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Smith College Tartan Invitational

Feb 7th, 2009

Full Results

Team Results

Women 1st with 170.5 points, Men 3rd with 124

Amherst Individual Results

(Men followed by Women)

55 Anthony  Fuller 6.83
55 Anthony  Scola 6.93
55 Michael Dolmatch 7.14
200 Anthony  Fuller 24.21
200 Larry  Thompson 24.29
200 Sean Legister 24.42
200 Keith Pendergrass 24.86
200 Michael Dolmatch 25.61
400 Ben Scheetz 50.71
400 Thomas Moore 51.76
400 Larry  Thompson 54.70
400 Keith Pendergrass 55.21
400 Spencer Russell 57.06
600 Ryan Drost 1:27.52
600 Chris Erickson 1:32.51
600 Peter Skurman 1:33.85
800 Steven Corsello 1:55.79
800 Jimmy Swanson 1:55.80
800 Chris Callahan 2:03.03
800 Thomas Anderson 2:05.80
1000 William Bell 2:32.46
1000 Carlyle Eubank 2:37.88
1000 Steven Stewart 2:42.30
1000 Geoff Ainslie 2:47.33
Mile Daniel Murner 4:27.09
Mile Peter Foote 4:27.92
Mile William  Yochum 4:30.07
Mile John McGrail 4:35.58
Mile Kevin Hanley 4:39.93
3000 Joseph Addison 9:25.20
3000 Jack Seaver 9:36.36
3000 Travis Cohoon 9:42.71
5000 Eric Holaday 15:55.76
5000 Will Fairhurst 16:12.03
LJ Andre Gary 5.89
LJ Sean Legister 5.49
LJ Anthony  Scola 5.56
4x400 Moore 51.5 Stewart 51.3 3:26.14
Swanson 52.5 Scheetz 50.7
4x400 Drost 53.7 Gary 51.7 3:33.73
Fuller 53.4 Erickson 54.8
4x800 Bell 2:00.5 Callahan 2:03.3 8:09.35
Corsello 1:59.7 Eubank 2:05.1
4x800 Ainslie 2:11.7 Addison 2:14.7 9:07.58
Seaver 2:17.8 Cohoon 2:21.2


55 Mattie Baker 8.04
200 Mattie Baker 28.18
200 Kathryn Loomis 28.29
200 Jennifer Rybak 29.07
200 Caroline Darmody 31.77
400 Kathryn Loomis 63.19
400 Kate  Silverman 63.47
400 Emily Dick 64.05
400 Caroline Darmody 70.77
600 Carly Levenson 1:39.81
600 Susan Wasserman 1:40.61
600 Mary Doris Reggie 1:40.84
600 Melissa Sullivan 1:43.58
600 Hoiwan Cheung 1:44.23
600 Mariana Palacios 1:44.29
800 Eliza Schalch 2:24.07
800 Ellen Richmond 2:41.60
1000 Zandra  Walton 3:03.71
1000 Molly Priedeman 3:08.11
Mile Sophia Galleher 5:24.06
Mile Hallie Schwab 5:27.58
Mile Liz Dalton 5:29.31
Mile Shannon McKenna 5:30.44
Mile Ellen Richmond 5:50.97
3000 Elise Tropiano 10:01.44
3000 Christina Wong 10:55.27
5000 Catherine Knuff 19:07.26
5000 Melissa Pritchard 19:29.40
5000 Anna Hager 20:52.42
55H Kate  Silverman 9.76
55H Kathryn Loomis 10.25
HJ Jenny Mancino 1.50
HJ Jennifer Rybak 1.40
SP Jordan Roehl 10.98
SP Chibuzo Uwakaneme 8.44
WT Jordan Roehl 11.44
WT Chibuzo Uwakaneme 7.72
4x400 Levenson 61.7 Mancino 63.3 4:07.59
Reggie 61.5 Wasserman 61.2
4x400 Silverman, Dick Cheung, Loomis 4:19.73
4x800 Tropiano 2:26.1 Schalch 2:26.7 9:53.34
Palcios 2:27.9 pagonis 2:31.3


Meet Recap:

Performers of the Meet - Ben Scheetz and Kate Silverman

Staying local, the teams headed next door to Smith College to compete against 11 other teams at the Tartan Invitational. The women dominated the running events, as they swept victories in everything longer then 2 laps en route to a big victory while the men finished 3rd overall behind several victories in the running events. Zandra Walton and Ben Scheetz have now run 4 meets this season, and have found victory with each race - this week with wins in the 1000 (Zandra) and 400 (Ben). The women swept the top 3 places in the 600 as Carly Levenson, Susie Wasserman and Mary Doris Reggie formed a fast line of purple blur from the very start, and then the three joined with Jenny Mancino to demolish the field in the 4x400 relay. Zandra and Molly Priedeman went 1-2 in the 1000, despite both battling the flu / cold that is spreading through campus. First Year Liza Schalch had a dominating victory as she blew away the field in the 800 with a PR time, and capped the day with a victory in the 4x800 along with Elise Tropiano, Mariana Palacios and Zoe Pagonis. Elise warmed up for her 800 leg of the relay by cruising to a relaxed victory in the 3k, clicking off 40 second laps like clockwork, while Christina Wong had a big PR, getting under 11 minutes for the first time. Sophie Galleher had a wire to wire victory in the mile, as fellow distance partners - Liz Dalton, Hallie Schwab and Shannon McKenna dropped down to try a shorter race before heading out for a workout after. Cate Knuff, got the winning streak in the running events started by running away from the field in the 5k while melissa Pritchard had a strong race to dip under 19:30. Kate Silverman PR'd in the finals of the 55 hurdles, and then went from the finish line and straight into the blocks for the 400, and then grabbed a 4th place finish with her second best indoor 400 ever, and then finished the day with a strong relay leg. Also in the 400, placing 3rd and 5th, with indoor PR's were Kat Loomis and Emily Dick - as both got marks for DIII NEw England's in the process. Jordan Roehl grabbed another shot put victory, inching out the WPI competitor and then had another throw over 11 meters in the weight throw to place 6th there. Mattie Baker continues to flirt with the 8.00 barrier, as she again just missed breaking under before coming back to again come across the line as the fastest sprinter on the team for the day in the 200. While not placing in the scoring, Ellen Richmond had a nice 10 second PR in the Mile.

Ben Scheetz stepped down to the 400, and in a nice gear change on the back stretch of the 2nd lap, pulled away from the early leader, Tommy Moore, to run to a new indoor PR for the 400, while Tommy would finish in 3rd with a 51.76. The two would later join with Jimmy Swanson and Steve Stewart to run away from the field in the 4x400. Some of the distance guys stepped down to the mile, and Daniel Murner, Peter Foote and Will Yochum were at the front from the very start of the race and would finish with a 1-2-3 sweep. The 800 might have been the days most exciting event as Jimmy Swanson and Steve Corsello went through the first 400 in 57 and then ran together all the way through to the line, coming in separated by .01 seconds, with both running under 1:56 while Kit Callahan would complete the 1-2-3 sweep with his 3rd place finish in 2:03. Will Bell grabbed the reigns in the 1000m early and ran to a big PR, lowering his best to a 2:32. Eric Holaday - getting back into the racing mind set following a nagging leg injury, was able to run away from a WPI runner in the last couple of laps to secure the victory in the 5k. Anthony "A Train" Fuller finished 8th in the dash, as he dropped his time considerably from earlier this season and then came back to lead the sprinters in the 200, and had another strong relay leg as he get closer to breaking 53 seconds in the 400. Andre Gary finishing 6th in the long jump, and then in the B section of the 4x400 he ran a 51.6 leg, and will look to build on that speed in the coming weeks. The men finished the day with an easy victory in the 4x800 as Bell, Callahan, Corsello and Carlyle Eubank ran strong to win the days last event in an 8:09.