2009 Amherst Invite


   Dear Coaches,

            I hope that you are doing well and I am looking forward to potentially seeing you and your teams at the 2009 Amherst XC Invitational. If you are planning to attend, please email me to confirm your participation.

Date:               Saturday, September 12th

Race time:            Women at 10:30 and Men at 11:15

5k Races:        BOTH teams will run the 5k course

Awards:         No awards will be given out.

Entry Fee:      $20 per team – Men & Women separate

Results:           Will be available the day of the meet, both team and individual, and they will be posted on our website that day.

Scoring:          The normal

Rosters:          Email me - elnedeau@amherst.edu - your rosters by Tuesday, September 8th. There is no limit to roster size.

Check-in:       Check-in will be by the finish line by the baseball field. Teams will receive a packet containing maps, numbers and safety pins. If there are any additions to your roster, please give them to us as soon as possible.

Parking:         The parking lot is on the right as you enter the driveway to the athletic facilities on Route 116. Teams can also park along the road running perpendicular to the athletic facilities – Hitchcock Road, the one that leads to the track. Then walk down the hill and underpass and you will reach the athletic fields behind the gym.

5k course:       The course is 98% on grass and trails. We will start on the upper field and go across and then make a left turn down the hill and run across the lower athletic fields and then along the back of the athletic field towards the lower tennis courts. Then turning left towards the blue shed and following the cinder road to the left of the trail and then along the trails; crossing the bike path and entering the Field loop (1.1 miles) and doing the loop one time. The runners will exit the field where they came up and take a left at the top of the short trail hill and follow that trail until they get to the cinder road adjacent to the tennis courts. Once on the cinder road, they will take their first right into the middle trail and follow that until taking a sharp left turn at the fork, and then they will come out on the cinder road that they first came in on. From here, they will finish reverse of the way that they started and go straight across the athletic field, up the short grass ramp and then the finish is straight across the upper field by the baseball field. The course will be chalked, have flags and have people giving directions.

Facilities:        Our athletic trainer will be on site, but please bring your own supplies. Also, please come dressed to run as locker room space is limited.


I look forward to seeing you on the 12th. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 413 542 8117 or email me at elnedeau@amherst.edu.


In running

Erik Nedeau
Amherst College M&W Cross-country