Open New England's

May 11th and 12th at Dartmouth

Full Results

Team Results

Women 15th with 19 points and Men 24th with 8 points

Amherst Results - Women followed by Men


Women 1500 M Run
  1 Garrahan, Shauneen           Amherst           4:30.71-NCAA A / SR      
  14 McDermott-Murphy, Caitli     Amherst                4:42.53  
Women 800 M Run
  5 Millard, Maria               Amherst         2:12.43 – NCAA P / SR     
 25 Walton, Zandra               Amherst                2:20.26   
Women 5000 M Run
  7 Tropiano, Elise              Amherst               17:39.39       
  8 Wilson, Heather              Amherst               17:50.90       
  24 Moravec, Katie               Amherst               19:06.12  
 25 Mortimer, Laura              Amherst               19:11.82  
Women 3000 M Steeplechase
10 Galleher, Sophia             Amherst               11:27.17  
Women 400 M Dash
20 Levenson, Carly              Amherst                1:00.35  
Women 10000 M Run
 13 Anderson, Nicole             Amherst               39:59.56  
Women 4x400 M Relay                                  4:02.34   
12 Campbell 60.3, Silverman 61.6, Reggie 60.4, Levenson 59.8 
Women 4x800 M Relay                                  9:23.07     
7 Priedeman 2:20.7, Walton 2:22.4, Murphy 2:18.6, Millard 2:20.5

 Men 10000 M Run
  2 Freese, Nathaniel            Amherst               31:34.59    
  10 Harbus, Mike                 Amherst               32:24.90 

Men 400 M Dash
21 Stewart, Stephen             Amherst                  51.69    
25 Beaty, Basile                Amherst                  52.39    
Men 800 M Run
10 Kiley, Jack                  Amherst                1:54.13    
29 Cabeza, Romulo               Amherst                1:58.11    
Men 1500 M Run
15 Babbott, John                Amherst                3:56.70  
22 Eubank, Carlyle              Amherst                3:58.44  
Men 5000 M Run
 12 Murner, Daniel               Amherst               15:13.05  
 20 Lakehomer, Harrison          Amherst               15:32.64  
Men 3000 M Steeplechase
20 Boley, Robert                Amherst                9:41.44  
21 Wilson, Richard              Amherst                9:44.92  
28 Bell, William                Amherst                9:54.42  
Men 4x400 M Relay
17 Amherst  'A'                                        3:27.49    
     Stewart 51.1, Callahan 51.4, Glustrom 52.6, Cabeza 51.9 
Men 4x800 M Relay
10 Amherst  'A'                                        7:56.93  
Babbott 1:59.1, Swanson 1:55.4, Beaty 2:02.4, Kiley 2:01.6                   

Meet Recap

Athletes of the Meet - John Babbott'07 and Carly Levenson'09

The teams headed to Dartmouth and competed against all schools in New England at the NEICAAA Championships, and came away with several PR's and school records to go along with their Top 25 team finishes. The women got another championship victory from Shauneen Garrahan as she used a big last 100 meters to pull away from a pack of three runners to grab the win and break her own school record by over 2 seconds. Maria Millard, despite competing in the unseeded section of the 800, was able to finish 5th overall and dropped 2 seconds from her time this season, smashing her own school record and helping to secure her berth at the Nationals. Carly Levenson lowered her PR in the qualifying rounds of the 400, and then ran a sub 60 anchor leg on the 4 x 400 relay consisting of Hannah Campbell, Kate Silverman and Mary Doris Reggie - both kate and MD ran their best splits ever, to help the team finish 12th. Sophie Galleher led her section of the Steeplechase from the gun and won convincingly with a new PR and just missed finishing in the scoring as she placed 10th. The 4x800 relay team of Maria, Molly Priedeman, Zandra Walton and Caitlin Murphy won the unseeded section and ended up placing 7th overall - just a few seconds off the school record. Murph ran a strong 1500 before finishing the day with the relay. On Friday night, the heat and humidity took its toll on the runners - Amherst and others alike, but Elise and Heather were able to finish in the scoring, going 7-8.

The men were led by Nate Freese, who continued his incredible championship meet success, as he finished 2nd in the 10k, just a little off the school record and not far from qualifying provisionally for Nationals. In the same race, Mike Harbus ran great and was only a few steps back from grabbing a scoring spot as he placed 10th. Jack Kiley stayed on his feet this weekend, and had a great race in the 800 where he placed 10th overall and lowered his time significantly - nearly breaking 1:54. Rom cabeza, in an earlier section of the 800, ran to his fastest outdoor time. In the 1500, a clerking miscue caused John babbott and carlyle Eubank to miss out on their warm-up but despite that, they were both able to step onto the track and roll to PR's as John raced to a 3:56 while Carlyle broke 4:00 for the first time. Daniel Murner and Harrison Lakehomer were in the same section of the 5k, and battled the heat and the other competitors well as they finished 12th and 20th overall. It was a personal best race in the steeplechase, as Robert Boley, Rich Wilson and Will Bell all ran to their best times ever. The 4x800 relay got a strong lead off leg from Jon Babbott before Jimmy Swanson threw down a 1:55 leg that put us back into 5th place but Basile Beaty and Jack Kiley were not able to duplicate that effort and we finished 10th but did break 8 for the first time this year. The 4x400 was the last event of the day, and the team of Steve Stewart, Kit Callahan, Eric Glustrom and Rom Cabeza all battled through their entire leg, and wound up winning their section and placing 17th overall.