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2009 All New England Championships

May 8th and 9th at UMass Amherst

Full Results

Team Scoring

Men 33rd w/ 4 points and Women 23rd w/ 9 points

Amherst Results

Men 100 Meter Dash
26    Legister, Sean         Amherst                  11.34   
Men 400 Meter Dash
26    Stewart, Stephen       Amherst                  50.60   
27    Reed, Andrew           Amherst                  50.61  
Men 1500 Meter Run
9    Yochum, Will           Amherst                3:53.92
14   Swanson, Jimmy         Amherst                3:55.77
18   Corsello, Steven       Amherst                3:57.88
22   Bell, William          Amherst                3:58.63
Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase
8    Foote, Peter           Amherst                9:29.18  
15   McGrail, John          Amherst                9:41.53
Men 5000 Meter Run
17   Eubank, Carlyle        Amherst               15:11.13
Men 10000 Meter Run
7    Holaday, Eric          Amherst               32:32.51  
Men 110 Meter Hurdles
12   Russell, Spencer       Amherst                  15.68   
Men 4x100 Meter Relay
8 Amherst  'A'                                          42.77
Fuller, Legister, Moore, Reed  
Men 4x400 Meter Relay
15 Amherst  'A'                                        3:21.09   
Moore 50.2, Fuller 50.1, Drost 50.5, Reed 50.2
Men 4x800 Meter Relay
8 Amherst  'A'                               7:44.88 – School Record
Stewart 1:56.4, Yochum 1:56.0, Callahan 1:57.0, Scheetz 1:55.3
400 Meter Dash
30    Levenson, Carly        Amherst                1:00.46   
Women 800 Meter Run
20    Sullivan, Melissa      Amherst                2:17.10
Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase
12    Galleher, Sophia       Amherst               11:25.18
15    Walton, Zandra         Amherst               11:32.61
24    Pritchard, Melissa     Amherst               12:04.79
Women 5000 Meter Run
13    Schwab, Hallie         Amherst               18:11.40
18    Wong, Christina        Amherst               18:32.90
Women 10000 Meter Run
3     Dalton, Liz            Amherst               39:15.97  
Women 400 Meter Hurdles
19    Wasserman, Susan       Amherst                1:07.50   
30    Silverman, Kate        Amherst                1:08.54  
Women 4x400 Meter Relay
13 Amherst  'A'                                        4:07.74   
Mancino 62.7, Reggie 61.4, Loomis 65.0, Wasserman 58.4 
Women 4x800 Meter Relay
6 Amherst  'A'                                 9:14.22 – School Record    
Levenson 2:18.4, Priedeman 2:18.6, Sullivan 2:17.9, Walton 2:19.3  


Meet Recap

Performers of the Meet - Eric Holaday and Melissa Sullivan

The teams headed down the hill to compete against the best teams in the region at the All New England Championships held at UMass and came away with some outstanding performances to either finish their season's on or in some cases, extend their season by another week. Both the men and women broke the school records in the 4x800 on Saturday as the women's team placed 6th, running a 9:14.22 with Carly Levenson leading off with a 2:18 split, Molly Priedeman running a 2:18, Melissa Sullivan throwing in a 2:17 and then Zandra Walton - having earlier run the steeplechase and filling in for an injured Hoiwan - running a 2:19 anchor leg to cap the great race. The men, in the very next race were not to be outdone by the women as Steve Stewart opened up with a 1:56 followed by Will Yochum in a 1:56, Kit Callahan came through in 1:57 before handing off to Ben Scheetz - who despite a very limited amount of running this spring - came through with a 1:55 leg and the record fell by nearly 4 seconds. On Friday, Liz Dalton grabbed a 3rd place finish in the 10k - run when it is less then ideal conditions, but despite the heat, she ran great and came away with the highest placing for the team. Hallie Schwab and Christina Wong raced in the unseeded 5k section with Hallie winning her section and Christina coming through with a 10 second PR. Eric Holaday ran a very patient race and avoided going out too hard early on, and then started to move through the pack as the race unfolded and moved all the way to 7th place, running to a time of 32:33. Carlyle Eubank figured out the last 1000 of the 5k, and ran considerably faster then previous attempts, as he knocked his time down to a 15:11. Steve Stewart and Andrew Reed ran 50.60 and 50.61 in the 400 trials, while Sean Legister improved his season best time to an 11.34 in the 100 trials. While not advancing to the finals, Spencer Russell did run fast enough 15.68 to hit the mark needed for ECAC's. The steeplechase got the saturday portion of the meet started, and Sophie Galleher and Zandra Walton raced together for much of their race with Sophie dropping under 11:30 and Zandra finishing a little bit ahead of her previous best time on the year. In the same section, Melissa pritchard just missed breaking the 12:00 barrier and she finished with her best race as well. John McGrail in the unseeded section did much of the early leading, and wound up finishing in a new PR of 9:41. The men's 4x100 relay of Anthony Fuller, Legs, Tommy Moore and Andrew capitalized on good handoff's and not only ran under 43 seconds but also managed to grab the final scoring spot as they finished 8th. The 1500 proved to be a great race for the team as all four of the guys dropped their times from the season as Will Bell finally got under 4:00 as he was in the first section and ran 3:58. Jimmy Swanson - battling a foot problem for much of the past month - was able to put him injury on the back burner and finished well in 3:55 with Steve Corsello knocking 8 seconds off his time to finish in a 3:57. Will Yochum ran in the fastest section and wound up finishing 9th overall, just dipping under 3:54 and slightly improving his NCAA ranking. Sully, before running a leg on the record breaking 4x800, got her day started by knocking nearly a second and a half off her 800 time as she ran 2:17.11 to finish in second in her section. Peter Foote grabbed an 8th place in the steeplechase, just off his best time recorded at NESCAC's 2 weeks ago. The women's 4x400 relay of Jenny Mancino, Mary Doris Reggie, Kat Loomis and Susie Wasserman ran a 4:07 bolstered by Susie's 58.4 carry. The men's team of Tommy, A-train, Andrew and Ryan Drost stepping in to replace Stew who was running the 4x800, ran to a 3:21.09 and 15th place finish with Ryan running his best ever relay split of 50.5 and all the other legs in the low 50.