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Wesleyan Invitational

January 23, 2010


Full Results




Amherst Results - Men followed by Women

3000m Run
1 Will Yochum 8:33.77
2 John McGrail 8:49.27
10 Kevin Hanley 9:21.64
13 Eric Holaday 9:31.66
55m Dash
5 Ofori Amponsah 6.74
39 Michael Dolmatch 7.41
44 Wrenford Thaffe 7.54
55m Hurdles
6 Spencer Russell 8.21
Mile Run
1 Dan Murner 4:25.35
2 Jack Seaver 4:30.46
7 Patrick Grimes 4:33.60
8 Steve Corsello 4:34.13
9 Andrew Erskine 4:35.99
10 Dillon Buckley 4:36.51
11 Travis Cohoon 4:38.16
25 Ben Klein 4:51.45
400m Dash
8 Andre Gary 52.52
21 Larry Thompson 54.25
22 Taylor Perkins 54.53
24 Keith Pendergrass 54.91
600m Run
1 Ben Scheetz 1:23.30
4 Tommy Moore 1:25.90
15 Ryan Drost 1:29.25
20 Chris Erickson 1:29.50
30 Pete Skurman 1:34.38
800m Run
3 Adron Pitmon 1:57.58
4 Jimmy Swanson 1:58.77
10 Andrew Erskine 2:06.48
13 Travis Cohoon 2:07.08
15 Dan Murner 2:08.08
1000m Run
3 Will Bell 2:36.35
7 Kit Callahan 2:39.45
9 Dillon Buckley 2:42.41
10 Jack Seaver 2:54.47
200m Dash
6 Andrew Reed 23.32
10 Thebe Tsatsimpe 23.44
17 Ofori Amponsah 24.09
26 Spencer Russell 24.45
55 Wrenford Thaffe 25.97
61 Michael Dolmatch 26.36
4x400m Relay
14 Thompson 55.4
Erickson 55.7
Skurman 57.0
Thaffe 59.0
2 Swanson 3:17.5
Moore 52.1
Grimes 2:04.3
Pitmon 4:31.0
3 Scheetz 3:17.5
Drost 53.4
Callahan 2:03.8
Bell 4:35.8
3000m Run
3 Laura Zaccagnino 10:59.81
12 Jamila Odeh 13.00.29
55m Dash
9 Jade McKnight 7.97
Mile Run
1 Ali Simeone 5:30.72
2 Lauren Almeida 5:30.98
3 Sarah Daly 5:31.51
4 Elodie Reed 5:31.66
10 Eliza Schalch 5:38.51
11 Shannon McKenna 5:40.23
12 Kristen Moulton 5:42.39
20 Cate Knuff 5:58.37
400m Dash
6 Jade McKnight 63.32
19 Caroline Darmody 69.83
600m Run
1 Melissa Sullivan 1:41.22
800m Run
2 Susie Wasserman 2:25.65
4 Ali Simeone 2:27.08
8 Eliza Schalch 2:31.91
10 Shannon McKenna 2:32.30
11 Elodie Reed 2:33.20
14 Sarah Daly 2:38.16
22 Cate Knuff 2:54.86
1000m Run
1 Hoiwan Cheung 3:08.12
3 Keri Lambert 3:11.49
4 Zoe Pagonis 3:13.04
200m Dash
14 Jess Mueller 28.54
51 Caroline Darmody 32.11
5000m Run
1 Melissa Pritchard 19:20.37
4 Rebecca Alizzi 20:00.67
6 Abby Hopper 20:42.31
8 Anna Hagar 20:55.80
4x400m Relay
9 Wasserman 62.1
Cheung 64.3
McKnight 65.2
Darmody 76.1
1 Sullivan 3:46.1
Pagonis 67.5
Almeida 2:31.5
Lambert 5:34.3
High Jump
6 Jess Mueller 1.41m
6 Jennifer Rybak 1.41m
Weight Throw
9 Jordan Roehl 11.81m
Shot put
7 Jordan Roehl 10.60m



Performers of the Meet: Jack Seaver '11 and Melissa Sullivan '12

As Interterm 2010 drew to a close on the advent of the resumption of the academic year, our beloved Lord Jeff men’s and women’s teams ventured south on I-91 to Middletown, Connecticut to compete in the Wesleyan Invitational.  The women in the 5000m run started the day strongly.  Junior Melissa Pritchard recorded the win in 19:20.37, leading from the gun.  Freshmen Rebecca Alizzi, Abby Hopper, and Anna Hagar followed in suit, all finishing in fewer than twenty-one minutes.  Trial heats for the men’s and women’s 55m dash and hurdles – the “fastest events on the track” – followed the women’s 5000m run.  Sophomore Spencer Russell returned to competition in the hurdles following a short hiatus.  He qualified for the finals and ultimately recorded an 8.20 finish, placing 6th.  After competing in the longer sprints last week, first-year Ofori Amponsah eagerly returned to the dash, where he too qualified for finals and placed 5th in 6.74 seconds.  In the women’s mile, first years Ali Simeone, Lauren Almeida, Sarah Daly, and Elodie Reed finished first through fourth, leading a field that included four other Amherst women.  On the men’s side of the same distance, first-year Patrick Grimes unleashed an aggressive 200-meter surge late in the race to overtake senior Dan Murner as the two crossed the line, only to discover that, in fact, another 200 meters remained.  Grimes died quickly, falling well out of contention, while Murner ultimately regained and held the lead to finish.   The men’s mile also featured the day’s truly outstanding performance; junior Jack Seaver turned a 4:30.46 to finish second and utterly smash his previous personal record.  In the women’s 400m dash, first-year Jade McKnight doubled from a 55m dash to finish 6th overall from the second heat, having led from gun to line.  The 600m run saw Amherst victories on both the men’s and women’s side from sophomores Ben Scheetz and Melissa Sullivan.  Other top finishers included Tommy Moore, who placed 4th on the men’s side.  The women’s 800m run featured most of the women from the open mile.  Junior Susie Wasserman, having returned from spending a semester south of the border, placed second and Simeone came back from her win in the longer event to grab fourth in her double.  On the men’s side, first-year Adron Pitmon cruised to a 1:57.58, good enough for third in the meet and nearly qualifying him for ECAC championships.  Senior Jimmy Swanson ran a 1:58.77 to place fourth in first track competition of his final year.  In the women’s 1000m run, senior captain Hoiwan Cheung demonstrated newfound strength, sealing the overall victory in an impressive 3:08.12.  First year Keri Lambert and junior Zoe Pagonis followed in 3rd and 4th.  In the men’s 1000m, senior Will Bell took 3rd in 2:36.35.  The men’s 200m dash saw sophomore sensation Andrew Reed blaze to a 6th place 23.32 from the fourth heat.  Junior Thebe Tsatsimpe also ran under twenty-four seconds and placed 10th.  In the final open event of the day, the 3000m run, sophomore Laura Zaccagnino placed third on the women’s side in 10:59.81, while on the men’s side junior Will Yochum won in a smooth 8:33.77, followed by classmate John McGrail, who placed second.  As the track day closed with the relays, Melissa Sullivan, Zoe Pagonis, Lauren Almeida, and Keri Lambert teamed up in the women’s DMR to take 1st, and in the men’s DMR, Jimmy Swanson, Tommy Moore, Patrick Grimes, and Adron Pitmon bested Ben Scheetz, Ryan Drost, Kit Callahan, and Will Bell in a 2-3 finish.

As action proceeded around them on the track, in the infield sophomore Jordan Roehl returned to the circle and put the shot 10.6m for a 7th place finish, while first-year Jess Mueller made her debut in the high jump, sailing over the bar at 1.41m to tie senior Jennifer Rybak for 6th place.