Oneonta State Last Chance

May 20, 2010


Full Results




Amherst Results - Men followed by Women

9 Tsatsimpe Thebe 11.46
1 Scheetz Ben 48.14
2 Corsello Steve 1:51.28
4 Yochum Will 1:51.67
1 Murner Dan 14:47.25
1 Reed 49.3
Gary 51.4
Moore 49.4
Scheetz 47.8
Long Jump
2 Tsatsimpe Thebe 7.16m
1 Reggie Mary Doris 2:12.44
4 Sullivan Melissa 2:15.54
3 Galleher Sophie 17:35.23


T-minus seven days until NCAA national championships.  Eight Lord Jeff men and three Lord Jeff women intrepidly trekked to SUNY Oneonta in upstate New York to attempt to extend their NCAA provisional standards or achieve automatic qualifiers.  The evening’s meet began in the field in the afternoon for the men, where junior long jumper Thebe Tsatsimpe both experimented with a nine-step approach, and tied his long mark on the year at 7.16m.  He placed second.  He would later return in the 100m dash and placed ninth in 11.46, despite stumbling at the start.  Also in the sprints, sophomore speedster Ben Scheetz continued his reign of terror in the 400, crushing the field in 48.14, substantially lowering his provisional standard.  The 800m dash also saw the lowering of provisional marks from two athletes who have already achieved automatic qualifiers in the 1500m.  Junior Steve Corsello’s Headband of Justice propelled him to make the two-lap turn in 1:51.28 for second, and classmate Will Yochum followed two places behind in 1:51.67.  In the distance races, senior Dan Murner won the 5,000m run in 14:47.25 with a 62-second final lap, to provide an encouraging performance heading into his 10,000m competition next week at Baldwin Wallace.  On the women’s side, senior captain Mary Doris Reggie and sophomore Melissa Sullivan competed in the 800m run, placing first and fourth with a blistering 2:12.44 and 2:15.54.  Both lowered their provisional marks.  In the 5,000m run, senior captain Sophie Galleher placed third with a 17:35.23 thirteen and a half lap turn, a solid effort in preparation for next week’s steeplechase.