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Reggie Poyau Invite at Brandeis

January 24th, 2009


Full Results


Team Scoring

Men 5th with 90 and Women 3rd with 110


Amherst Results - Men followed by Women

Men 600 Meter Run
  1 Scheetz, Ben                 1:24.89   
  6 Drost, Ryan                  1:27.61   
 13 Erickson, Chris              1:30.10   
Men 800 Meter Run
  1 Corsello, Steven             1:59.41      
  2 Stewart, Stephen             1:59.68     
Men 3000 Meter Run
  1 McGrail, John                8:45.67      
  5 Foote, Peter                 8:53.02       
  6 Yochum, Will                 8:54.37       
 20 Addison, Joseph              9:30.41  
 21 Seaver, Jack                 9:31.82  
Men 5000 Meter Run
 1 Murner, Daniel               15:19.74    
Men 55 Meter Dash
15 Fuller, Anthony              6.94    
Men 200 Meter Dash
19 Fuller, Anthony              24.74    
Men 400 Meter Dash
  2 Moore, Tommy                 52.20     
15 Pendergrass, Keith           55.83   
Men 1 Mile Run
  3 Bell, William                4:23.14       
  4 Swanson, Jimmy               4:24.01       
  8 Corsello, Steven             4:29.46       
  11 Eubank, Carlyle              4:32.55  
Men 1000 Meter Run
  3 Bell, William                2:36.77     
  8 Swanson, Jimmy               2:41.20     
Men 4x400 Meter Relay
4 Amherst  'A'                                      3:35.38   
Moore 51.8, Drost 53.9, Stewart 58.9 (tripped) Scheetz 50.5 
 10 Amherst  3:44.19        
Pendergrass 55.1, Erickson 55.5, Fuller 54.1, Skurman 59.5 
Women 3000 Meter Run
  1 Walton, Zandra               10:30.24      
  2 Galleher, Sophia             10:33.09       
  5 Schwab, Hallie               10:38.39       
  13 Zaccagnino, Laura            11:48.96  
  16 Hager, Anna                  12:23.53  
Women 5000 Meter Run
  1 Dalton, Liz                  18:34.95      
  6 McKenna, Shannon             19:30.55       
Women 55 Meter Dash
  8 Baker, Mattie                8.01    
   30 Erickson, Therese            8.64    
Women 200 Meter Dash
  8 Baker, Mattie                28.36         
   15 Mancino, Jenny               29.19   
  34 Erickson, Therese            30.91    
40 Darmody, Caroline            32.37    
Women 400 Meter Dash
  5 Loomis, Kathryn              1:03.89         
  6 Silverman, Kate              1:04.42       
 15 Darmody, Caroline            1:09.91    
Women 1 Mile Run
  4 Schalch, Eliza               5:30.82      
   13 Richmond, Ellen              6:02.86  
Women 600 Meter Run
 4 Wasserman, Susan             1:40.37   
5 Reggie, Mary Doris           1:41.52       
  8 Sullivan, Melissa            1:44.05       
 14 Gnirke, Marlis               1:51.50    
Women 800 Meter Run
 3 Cheung, Hoiwan               2:25.89       
  5 Palacios, Mariana            2:26.50       
  10 Richmond, Ellen              2:44.45  
Women 1000 Meter Run
  3 Levenson, Carly              3:07.60       
  5 Priedeman, Molly             3:11.99       
Women 55 Meter Hurdles
   14 Loomis, Kathryn              10.08    
Women 4x400 Meter Relay
  1 Amherst  'A'                                      4:08.26
Wasserman 61.8, Priedeman 63.5, Reggie 61.8, Levenson 61     
  4 Amherst  'B'                                      4:20.63
Silverman 65.1, Looomis 65.8, Mancino 65.7, Cheung 63.9       
  5 Amherst  'C'                                      4:23.12
Palacios 65.7, Sullivan 64.6, Erickson 67.8, Rybak 64.8      
Women High Jump
  4 Mancino, Jenny               J1.50m    4-11.00      
  5 Rybak, Jennifer              1.45m    4-09.00      
Women Shot Put
  5 Roehl, Jordan                10.99m   36-00.75      
23 Uwakaneme, Chibuzo           8.69m   28-06.25 
Women Weight Throw
10 Roehl, Jordan                10.73m   35-02.50 
  19 Uwakaneme, Chibuzo           9.20m   30-02.25 


Meet Recap

Athletes of the Meet - John McGrail and Liz Dalton

The teams capped off their 3 week long intersession with a great meet at Brandeis. With classes set to resume on MOnday the three weeks of double session practices going at 7:30 and 3:30, and in the middle of each day volunteering at the Amherst Survival Center now come to an end. Despite the tiredness of the legs and minds from the strength focused training, the athletes have competed extremely well and now look forward to the return of single sessions and focusing on getting sharp for the remainder of the season. Daniel Murner negative split his 5k, following carlyle Eubank through the 2 Mile at 10:00 before running a 4:46 3rd mile to cruise to a victory. John McGrail - despite being sick all week and nor working out, found some magic as he pushed the pace in the 3k, taking the lead just before the mile mark and then used a huge kick to PR by nearly 10 seconds en route to his 8:45.67 win with Peter Foote and Will Yochum each running well under 9:00. Ben Scheetz ran an uncontested 600, taking the lead from the gun and never being challenged as he dipped under 1:25 for his 2nd collegiate victory - Ryan Drost grabbed 6th in that race, and Chris Erickson ran to a big PR, just missing breaking 1:30 (1:30.10). Steve Corsello, despite having run the mile earlier in the day, came back even stronger in the 800 to grab his first college win as he took the lead just after the first 200 to lead Amherst to a 1-2 finish as he and Steve Stewart each ran under 2:00. Tommy Moore ran a strong 400, and in a blanket finish - with .3 seconds separating the Top5 guys - he was able to sneak in for 2nd, and then at the end of the meet had a great lead off leg to start the 4x400 that could have been even more exciting as Ryan Drost kept us neck and neck with Bowdoin, and Steve Stewart - on the 3rd leg was running stride for stride with the leader when he was tripped from behind by a Bates runner and crashed to the track and we were knocked out of contention, but he did finish, and Ben Scheetz ran a 50.5 to help us grab 4th.Will Bell had a great day as he just missed breaking his PR in the mile, as he jumped into the lead from the gun and pushed the pace the entire race, ultimately grabbing a very close 3rd, and then running from the front in the 100 to again repeat with a 3rd place finish. Jimmy Swanson finished 4th in the mile and coming back to grab 8th in the 1000.

Zandra Walton and Liz Dalton book ended the meet with victories in the individual events as Zandra won a very strong 3k to kick off the meet as the first individual event as Sophie Galleher led for 14 of the 15 laps, and succumbed to the thunderous kick of Z as she would win in 10:30 while Sophie grabbed 2nd with a big kick of her own in 10:33 and Hallie Schwab in 5th with a strong indoor opener and in the 2nd section, Anna Hager had a great race. In the last individual event of the day, Liz led for nearly the entire race - 25 laps - and narrowly missed her PR but opened up the season with a very solid 18:34 with Shannon McKenna grabbing 6th.grabbed. The 3rd victory for the team came in the 4x400 as Susie Wasserman opened up with a big lead that provided the cushion for the rest of the team, as Molly Priedeman, Mary Doris Reggie and Carly Levenson ran to a 4:08. Earlier in the meet, Susie and mary Doris finished 4th and 5th in the 600 and Melissa Sullivan grabbed an 8th place point as she qualified for DIII NE's, while Carly and Molly grabbed 3rd and 5th respectively in the 1000, that despite a slow opening 400, heated up towards the end. Hoiwan Cheung grabbed 3rd place in the 800 with mariana palacios hot on her heels as both hit DIII NE marks. Jenny Mancino and Jennifer Rybak grabbed 4th and 5th in the high jump, with clearances of 4-11 and 4-9, while back to back finishes were also seen in the 400 as Kat Loomis and Kate SIlverman grabbed 5th and 6th. Mattie Baker finished 8th on both the 55 nd the 200 to lead the short sprinters. Eliza Schalch finished 4th in the mile to grab team points, and in the shot put Jordan Roehl grabbed 5th place, and then in the weight, she along with teammate Chi Uwakaneme each bettered their previous best marks as they continue to improve in the new event.