Chris 10.85m
8 Kelley Pierce 10.43m
5 Kelley Pierce 37.83m
6 Duncan Denzel 36.07m
5 Duncan Denzel 35.89m
7 Kelley Pierce 33.50m
9 Eaton Chris 29.79m
4 Eaton Chris 44.47m
9 Duncan Denzel 25.03m
2 McKnight Jade 13.60
4 Mueller Jess 14.07
8 Rybak Jennifer 19.60
9 Pagonis Zoe 21.50
2 McKnight Jade 28.11
3 Reggie Mary Doris 28.22
10 Darmody Caroline 31.35
2 Reggie Mary Doris 61.24
5 Sullivan Melissa 62.11
8 Darmody Caroline 67.79
400m H
3 Wasserman Susie 68.49
8 Pagonis Zoe 78.01
9 Richmond Ellen 78.82
11 Reed Elodie 80.21
6 Cheung Hoiwan 2:21.64
7 Almeida Lauren 2:23.20
9 Schalch Liza 2:26.03
12 Gnirke Marlis 2:40.28
1 Sullivan Melissa 4:40.51
4 Simeone Ali 4:56.79
6 Reed Elodie 4:59.75
8 Daly Sarah 5:03.15
3000m Steeplechase
2 Lambert Keri 12:33.08
3 Zaccagnino Laura 12:35.36
4 Richmond Ellen 13:05.69
1 Galleher Sophie 17:27.15
12 Pritchard Melissa 19:04.81
13 Hopper Abby 19:09.34
15 Alizzi Rebecca 19:32.71
17 Moulton Kristen 19:43.07
18 Knuff Cate 19:44.52
20 Hager Anna 20:09.83
22 Odeh Jamila 21:55.91
3 Zaccagnino 66.23
2 McKnight 62.4
Wasserman 62.8
Cheung 61.6
Reggie 61.4
5 Almeida 64.8
Schalch 66.7
Gnirke 72.7
Darmody 76.8
High Jump
3 Rybak Jennifer 1.47m
5 Mueller Jess 1.42m
Long Jump
4 Mueller Jess 4.85m
8 Rybak Jennifer 4.73m
Triple Jump
4 Mueller Jess 10.59m
7 Rybak Jennifer 9.56m
Shot Put
1 Roehl Jordan 10.86m
8 Rybak Jennifer 7.12m
Hammer Throw
1 Roehl Jordan 37.22m
3 Roehl Jordan 29.87m
3 Roehl Jordan 19.99m
4 Rybak Jennifer 19.71m
5 McKnight Jade 16.16m


Performers of the Meet: John McGrail '11 and Caroline Darmody '10

Last Saturday, the Lord Jeff men and women, two buses strong, traveled through wind, rain, and, yes, even snow to reach the bleak, gray landscape of Weston Field at Williams College to compete against rivals Williams and Wesleyan for the 2010 Little Three Championships.  The day began inauspiciously for the men, who in the 4x100m relay – the afternoon’s first event – botched the second exchanged and failed to send the stick around; however, it may have been simply a case of meet day jitters, as performances across the board dramatically improved.  In the men’s 1500m run, senior Dan Murner kicked his way to a first-place finish in 4:01.01, while classmate Carlyle Eubank finished in third at 4:03.49 to fill the two scoring positions.  Four other Amherst harriers trailed.  For the first time in a long time, the men’s 100m dash proved an Amherst affair; five Amherst runners claimed places one through five, with three finishing under 11.5 seconds.  First year Ofori Amponsah led the pack in a dramatic 11.31, while junior Thebe Tsatsimpe trailed by a hair to finish second in 11.34.  Junior Sean Legister made a nice comeback after a hamstring injury, laying down a time of 11.48 for third.  The next event, the men’s 800m run, resulted similarly.  Amherst junior Will “Smiles” Yochum paced the field, making the two-lap turn in an admirable 1:53.78.  Classmate Steve Corsello shook off the fatigue from an arduous drive from upstate New York to take second in a season-best 1:54.03.  First year Adron Pitmon looked as if he’s returned to form following a sickness shortened indoor season finishing in fourth, also under 1:55.  In the 400m hurdles, junior Ryan Drost and sophomore Spencer Russell teamed to take second and third, both hitting their fastest marks on the year in the event.  In the 200m dash, Ofori Ampsonsah demonstrated that he can, in fact, double on a day, finishing a close second in 23.17 – a substantial PR in the event.  Classmate and football crossover Thomas Matthew filled the other scoring spot for Amherst with a time of 23.84.  In the afternoon’s final open event, junior John McGrail provided fireworks, unleashing a beastly kick in the final 200 meters to take first by a wide margin in 15:21.86 – an impressive PR to boot.  Kudos!  In the day’s final event, the men’s 4x400m team comprising sophomore Andrew Reed, junior Ryan Drost, Adron Pitmon, and junior Tommy Moore utterly crushed the competition, finishing in 3:26.18.  An Amherst team comprising Taylor Perkins, Chris Erickson, Jimmy Swanson, and Andre Gary finished second in 3:33.80.  In the field, junior Thebe Tsatsimpe took first in the long jump and second in the triple.  Junior Chris Eaton took fourth in the hammer, and classmate Pierce Kelley took Amherst’s top scoring spot in the disc en route to a PR and near conference qualifier.

On the women’s side, first year Keri Lambert and sophomore Laura Zaccagnino debuted in the 3,000m steeplechase, taking second and third for the top Amherst scoring spots, after teaming with sophomore Ellen Richmond and senior Caroline Darmody to nab third in the 4x100m relay.  In the 1,500m run, sophomore Melissa Sullivan bolted to a first place finish in 4:40.51, just edging Williams’s Elizabeth Danhakel.  First year Ali Simeone stepped down in distance and took fourth, while classmates Elodie Reed and Sarah Daly placed sixth and eighth.  In the women’s quarter mile, senior captain Mary Doris Reggie took second in 61.24, Melissa Sullivan grabbed fifth in 62.11, and senior Caroline Darmody marked a career best 67.79.  The 100m dash saw the debut of first year Jade McKnight, who took second in 13.60.  She would also take silver in the 200m. Senior captain Hoiwan Cheung led the women in the middle distances, finishing in sixth in 2:21.64, with first year Lauren Almeida taking the second Lord Jeff scoring spot, one place behind.  In the long distances, senior captain Sophie Galleher won outright, leading seven other teammates in 17:27.15, an NCAA provisional qualifier.  Among those seven others, first year Abby Hopper, and sophomore Anna Hager nailed personal records.  In the 4x400m relay, the Amherst team of Jade McKnight, Hoiwan Cheung, Susie Wasserman, and Mary Doris Reggie took second.  In the field, sophomore Jordan Roehl won both the shot put and the hammer throw, first year Jess Mueller took the top Amherst scoring spot in the long and triple jumps – fourth overall in both – and senior Jennifer Rybak grabbed third in the high jump.