<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> 2007 Little Three's

Little Three Championships

April 21st at Williams College

Full Results

Amherst Results

Women - 2nd with 116.5 and Men - 3rd with 86.5

(Women followed by Men and Recap at Bottom of Page)

Women 100 Meter Dash
  5 Baker, Mattie                Amherst                  13.88       
  8 McGinn, Amanda               Amherst                  14.03       
 10 Loomis, Kat                  Amherst                 x14.22    

Women 200 Meter Dash
  4 Campbell, Hanna              Amherst                  27.58       
  7 Baker, Mattie                Amherst                  28.78       
  9 Loomis, Kat                  Amherst                 x29.95    
  12 Darmody, Caroline            Amherst                 x31.23   
Women 400 Meter Dash
  4 Levenson, Carly              Amherst                1:00.72      
  6 Mancino, Jenny               Amherst                1:03.72       
 10 Palacios, Mariana            Amherst               x1:06.30    
  12 Darmody, Caroline            Amherst               x1:08.92   
Women 800 Meter Run
  3 McDermott-Murphy, Caitli     Amherst                2:18.42     
  8 Walton, Zandra               Amherst                2:22.52     
  11 Priedeman, Molly             Amherst               x2:25.62  
 14 Cheung, Hoiwan               Amherst               x2:27.31  
 15 Ray, Meg                     Amherst               x2:27.42  
 18 Reggie, Mary Doris           Amherst               x2:29.95  
 22 Benson, Lauren               Amherst               x2:42.35  
Women 1500 Meter Run
  2 Tropiano, Elise              Amherst                4:46.07     
  3 Wilson, Heather              Amherst                4:48.50     
  5 Walton, Zandra               Amherst               x4:50.31  
  8 Ray, Meg                     Amherst               x4:55.08  
  16 Mortimer, Laura              Amherst               x5:16.29  
  18 Knuff, Cate                  Amherst               x5:29.02  
Women 5000 Meter Run
  1 Garrahan, Shauneen           Amherst               16:55.34 (Meet record and NCAA Auto)    
  2 Wilson, Heather              Amherst               18:12.81     
  3 Anderson, Nicole             Amherst              x18:57.55  
  8 Dalton, Liz                  Amherst              x19:31.74  
  13 Green, Nicole                Amherst              x20:30.34  
Women 100 Meter Hurdles
  3 Rybak, Jen                   Amherst                  17.90     
  4 McGinn, Amanda               Amherst                  17.92     
  5 Loomis, Kat                  Amherst                 x18.43  
Women 400 Meter Hurdles
  1 Millard, Maria               Amherst                1:04.14       
  3 Silverman, Kate              Amherst                1:08.96     
8 Rybak, Jen                   Amherst               x1:17.87   

Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase
  2 Galleher, Sophie             Amherst               11:58.05    
  3 Moravec, Katie               Amherst               12:14.07    
Women 4x100 Meter Relay
   2 Amherst College  'A'                                  52.95       
     McGinn, Mancino, Baker, Loomis                    
Women 4x400 Meter Relay
  1 Amherst College  'A'                                4:08.33       
    Millard 60.3, M-Murphy 62.0, Campbell 63.3, Levenson 62.6
 4 Amherst College  'B'                               x4:19.54  
   Silverman 64.6, Reggie 64.1, Priedeman 63.9, Mancino 68.8
Women High Jump
  2 Rybak, Jen                   Amherst                  1.50m    
  6 Mancino, Jenny               Amherst                  1.35m     
Women Long Jump
  6 Mancino, Jenny               Amherst                  4.66m   
  7 Rybak, Jen                   Amherst                  4.55m   
 8 McGinn, Amanda               Amherst                 x4.49m   
Women Triple Jump
3 Rybak, Jen                   Amherst                  9.77m     
  5 Mancino, Jenny               Amherst                  9.24m   
  7 Darmody, Caroline            Amherst                 x8.78m    
Women Shot Put
  6 Coombs, Angela               Amherst                  8.89m   
Women Discus Throw
  5 Coombs, Angela               Amherst                 25.01m      
  7 Benson, Lauren               Amherst                 17.35m      
Women Hammer Throw
  3 Coombs, Angela               Amherst                 24.22m      
  4 Benson, Lauren               Amherst                 20.59m      
Women Javelin Throw
  4 Benson, Lauren               Amherst                 21.33m      
  5 Rybak, Jen                   Amherst                 20.79m      

Men 100 Meter Dash
  4 Stricsek, Geoff              Amherst                  12.19       
    6 Nacht, Ian                   Amherst                  12.45     
    8 Shashy, Steve                Amherst                 x13.05  
Men 200 Meter Dash
  8 Moore, Thomas                Amherst                  24.46      
  9 Callahan, Kit                Amherst                  24.51       
 10 Stricsek, Geoff              Amherst                 x24.60    
Men 400 Meter Dash
  4 Stewart, Steve               Amherst                  51.42       
  7 Callahan, Kit                Amherst                  52.55         
8 Moore, Thomas                Amherst                 x52.82   
  9 Pendergrass, Keith           Amherst                 x53.49   
 10 Shashy, Steve                Amherst                 x55.16   

Men 800 Meter Run
  3 Beaty, Basile                Amherst                1:57.48    
  4 Swanson, Jimmy               Amherst                1:57.96    
    7 Glustrom, Eric               Amherst               x1:59.83  
   10 Klein, Ben                   Amherst               x2:04.52  
   12 Read, Ben                    Amherst               x2:06.21  
Men 1500 Meter Run
  1 Babbott, John                Amherst                3:59.92    
  9 Harbus, Mike                 Amherst                4:05.64    
  13 Freese, Nate                 Amherst               x4:08.29  
 14 Cabeza, Romulo               Amherst               x4:08.43  
 15 Murner, Daniel               Amherst               x4:10.12  
  17 Anderson, Thomas             Amherst               x4:11.53  
  23 Kiley, Jack                  Amherst               x4:18.41  
  28 Grigelevich, Stephen         Amherst               x4:24.92  
Men 5000 Meter Run
  1 Eubank, Carlyle              Amherst               15:12.57     
    5 Lakehomer, Harrison          Amherst               15:47.75   
  6 Foote, Peter                 Amherst              x15:59.63  
  7 Harbus, Mike                 Amherst              x15:59.99  
  8 Wilson, Richard              Amherst              x16:05.85  
   12 Freese, Nate                 Amherst              x16:27.33  
 13 Holaday, Eric                Amherst              x16:28.42  
Men 400 Meter Hurdles
  6 Bell, William                Amherst                1:04.99     
  7 Addison, Joseph              Amherst                1:05.71     
Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase
  1 Boley, Robert                Amherst                9:55.49     
  2 Bell, William                Amherst               10:06.36     
    4 Addison, Joseph              Amherst              x10:22.85  
Men 4x100 Meter Relay
  2 Amherst College  'A'                                  45.78     
   Stricsek, Moore, Shashy, Callahan                  
Men 4x400 Meter Relay
  1 Amherst College  'A'                                3:26.27       
    Stewart 53.1, Callahan 52.3, Kiley 49.9, Beaty 50.8                    
 5 Amherst College  'B'                               x3:35.00
   Moore 54.1, Pendergrass 53.4, Cabeza 53.2, Anderson 54.3
 6 Amherst College  'C'                               x3:40.84  
    Swanson 53.7, Shash 57.5, Stricsek 55.7, Glustrom 53.8  
Men High Jump
  3 Boley, Robert                Amherst                  1.71m    
  5 Read, Ben                    Amherst                  1.56m     
Men Shot Put
  6 Shashy, Steve                Amherst                 10.16m    
Men Discus Throw
  5 Shashy, Steve                Amherst                 29.77m      
Men Javelin Throw
  5 Shashy, Steve                Amherst                 38.03m     
  7 Callahan, Kit                Amherst                 29.23m      

Meet Recap

Athletes of the Meet - Carlyle Eubank'10 and Jennifer Rybak'10

With a warm and beautiful day to compete, and many parents having made the trip to watch and put on a great feast afterwards, the teams had a lot of extra incentive - if the annual Little Three meet were not enough. The dup of Shauneen Garrahan and Maria Millard again led the team, as they posted the days individual victories in the 5000 - with a meet record and an NCAA Auto mark and in the 400 Hurdles - just missing the meet record. To finish the day in winning fashion, Maria led off the 4x400 relay of Caitlin Murphy, Hannah Campbell and Carly Levenson that posted a victory. Jennifer Rybak used her multi event talents to full effect as she was in numerous events throughout the day helping the team score points in the hurdles, the jumps and the throws. Elise Tropiano and heather Wilson dropped down to the 1500 for a tune-up and finished 2-3, with Zandra Walton and Meg Ray coming in shortly after them. Heather came back later in the 5k, using it as a 10k preparation, to finish 2nd as Nicole Anderson would get the 1-3 sweep, and Liz Dalton finished in the top 10. Sophie Galleher and Katie Moravec finished 2-3 in the steeplechase as they both tackled the event for the first time this season. Caitlin would finish 3rd in the 800 with her best mark of the season, before helping the relay team to victory. In the same event, Molly Priedeman ran 2:225 while Hoiwan Cheung posted another solid run. Carly and Hannah both grabbed 4th place finishes in the 400 and 200 respectively before winning the relay. Mattie baker finished 5th and 7th in the 100 and 200, and also ran a leg on the runner-up 4x100 of herself, Amanda McGinn, Kat Loomis and Jenny Mancino. In the hurdles, the team had a 3-4-5 finish as Jennifer, Amanda and Kat ran - into a headwind for the 3rd meet in a row - posted their best marks so far. Angela Coombs and Lauren Benson racked up point sin the throwing events, with a 304 finish in the hammer and a great throw in the javelin by LB that netted her 3rd place.

Carlyle Eubank, stepping up to the 5k had the race of the day for the team as he followed the early pacesetter through 2 mile before taking over the leading and when passed in the last 200 by a Wesleyan runner, did not give in and in an exciting last 100m stretch run where both runners were side by side, he prevailed to get the win. John Babbott, in another thrilling homestretch battle, grabbed Little Three Champion honors in the 1500, and Robert Boley - runner-up last year in the Steeplechase, led form the first step of the race to win the event in his senior year. The final victory for the team came in the days final event, as the 4x400 relay team of Steve Stewart, Kit Callahan, Jack Kiley and Basile Beaty used the excitement of the crowd and Jack's 49.9 leg to finish the day in winning fashion. In the 800, basile and Jimmy Swanson finished 3-4, with both breaking 1:58, while Eric Glustrom led his section of the race from wire to wire and broke 2:00 for the first time, with Ben Klein and Ben Read both running well in his heat. In the 1500, behind Babbott's win, a lot of guys posted their best marks ever as Mike Harbus finished 9th in a fast time, while Nate Freese, Rom Cabeza, Daniel Murner and Tommy Anderson all posted fast times. Will Bell made his steeple debut, nearly breaking 10 minutes while finishing 2nd, while Joe Addison raced to a fast time to finished 4th. Steve finished 4th in the 400, with Kit Callahan, Tommy Moore - with a huge race - and Keith Pendergrass all finishing within a second of each other. The men's 4x100 relay of Geoff Stricsek, Tommy Moore, Steve Shashy and Kit finished 2nd overall. Steve Shashy, in addition to running the relay also kept himself busy scoring points in the throwing events where he placed 5th in both the jav and the discus, while also placing 6th in the shot put