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Reggie Poyau Track Meet

January 16, 2010


Full Results




Amherst Results - Men followed by Women

3000m Run
2 Dan Murner 8:44.91
6 Andrew Erskine 8:57.03
9 Dillon Buckley 9:05.52
11 Travis Cohoon 9:08.14
13 Patrick Grimes 9:14.22
14 Jack Seaver 9:31.27
55m Dash
4 Spencer Russell 6.96
14 Wrenford Thaffe 7.48
Mile Run
5 Kit Callahan 4:30.14
7 Dan Murner 4:30.71
9 Will Bell 4:31.70
11 Andrew Erskine 4:34.31
16 Travis Cohoon 4:45.51
400m Dash
3 Andrew Reed 51.60
4 Tommy Moore 51.71
5 Thebe Tsatsimpe 51.78
6 Andre Gary 52.13
11 Larry Thompson 54.11
12 Keith Pendergrass 54.15
16 Ofori Amponsah 56.96
600m Run
7 Ryan Drost 1:27.04
11 Chris Erickson 1:29.46
15 Pete Skurman 1:32.81
800m Run
2 Patrick Grimes 2:00.33
8 Dillon Buckley 2:08.52
9 Jack Seaver 2:14.17
1000m Run
1 Ben Scheetz 2:32.93
2 Adron Pitmon 2:34.38
200m Dash
7 Ofori Amponsah 24.60
19 Wrenford Thaffe 26.47
5000m Run
4 Kevin Hanley 16:14.29
4x400m Relay
3 Moore 51.6
Russell 52.9
Tsatsimpe 51.4
Reed 51.7
4x800m Relay
1 Bell 2:05.2
Pitmon 1:58.1
Callahan 2:01.5
Scheetz 1:59.7
6 Drost 2:11.2
Erickson 2:14.6
Skurman 2:15.6
Pendergrass 2:20.8
Long Jump
1 Thebe Tsatsimpe 6.48m
3000m Run
5 Sarah Daly 10:42.74
7 Cate Knuff 11:25.10
8 Rebecca Alizzi 11:25.48
9 Abby Hopper 11:40.08
11 Anna Hagar 12:28.43
55m Dash
4 Jade McKnight 7.89
Mile Run
1 Melissa Sullivan 5:08.08
5 Keri Lambert 5:27.40
9 Sarah Daly 5:43.53
10 Rebecca Alizzi 6:12.51
11 Anna Hager 6:31.37
12 Jamila Odeh 6:36.33
400m Dash
5 Jess Mueller 1:05.85
8 Caroline Darmody 1:11.03
600m Run
7 Mary Doris Reggie 1:41.02
11 Susie Wasserman 1:41.03
800m Run
3 Hoiwan Cheung 2:22.24
5 Keri Lambert 2:25.19
7 Zoe Pagonis 2:27.95
1000m Run
2 Melissa Sullivan 3:01.87
4 Lauren Almeida 3:08.59
5 Eliza Schalch 3:12.43
7 Elodie Reed 3:14.62
200m Dash
1 Jade McKnight 27.95
14 Caroline Darmody 32.74
5000m Run
1 Sophie Galleher 18:49.07
2 Ali Simeone 18:49.46
5 Shannon McKenna 19:12.03
4x400m Relay
4 McKnight 64.3
Mueller 65.0
Darmody 74.4
Simeone 75.2
4x800m Relay
1 Cheung 2:25.2
Reggie 2:26.3
Almeida 2:30.6
Wasserman 2:28.5
6 Schalch 2:31.8
Pagonis 2:31.4
Reed 2:35.2
Galleher 2:46.8
Triple Jump
4 Jess Mueller 10.15m
Long Jump
5 Jess Mueller 4.64m



Performers of the Meet: Andrew Erskine '13 and Jade McKnight '13

Following two weeks of Interterm double sessions, the Amherst College Lord Jeffs traveled cross state on the Mass Pike to Brandeis University beneath clear, warm skies at the height of the legendary New England January thaw to compete in Reggie Poyau Track Meet.  The Jeffs made their mark early.  In the men’s 3000m run, senior captain Dan Murner battled Brandeis’s Devon Holgate, with the former finishing in a close second of 8:44.91, following a late surge in the final 200 meters in which Murner gained the lead and nearly won.  “Danimal” led five other Amherst harriers in the race, as first years Andrew Erskine, Dillon Buckley, junior Travis Cohoon, first year Patrick Grimes, and junior Jack Seaver finished 6th, 9th, 11th, 13th, and 14th.  On the women’s side of the same distance, first year Sarah Daly finished 5th in 10:42.74 to lead a pack of Amherst runners comprising Senior Cate Knuff, first years Rebecca Alizzi and Abby Hopper, and sophomore Anna Hagar, who crossed the line at 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th.  In the sprints, Spencer Russell took a weekend away from the hurdles to compete in the 55m dash.  Amidst speculation that the field might not have been able to hear the starter’s gun over Spencer’s hair, the sophomore posted a 4th place, 6.96 effort in the finals.  He was joined in the event by first year Wrenford Thaffe, who made his collegiate debut with a 7.48 run in the preliminaries, good for 14th.  First year Jade McKnight constituted Amherst’s lone entrant on the women’s side and placed 4th in the finals with a DIII-qualifying mark of 7.89 in her dash debut.  The field in the men’s mile included five Lord Jeffs, who finished 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 16th.  Senior captain Kit Callahan led the group, barely edging classmate Dan Murner, while senior Will Bell crossed the line with Andrew Erskine hot on his heels, and Travis Cohoon rounding out the Amherst entries.  In the women’s mile, sophomore Melissa Sullivan led from the gun to a 5:08.08 finish to clinch first by a little over a tenth of a second.  First year Keri Lambert followed in 5th, and Sarah Daly, Rebecca Alizzi, Anna Hagar, and Jamila Odeh crossed in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. 

Seven – yes, seven – Amherst men competed in the 400m dash, three of whom ran under 52 seconds.  Sophomore Andrew Reed, having recovered from a football season to remember, led the Jeff with a 51.60, 3rd place finish.  Junior Tommy Moore, never to be found far from Reed, placed fourth in 51.71, and junior Thebe Tsatsimpe, who took 1st in the men’s long jump with a 6.48m leap, shed a full second from his time in December, crossing in 51.78.  Junior Andre Gary, senior captain Larry Thompson, classmate Keith Pendergrass, and first year Ofori Amponsah finished in 6th, 11th, 12th, and 16th.  In contrast, the women’s 400 featured only two Jeffs.  First year Jess Mueller placed 5th with a 65.85 and senior Caroline Darmody placed 8th with a 71.03.  Mueller also placed 4th in the triple jump and 5th in the long.  Junior Ryan Drost led a trio of Amherst long sprinters in the men’s 600m run with a 1:27.04, good for 7th.  Sophomores Chris Erickson and Pete “Clown Shoes” Skurman finished in 11th and 16th.  In the women’s 600, senior captain Mary Doris Reggie and junior Susie Wasserman placed first and second in a thrilling 1:41.02 to 1:41.03 finish.  The men’s 800m run contained three Amherst runners, doubling from the 3000m run earlier.  Grimes led them with a tenacious 2nd place finish in 2:00.33.  Buckley and Seaver followed in 8th and 9th.  On the women’s side, senior captain Hoiwan Cheung finished in a close 3rd at 2:22.24 and junior Zoe Pagonis crossed in 2:27.95 for 7th.  The men’s 1000m run saw sophomore Ben Scheetz and first year Adron Pitmon continue their string of 1/2 finishes, this time in 2:32.93 and 2:34.38, respectively.  In the women’s 1000, Melissa Sullivan doubled from the mile to finish in a 3:01.87, good for 2nd place.  First year Lauren Almeida, sophomore Eliza Schalch, and first year Elodie Reed took 4th, 5th, and 7th.  Fresh from a relaxing 400 meters, Ofori Amponsah sailed to a 24.60, 7th place finish in the men’s 200.  Classmate Wrenford Thaffe took 19th, with a 26.47 run.  In the women’s event, McKnight took Emmanuel’s Simone Ford at the line to win the event in a cool 27.95.  Senior Caroline Darmody placed 14th in 32.74.  Junior Kevin Hanley flew solo for the Lord Jeffs in the men’s 5000m run, taking fourth in 16:14.29; however, sources close to the program have said that his “power beard” created too much drag and likely cost him a greater PR.  The women recorded a 1/2 finish in the 5000m as senior captain Sophie Galleher and first year Ali Simeone crossed in 18:49.07 and 18:49.46.  Sophomore Shannon McKenna placed 5th. 

The day closed with a flurry of relays.  The men’s 4x400m saw 400 men Reed, Tsatsimpe, and Moore joined by Russell to finish in 3:27.73 for 3rd.  For the women, McKnight, Mueller, Darmody and Simeone, having come immediately from the 5000m, placed 4th in 4:38.61.  Both genders fielded two teams in the 4x800m relay.  Bell, Pitmon, Scheetz, and Callahan teamed up to finish in a 1st place 8:04.38 run, while Drost, Erickson, Skurman, and Pendergrass stretched their legs in a sixth place finish just over the nine-minute mark.  Finally, in the women’s 3200m relay, Cheung joined with Reggie, Almeida, and Wasserman for another Amherst win, this one in 9:50.47, and Schalch, Pagonis, Reed, and Galleher closed out the day in 10:24.99.