Tufts Invitational #3

February 16th

Full Results

Amherst Results

Men followed by Women

5000 Peter Foote 15:28.19 1
3000 Peter Harrison 8:47.15 1
800 Jimmy Swanson 1:57.25 3
3000 John McGrail 8:55.32 5
3000 Eric Holaday 8:56.24 8
3000 Florian Reichert 9:05.19 11
Mile Mike Harbus 4:25.56 12
3000 Daniel Murner 9:05.30 12
55 Anthony Fuller 6.85 13
5000 Ben Mears 16:25.14 13
800 Thomas Anderson 2:02.80 14
600 Ryan Drost 1:27.66 16
1000 John McGrail 2:48.40 18
800 Ben Read 2:07.63 18
400 Keith Pendergrass 53.58 20
1000 Jack Seaver 2:58.71 20
Mile Florian Reichert 4:35.47 22
Mile Daniel Murner 4:42.58 26
400 Steve Shashy 55.41 28
Mile Jack Seaver 4:56.94 38
4x800 Amherst 8:13.42 4
Peter Harrison 2:03.1
Ryan Drost 2:05.1
Tom Anderson 2:04.3
Jimmy Swanson 2:00.9
4x400 Amherst 3:43.58 7
Keith Pendergrass 53.8
Steve Shashy 55.8
Ben Read 54.8
Peter Foote 58.9
5000 Kim Partee 18:22.66 1
3000 Elise Tropiano 10:27.46 2
3000 Heather Wilson 10:27.59 3
400 Carly Levenson 60.64 4
Mile Elise Tropiano 5:11.23 4
3000 Liz Dalton 10:43.11 5
3000 Catherine Knuff 10:46.48 6
800 Zandra Walton 2:19.03 6
200 Jennifer Rybak 28.09 7
Mile Hallie Schwab 5:22.67 7
Mile Heather Wilson 5:23.09 8
200 Mattie Baker 28.15 9
1000 Mary Doris Reggie 3:15.92 11
3000 Christina Wong 11:11.72 11
Mile Katie Moravec 5:26.28 12
600 Kate  Silverman 1:43.38 12
200 Kathryn Loomis 28.95 13
800 Zoe Pagonis 2:27.35 13
HJ Jennifer Rybak 1.45m 13
200 Jenny Mancino 29.15 15
HJ Jenny Mancino 1.45m 15
600 Hoiwan Cheung 1:44.95 16
600 Mariana Palacios 1:47.14  17
400 Emily Dick 63.87 18
55H Kate  Silverman 9.74 18
55H Zoe Pagonis 9.74 19
1000 Hallie Schwab 3:14.91 19
55 Mattie Baker 8.06 20
1000 Katie Moravec 3:14.92 20
Mile Melissa Pritchard 5:38.83 20
55 Emily Dick 8.09 22
800 Melissa Pritchard 2:44.81 22
Mile Cara Giaimo 5:44.94 25
55H Kathryn Loomis 10.16 27
1000 Lauren Benson 3:30.03 30
4x800 Amherst 9:40.99 3
Mary Doris Reggie 2:26.8
Hoiwan Cheung 2:29.2
Carly Levenson 2:22.4
Zandra Walton 2:22.4
4x400 "A" Amherst 4:14.55 3
Emily Dick 63.5
Jennifer Rybak 63.5
Mariana Palacios 64.9
Kate Silverman 62.5
4x400 "B" Amherst 4:29.87 9
Jenny Mancino 64.5
Zoe Pagonis 67.2
Kathryn Loomis 65.9
Lauren Benson 72.3


Meet Recap

Performers of the Meet - Eric Holaday'10 and Zoe Pagonis'11

In the last meet before the Championship portion of the season gets under way, the teams headed back to Tufts for a non-scoring invite that would provide the team with opportunities to sharpen up for the championships, qualify for them or finish their seasons on a high note. The men made the most noise in the distance events, where Peter Foote and Pete Harrison would both race to new PRs en route to victories in the 5k and 3k respectively. Footie used a negative split approach, with a strong last mile to knock off nearly 20 seconds from his 5k previous best, while Pete used a big kick to grab the win in the last 50 meters. Also in the 3k, and finishing in 5th and 8th, were John McGrail and Eric Holaday - who lowered his PR by over 10 seconds to earn a championship mark. Jimmy Swanson grabbed 3rd in a very physical 800, running to his non-relay PR. Keith Pendergrass had a strong race in the 400, and Steve Shashy - aka Mr. 55 - hit the 55 mark again in both the open and later in the relay. Ryan Drost raced to a 1:27.66 in the 600, good enough for 16th, and then at the last second, moved into the 4 x 800 relay, where he joined up with Pete, Jimmy and Tommy Anderson ran 8:13.42 to grab 4th place. In the mile, Mike Harbus placed 12th with his 4:25 and Florian Reichert and Daniel Murner - who had both used the day as a workout and had run the 3k at a 5k effort and then with short rest, came back strong in the mile.

Returning to indoors for the first time this season, Kim Partee run unchallenged in the 5k for an convincing and relaxed win, posting an 18:22, and grabbing the lone victory for the team. Zoe Pagonis had a great day as she ran to her best time in the 55 Hurdles, and then did the same thing later in the day with the 800 as she raced under the DIII NE qualifying mark - for good measure and to show her toughness, she also ran a strong leg of the 4x400 but got tangled u at the exchange and took a nasty spill. Elise Tropiano and Heather Wilson used the meet to work on strength, as they ran a conservative 3k before coming back with little rest to run the mile with tired legs, and placed 2-3 in the 3k and then 4th and 8th in the mile. In the 3k, Liz Dalton and Cate Knuff continued to show big improvements as they, as they have been doing consistently, lowered their best times yet again, and it looked like Christina Wong would also run to a new PR and hit the qualifying mark needed for DIII NE's until she got tangled up with another runner in the last 100 meters, and went down hard on the track. Carly Levenson dropped down to the 400, and raced to her best time of the year, as did Emily Dick in the next section. Zandra Walton finished 6th in the 800, running her best mark of the year, and then anchored the 4x800 relay team of Carly, Mary Doris Reggie and Hoiwan Cheung to a 3rd place finish. Jennifer Rybak and Mattie Baker placed 7th and 9th in the 200, and then JRy teamed up with Emily, Mariana Palacios and Kate Silverman to grab 3rd in the 4 x 400 relay. Kate, before getting to the relay had a season best time on the hurdles, and then also had a strong race in the 600 where she placed 12th, with Hoiwan and Mariana coming in at 16th and 17th. Hallie Schwab and Katie Moravec had a nice little speed work session as they both ran well in the mile, and then came back later to run fast marks in the 1000. Melissa Pritchard and Cara Giaimo each raced well in their sections of the mile, while Jenny Mancino grabbed a pair of 15th place finishes in the 200 and high Jump.