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Smith Winter Classic

December 5, 2009


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Amherst Results - Men followed by Women

High Jump
4 Thebe Tsatsimpe 1.76m
55m Dash
3 Ofori Amponsah 6.74
55m Hurdles
2 Spencer Russell 8.20
1 Mile Run
1 Ben Scheetz 4:28.83
2 Adron Pitmon 4:28.88
400m Dash
1 Thebe Tsatsimpe 52.84
600m Run
7 Taylor Perkins 1:31.23
9 Larry Thompson 1:31.65
10 Keith Pendergrass 1:33.64
800m Run
1 Ben Scheetz 1:58.65
2 Adron Pitmon 2:01.18
4 Ryan Drost 2:07.54
5 Chris Erickson 2:09.21
10 Pete Skurman 2:13.89
200m Dash
1 Thebe Tsatsimpe 23.13
3 Spencer Russell 23.98
6 Ofori Amponsah 24.46
13 Larry Thompson 25.08
16 Keith Pendergrass 25.46
4x400m Relay
3 Perkins 53.3
Drost 53.7
Tsatsimpe 53.8
Erickson 54.6
4 Thompson 56.2
Pendergrass 56.0
Skurman 56.0
Russell 54.7
Weight Throw
2 Jordan Roehl 12.96m
7 Chibuzo Uwakaneme 10.60m
Shot Put
2 Jordan Roehl 10.94m
16 Chibuzo Uwakaneme 8.85m
Triple Jump
4 Jess Mueller 10.06m
400m Dash
1 Jade McKnight 1:01.89
10 Caroline Darmody 1:12.82
800m Run
1 Mary Doris Reggie 2:26.38
1000m Run
1 Hoiwan Cheung 3:08.79
2 Zoe Pagonis 3:15.76
200m Dash
1 Jade McKnight 27.82
6 Jess Mueller 28.26
30 Caroline Darmody 33.27
4x400m Relay
2 McKnight 64.6
Mueller 66.5
Cheung 64.2
Reggie 62.1

Performers of the Meet: Thebe Tsatsimpe '11 and Spencer Russell '12 and Jordan Roehl

As winter reared its chilly head in western Massachusetts and the Pioneer Valley received a light dusting of snow, the Lord Jeff men and women ignited the track, the throwing circle, and the jumping pits at the Smith College Winter Classic. Amherst’s exploits began early in the day in the throwing circle, where sophomore Jordan Roehl and junior Chibuzo Unawakaneme set the tone for the rest of the meet.  Both Jordan and Chi set new personal records in the women’s weight throw.  Jordan’s one-turn throw of 12.96m was merited 2nd place overall and shows undeniable potential as she adds further rotations, while Chi’s well executed, two-turn hurl of 10.60m earned 7th place and represented an improvement of over 1m from her best throw of last season.  Their success continued in the shot put – Jordan’s farthest throw of 10.94m earned 2nd place, and Chi’s throw of 8.85m tied her indoor PR from last year.  Also in the field, first year Jess Mueller’s and junior Thebe Tsatsimpe’s leaped to 4th place finishes in the women’s triple jump and men’s high jump.  Jess bounded to a 10.06m effort, and Thebe floated over the bar to a graceful 1.76m mark.

As action moved to the track, the Lord Jeffs were no less impressive.  If Dapper Dan Ofori Amponsah didn’t turn heads with his GQ duds in his collegiate debut, he certainly did with a 3rd place finish in the 55m dash with a time of 6.74s in the finals.  Sophomore Spencer Russell managed to qualify for the finals in the 55m hurdles despite nearly destroying the first hurdle and ultimately ran an 8.20 to place 3rd , escaping the event uninjured to boot.  In the men’s mile, sophomore Ben Scheetz and first year Adron Pitmon battled each other for the better part of the race, until the former decided to lay down the hammer and best his teammate.  The two led the field and crossed the line in dramatic fashion at 4:28.83 and 4:28.85.  In the women’s quarter mile, first year Jade McKnight began her collegiate career impressively, cruising her way to an unchallenged 61.89 1st place finish.  Senior teammate Caroline Darmody finished 10th in the same event.  In the men’s 400m dash, Amherst’s lone entrant, Thebe Tsatsimpe, walked down Worcester State’s Ian Fields in the last 100m to grab 1st place 52.84s to 52.95s.  The men’s 600m run featured a trio of Amherst quarter milers, stepping up slightly in distance.  Senior Keith Pendergrass completed the turn in 1:33.64 behind classmate Larry Thompson, who finished in 1:31.65.  “Comeback Kid” Taylor Perkins, however, emerged victorious on the afternoon with a time of 1:31.23.  A duo of Lord Jeffs took the women’s 1000m run.  Senior Hoiwan Cheung led from the gun for an impressive 3:08.79 1st-place finish, a handful of seconds ahead of junior teammate Zoe Pagonis in 2nd.  In the women’s 800m run, Senior Mary Doris Reggie rounded four laps in 2:26.38 for yet another Amherst victory.  On the men’s side of the same distance, Ben Scheetz and Adron Pitmon again proved a potent one-two punch in the mid distances, finishing in 1:58.65 and 2:01.18 for 1st and 2nd.  Teammates Ryan Drost and Chris Erickson finished 4th and 5th, and sophomore Pete Skurman finished 10th.  Amherst freshman Jade McKnight and Jess Mueller recorded 4th and 6th place finishes in the women’s 200m dash, while senior teammate Caroline Darmody placed 30th.  At the same distance, the Lord Jeff men proved utterly dominant.  Thebe matched his victory in the 400m dash with a blazing 23.13 second win in the 200m.  Spencer Russell, who claimed 2nd in the hurdles, returned to claim 3rd, and Ofori, who grabbed 3rd in the 55m dash, doffed his pastel yellow cardigan to take 6th.  Doubling from the 600m, teammates Larry Thompson and Keith Pendergrass rounded out the Amherst field with 13th and 16th place finishes.  To close out the meet, McKnight, Mueller, Cheung, and Reggie combined to give Amherst a 2nd place finish, as senior captain Mary Doris Reggie returned a 62-second split to catapult her team to victory in the second heat.  On the men’s side Perkins, Drost, Tsatsimpe and Erickson ran to a 3:35.95 3rd-place finish, ahead of teammates Thompson, Skurman, Pendergrass, and Russell, who combined to place 4th.