Jerry Gravel Invite

March 27, 2010


Full Results




Amherst Results - Men followed by Women

9 Amponsah Ofori 11.46
19 Johnson Robert 11.81
35 Dolmatch Michael 12.18
37 Lewis Landrus 12.21
49 Thaffe Wrenford 12.92
10 Amponsah Ofori 23.53
11 Reed Andrew 23.61
12 Tsatsimpe Thebe 23.63
17 Drost Ryan 24.12
18 Legister Sean 24.13
24 Matthew Thomas 24.42
34 Johnson Robert 24.80
37 Dolmatch Michael 24.98
39 Lewis Landrus 25.19
50 Thaffe Wrenford 26.52
4 Reed Andrew 51.75
7 Drost Ryan 52.13
8 Tsatsimpe Thebe 52.18
17 Russell Spencer 53.32
23 Legister Sean 54.29
28 Matthew Thomas 55.39
7 Grimes Patrick 2:00.33
9 Pitmon Adron 2:00.42
14 Callahan Kit 2:01.08
21 Eubank Carlyle 2:02.00
30 Erskine Andrew 2:04.66
37 Ainslee Geoff 2:06.86
42 Erickson Chris 2:09.03
46 Skurman Pete 2:09.97
49 Klein Ben 2:11.03
7 Eubank Carlyle 4:06.66
11 Pitmon Adron 4:10.79
12 Callahan Kit 4:11.39
13 Grimes Patrick 4:11.86
18 Erskine Andrew 4:14.94
23 Ainslee Geoff 4:16.22
35 Klein Ben 4:23.23
2 McGrail John 15:40.54
3 Bell William 15:47.49
7 Buckley Dillon 15:58.34
8 Hanley Kevin 16.04.52
10 Seaver Jack 16.10.75
18 Holaday Eric 17:02.65
32 Kelley Pierce 37.47m
38 Duncan Denzel 35.95m
21 Dunacn Denzel 33.53m
35 Kelley Pierce 28.09m
11 Eaton Chris 37.39m
10 Mueller Jess 28.21
14 McKnight Jade 28.57
49 Darmody Carolina 31.61
7 McKnight Jade 63.41
24 Darmody Caroline 69.94
3 Reggie Mary Doris 2:22.67
7 Cheung Hoiwan 2:26.04
9 Schalch Eliza 2:27.24
11 Wasserman Susie 2:28.11
14 Almeida Lauren 2:28.32
15 Simeone Ali 2:28.60
23 Daly Sarah 2:31.64
33 Richmond Ellen 2:34.76
40 Pagonis Zoe 2:39.38
5 Simeone Ali 4:55.07
6 Almeida Lauren 4:56.44
7 Cheung Hoiwan 4:56.94
8 Reggie Mary Doris 4:57.49
9 Schalch Eliza 4:58.65
10 Daly Sarah 4:59.92
24 Richmond Ellen 5:25.63
34 Gnirke Marlis 5:45.14
2 Lambert Keri 18:52.61
3 Zaccagnino Laura 18:53.11
5 Pritchard Melissa 18:59.75
6 Moulton Kristen 19:10.25
7 Reed Elodie 19:15.47
31 Odeh Jamila 21:25.69
1 Galleher Sophie 37:36.21
4 Knuff Cate 41:07.23
5 Alizzi Rebecca 41:10.29
6 Hopper Abby 41:13.49
7 Hager Anna 41:53.80
Shot Put
14 Roehl Jordan 9.90m
Hammer Throw
4 Roehl Jordan 39.14m
Triple Jump
6 Mueller Jess 10.29m
High Jump
8 Mueller Jess 1.47m
8 Rybak Jennifer 1.47m


Performers of the Meet: Geoff Ainslee '12, Ofori Amponsah '13, and Abby Hopper '13

On a crisp Saturday morning in late March, the Lord Jeff men and women set out to begin their 2010 outdoor campaign at Westfield State’s Jerry Gravel Invitational.  The day’s action started in the field, as Denzel Duncan and Pierce Kelley, two new additions to the squad, took to the javelin runway, where they recorded encouraging results in a new event.  The pair also showed potential in the discus, while teammate Chris Eaton placed 11th in the hammer, and Jordan Roehl earned 4th in the women’s hammer with a two-spin throw of 39.14m, near her PR.  Events on the oval began with the combined 10,000m run.  Senior captain Sophie Galleher took the women’s race in 37:36.21, leading a field that included four other Amherst harriers, who took places four through seven and marked DIII New England qualifiers.  At high noon, the jumping pits opened.  Amherst senior Jen Rybak and first-year Jess Mueller tied for 8th at 1.47m, while the latter also hopped, skipped, and bounded to a 6th-place finish in the triple at 10.29m.

Back on the track, the gun sounded for the 1500m run, featuring a whopping seven men and eight women from Amherst College.  Senior Carlyle Eubank led the men, placing 7th in 4:06.66, while sophomore Geoff Ainslee ran a PR in 4:16.22.  First year Ali Simeone paced the women, placing 5th in 4:55.07.  Classmate Lauren Almeida finished right behind in 6th, followed by senior captains Hoiwan Cheung and Mary Doris Reggie in 7th and 8th, sophomore Eliza Schalch in 9th, and first-year Sarah Daly in 10th.  As the afternoon continued, a slew of Jeffs took to the track for the 400m dash.  Sophomore Andrew Reed led the pack of six men, claiming 4th place in 51.75.  Junior Ryan Drost took 7th in 52.13, a mere .05 seconds ahead of classmate Thebe Tsatsimpe, who placed 8th, making a long-awaited return to sprinting.  On the women’s side, first-year Jade McKnight merited 7th place in 63.41.  Following the 400m, events moved exclusively to the homestretch for the 100m dash.  First year Ofori Amponsah strutted his stuff, sprinting to an impressive 9th-place finish in a cool 11.46, just shy of a DIII New England qualifying time.  Classmate Robert Johnson also ran well in the same heat, clocking in at 11.81 – just shy of the conference time.  The 800 proved another Amherst affair, with 9 men and women entered.  First year Patrick Grimes claimed 7th and led the men in 2:00.33, trailed closely by classmate Adron Pitmon, who took 9th in 2:00.42.  Sophomore Ainslee PR’d again on the day.  On the women’s side, Mary Doris Reggie, doubling from the 1500m, made the turn in 2:22.67 – good for 3rd place.  Classmate Hoiwan Cheung took 7th in 2:26.04.  In the men’s 200m, Ofori Amponsah, clearly excited by the prospect of running outdoors, continued his stellar sprinting day, running under 24 seconds for the first time and doing so in a big way.  He claimed 10th place in 23.53, less than one tenth of a second ahead of teammates Andrew Reed and Thebe Tsatsimpe, who placed 11th and 12th.  For the women, first year Jess Mueller made a nice return to the event, taking 10th 28.21.  The meet’s action wrapped up for Amherst College with the men’s and women’s 5000m run, as both the temperature and the sun began to drop quickly.  First year Keri Lambert led the women, placing 2nd in 18:52.61, trailed by sophomore Laura Zaccagnino, senior Melissa Pritchard, and classmates Kristen Moulton and Elodie Reed, who grabbed 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th.  In the men’s race, junior John “McLovin’” McGrail took 2nd in 15:40.54.  Senior Will Bell, stepping up in distance, grabbed 3rd in 15:47.49, while first-year Dillon Buckley placed 7th, and junior Kevin Hanley raced to 8th.